Bitcoin is creating a massive Symmetrical triangle and this pattern is About to be breaking out and in this Exact video I will talk about my price Targets I will also talk about the most Important charts on bitcoin right now I Will talk about the ascending triangle The liquidity where does it lay in the Market right now and more important Charts what we need to be discussing Right now so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap the like button Back up 400 likes on today's update Video because the most recent trade we Took here on the channel that I Announced here on the channel has got Already a profit above $8,000 us within 48 hours so if you're interested in this Make sure to watch the video till the End any further Ado let me jump straight Away in towards the imate short term for Bitcoin once again yesterday we saw a Significant pump towards the upside and Bitcoin exactly got rejected from of That previous high in the market this it Was clearly the level where we got Rejected from previously around and once Again I extended that level and we saw Another reject sh from that exact high Again so Bitcoin right now is finding Some support on this very important Horizontal level right here where it Boun from and previously around of Course had major resistance from and

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Right now we're bouncing from of this Level and once again the top side as Well is a very likely level where we're Actually getting rejected from so Bitcoin right now is still consolidating And we are looking either at the asentic Triangle for Bitcoin right now or the Symmetrical triangle but clearly there Is a big resistance box above us right Now here and we got already rejected More than four times in a row from of This exact level right here and once we Do potentially break above this exact Level right here that is the point where I would really expect Bitcoin is going To go exponential once again so Bitcoin Is creating an Asic triangle and we're Just waiting to see whenever this sper Is going to be breaking out we're Expecting that at least in the coming 10 To approximately 14 days from now on We're going to see a breakout of this Patter so for now on we could still see Bitcoin be a little a bit more boring We're seeing that on the 12-hour time Frame we're creating a downward sloping Resist line and we actually already got Rejected by this for more than three Times in a row right now here and the Support yeah has been absolutely Incredible because the support for Bitcoin has been touched more than six Times in a row already so Bitcoin is Definitely creating a very interesting

Pattern right now here and it is said to Be breaking out anytime soon for Bitcoin And if we're looking at about where is Liquidity laying in this market we can Clearly see there's a lot of short Liquidity so liquidity on the top side Laying around the $38,000 level to be exact approximately 300 million US dollar in Bitcoin short Liquidations are laying around the $ 38,000 level what makes it in my opinion A very interesting level for Bitcoin to Go towards and potentially have a Continuation towards the upside so the $38,000 is exactly the previous high in The market right here and I do really Think once we're going to touch that Level we could see potentially a massive Short squeeze getting initiated on the Market and that could cause Bitcoin to Run even higher than it is already right Now so I'm going to be looking very Closely towards that and of course at The same time just purely looking at the Daily time frame Bitcoin is still Creating somewhat of a losing momentum Structure but beond High ler and right Now 48 days from now on the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to get accepted and Probably that is going to be another Catalyst for Bitcoin to go even higher So the final deadline is going to hit us In 48 days but probably it's already Going to be sooner so yeah uh honestly

Once the ETF comes out here I do really Think Bitcoin is going to go up for Another rally towards the upside and That is definitely maybe a thing you Should be paying attention toward so Make sure to do your own research but I Am not using binance anymore I am using Buyid however so if you want to be Trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video because you can claim a Theos bonus up to $40,000 if you sign up An accounts on buybit and if you Directly go towards the website it's Only 400 so it's a win-win situation and On top of that that if you go to the Link description of today's video you Can actually claim an extra additional $1,000 air position and all you need to Do like you can see here in the Conditions is sign up an account using That link below complete kyc level one Deposit $100 in your first s days and it Has to be a new account where you have Not traded with yet so if you do that You can claim a free $1,000 air position On bitcoin ethereum or on Pepe whatever You want for only depositing $100 so It's super valuable so make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video then quickly talking about This trade guys I talked about this Trade two days ago here on Twitter then I talked about it on YouTube and right

Now we're in approximately $8,000 us Profit so I am not closing the straight Yet here however from of $38,000 us I'm Going to start take profit on the trade So currently my stop loss is also in Profit what basically means that there's For me no risk to write this trade and If potentially something happens in the Market that let's say the EDF gets Accepted or whatsoever I could Definitely benefit from it massively and If Bitcoin dumps here will still go out Of this trade in profit so there's no Risk for me to ride this trade here and Honestly so far it's been a very good Trade here but later in this video I Also will talk about my next trade so Make sure to stick in the video so Looking at the bigger perspective for Bitcoin honestly the trend Still Remains To be significantly upwards and honestly I am really expecting that 2024 is going To be the year of the new timized for Bitcoin since we're going to get the SP ETFs we're going to get the Hing for Bitcoin and I think it's going to cause A massive price increasement and a Massive Supply shot Bitcoin so yeah on The weekly time frame we can clearly see That this previous level right here has Been the level that we flipped into Support but actually if we're looking at The daily time frame there is something Very interesting that you should be

Seeing here because this is actually the Most important level to be breaking this Level right here I'm talking about that $39,000 level why is because this is the Point to drop off started for Bitcoin so You can clearly see this was basically The point where Bitcoin massively got Rejected from right so I'm going to Extend this level and I will be Approaching this level actually the most Important level to be breaking since This is the drop off point for Bitcoin You can clearly see once we rejected From off this level that was the point Bitcoin dumped significantly and just Like it was over there it was also with A 31. uh 6K level and we also once we Broke up 31.6k went higher towards this Level right so honestly this is the Level for me to be breaking of Bitcoin So it's going to be 39.7k here we have So far not reached that level yet here And honestly if we do break above that Level it's going to be important Al Al The level on the lower side is also the Point where the drop off really started Right and that's also an important level You can see also that that is also a Level that actually got us rejected many Times before as well so 39.7k is going To be the main level to be breaking and If we break that 39.7k honestly I won't Be surprised that we're going to go much Higher than that but first of course we

Have to break the 37.6k level that was The first start of the drop off so these Are two very important levels for Bitcoin on the weekly time frame we Already broke above it but so far on the Lower time frames we haven't on The Daily time frame we're creating of Course a nass of symmetrical triangle And we're just waiting for that breakout To be happening and honestly if I were To be looking at the price target of This symmetrical triangle right for Bitcoin it has got a bullish price Target on the top side and a bearish Target on the lower side and the bullish Target is somewhere around 40,000 US Dollar and the bearish target for this Breakdown is somewhere around 33.5 K so These are the levels that I'm going to Be looking at right now for Bitcoin and Honestly guys I have been talking about This should I share my new trade setup I'm looking to more trade setups right Now that I want to be sharing here but Of course currently I've got one trade Setup set up here on Pepe unfortunately The chart right here did hit it but my Entry here on byet was just missed out And I've sent these ERS up like three Days ago here but unfortunately we did Not get entered but Pepe did still Bounce towards the upside however I'm Going to be holding my positions it's uh Somewhere around the 1042 level where

I'm opening up my positions that and I Am having my stop loss slightly below it Below that 10 level so yeah this is what I'm looking at for Pepe I think Pepe Could still bounce very significantly And this has been a very previous big Level of resistance and support that's Why I think this level's probably going To be likely to be flipping into massive Support so this is my next trade here so This was it also for me in today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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