Bitcoin just saw a massive rejection From this exact resistance and in this Exact video I will talk about what is Next for Bitcoin the most important Resistance and support trading below us Right now here I will talk about the Imminent shortterm and many more Important charts we need to be Discussing today because yes if you're Interested about where the most amount Of liquidations are laying in this Market right now I will be exactly Revealing this and many more important Stuff here because yes we just had Another filing for a spot ETF but this Time around for an etherium SP ETF so Make sure to stick in this video it to Be a very important one can we once Again snap up back above the 400 likes That will be absolutely incredible and With that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Yes once looking at Bitcoin here on the IM short term it has been going a little Bit sideways it's actually holding up Above $28,000 still but for now on There's not really a big move that Bitcoin is creating whether it's up or Down I mean if we're looking at Bitcoin For the most important support right now We can currently clearly see that the $28,000 US is a big support level for Bitcoin and if we really break below This level I potentially think we're

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Going to go lower and I mean for the Imminent short term Bitcoin were first Creating higher highs and right now it Looks to be that we've been creating Some lower highs so it could potentially Mean that we're right now are going to Be seeing a roll over in the trend and That could of course eventually mean That Bitcoin is going to be dropping Down and for me what I really want to be Seeing to confirm a break below this Level is actually not necessarily a Break below the green box no it's Actually a break below the previous Range High in the market so so if Bitcoin really breaks below that red Line right here and that will be for me Really the confirmation that Bitcoin is Really going to be breaking lower so if We really break below that range low on The market right there that is the Confirmation Bitcoin is probably going To be breaking lower and as long as that Not is happening I won't be surprised That we can still hold up the price Section of Bitcoin so on the bigger Perspec of it all I mean yeah we did Literally looked at long positions for Bitcoin right here we had a massive jump Towards the upside I mean Bitcoin even Went to $30,000 on that fake news Announcement and currently Bitcoin is Once again consolidating and honestly if Looking at Bitcoin we are looking at

Very big support and that is exactly the $28,000 level right $28,000 is massive Support for Bitcoin because you can Clearly see previously around this level Flipped into resistance here as well we Saw some massive rejections from off This level and now so far it's holding Us up as support So previous resistance Is flipping into support and that is why I don't expect this level is going to be Breaking easily and you can clearly see That level that I just talked about is Literally the point between the lower Range and the higher range for Bitcoin And I've said this several times before The resistance for to break for Bitcoin Is not going to be necessarily $28,000 Even though it's a very important Resistance no it's going to be 28.6k the Previous range low on the market and you Can clearly see we already got rejected Two times in a row massively and once Again I need to see a break up of this Level and as long as Bitcoin is training Between this range here we're not quite Sure where Bitcoin is heading towards Next but I can tell you if Bitcoin Breaks back in towards the lower range We're probably at least get to be seeing Move down back towards approximately 26.7k however if Bitcoin breaks and Confirms the move above 28.8k then I will be expecting we're Going to be visiting the higher range

And of course also the highs of the Previous higher range or at least that Middle range right here sitting Somewhere around 29.8k so yes this is the real resistance To break here I mean one thing that I'm A little bit worried about here is that On the imminent short term on The Daily Time frame we can see that the McD is Actually cating some lower highs and the Price action higher highs what means That actually momentum is currently Getting lost on The Price action of Bitcoin what literally means here that Bitcoin is running out of steam and yes At a point in the market this could be Potentially meaning that we're going to See this confirmation playing out and That we're going to come down again Since the momentum is drying up on the Price definitely something to pay Attention towards at the same time the Gbtc discount is currently at its lowest Point ever in since December 2021 it's Currently around minus 13.5% and boys And girls do you know what this means it Literally means that there is ongoing Massive accumulation going on here Because the people that are really Interested in buying Bitcoin these large Institutions why would they be buying Bitcoin from of the market and push up The price well in fact they could also Potentially buy gbtc within 13% discount

And that doesn't move the market at all I mean honestly it makes a lot of sense That these large institutions are right Now buying gbtc and not Bitcoin from the Market so due to that we can clearly see In the last few months maybe the price Action has not been reflecting it Because Bitcoin has been super boring Lately right the price action has not Been reflecting it but what we can Clearly see is that gbtc has seen a Significant uptick so what have we seen We've seen a completely different Trend While in the bare Market these Institutions were laying off their Bitcoins they are right now accumulating Bitcoin what is of course a massive Turnaround in vents here and you have to Understand we have indeed been trading Around this range for a very long time Here to be exact we've been trading in This range right here for a matter of Already 227 days here what is of course A massive time Horizon but there's going To be a point that we're going to be Breaking out and with this large Institutional interest and this large in Institutional accumulation this could be Happening anytime soon here so and guys Looking at the longterm perspective I Don't think there's a reason to worry About Bitcoin so if you want to be swing Trading Bitcoin or if you want to be Trading on the on the lower time frames

Bitcoin you could do so on B but guys And you could make a ton of money by Trading crypto so don't forget if you're Interested in trading guys go to the Link description of today's video Because you can currently claim a free $1,000 for only depositing $100 and all You need to do here is go to the link Description of today's video sign up at Account using that link below deposit $100 in the first coming seven days and Then boom you go to the link of the Airdrop and you can claim a free $1,000 Air drop position what is of course Massive in my opinion further on if I'm Looking at Bitcoin I mean we created an Ascending triangle we broke out of the Ascending triangle that is looking very Strong here and of course in terms of The larger time frame perspective we do Know that approximately 6 months after The Bitcoin Hing we tend to set new Autumn highs and I mean so far for the Last three hings it has happened and Will it happen again probably yes the Chance is very high here and I'm very Convinced that Bitcoin is actually going To set new altim highs here well a lot Of people are not even convinced that Bitcoin is going to do so so my Prediction is is November 20 24 for a New Ultimate of Bitcoin November 2024 Indeed it's still quite long away from Now on but once the time hits here guys

Time flies you know it but once it is There November 2021 November 2024 you Will be got it for not accumulating Around these levels no Financial advice But further on we can currently see that The Bitcoin heat map in terms of Liquidations is telling us an Interesting story I mean I was looking At this and thought okay how could I Predict where Bitcoin is going to go TOS On the IM in the short term but but Honestly it is super hard to predict Right now here because there is Literally a lot of liquidations on the Top side a lot of short liquidations but Also a lot of long liquidations on the Lower side and to be honest the short Liquidations are a little bit closer so Maybe the shorts have got an edge but Anyways I think if Bitcoin is really Going to be moving potentially we're First going to have a big move down and Then up or vice vers first a big move up And then a big move down because then it Will take the maximum liquidations at Least that is what making the most sense For me that is what I'm looking at right Now in the imminent short term so make Sure to be paying attention towards Bitcoin very closely at the same time Bitcoin is knocking on this downward Sling resist line what is of course a Massive downward sling resist line and At the same time I mean for me what I

Really want to be seeing here is this Level to get broken and once Bitcoin Breaks this level that is the point the Bull market is really going to returning For me so we have to be a little bit More patient but once it happens it's Going to be mass and then of course Right now we've got five total issuers Applying for an ethereum spot ETF and Yesterday we got investigo and Galaxy Also fing for an ethereum sport ETF what Is of course quite massive what is Interesting is that the price of Ethereum actually didn't do so much here It actually only broke down here and we Can currently see that ethereum actually Broke this massive weekly uptrend and we Are currently actually seeing a massive Rejection from of this level so uh this Is not looking all too bright for Ethereum and to be very honest the Ethereum dominance is actually breaking Down of the falling wedge here and at The same time the next big support is Around 0.053 68 what is about to be getting Reached here I mean this level Previously around of course found here Massive support it found here massive Support Massive Resistance Massive Resistance so I expect that at least This level is going to be giving us a Small little Dr dech but we do know that If we're looking at the Bitcoin

Dominance it does makes a lot of sense That we're going to continue even higher And of course my target for the Bitcoin Dominance is 57% here so potentially eum Could get hurt a little bit more here But still I am personally accumulating a Little bit here left and right since I'm Super convinced about the long-term Horizon of ethereum but yes we have to Be waiting and we have to be a little Bit more careful but this was it for me In today's update video so thank so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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