This Bitcoin falling wedge pattern is Currently breaking out but more Importantly the bull flag pattern on Bitcoin is literally about to be having A breakout as well and the price targets Are absolutely shocking so on today's Update video I will talk about debt I Will talk about the liquidation heat map The funding rates the Bitcoin open Interest the most important charts and This massive volume fake out that we've Got on the market right here and many More important stuff I will be Discussing on today's update video so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap that like button back above 700 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so Right now it is weekend it's a Sunday And always over the course of the Weekends Bitcoin creates a semi Futures Gap and currently the Gap is laying Around 51.2 K and we're currently Trading significantly above it and well Indeed for the last two weekends Bitcoin Has been quite volatile every single Time we tend to be coming back towards The semi close price either at the end Of the weekend or on the beginning of The Monday so I am still expecting that 51. 2K is get to be the magnet price and We're currently trading a little bit Above it so be a little bit more

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Cautious with that because 99% of all The times Bitcoin tends to be filling up The semi Futures Gap we saw Bitcoin Having a slight little breakdown but While we were identifying this breakdown We saw that actually there was quite low Volume in the market and due to the low Volume we clearly saw a fake out and Actually Bitcoin straightway pushed Towards the upside broke the downward Sloping resist line I talked about Yesterday and currently is pushing Towards the upside so while this is Happening I still want to be pointing Out we are currently in a weekend so Indeed it is a little bit more Dangerously to be having such a big Breakout over the course of the weekend But before going further into towards The technical analysis I quickly want to Talk about some very important data Points in the market and that is that First of all Bitcoin is currently Hitting Autumn highs in terms of open Interest and basically the last times We've been seeing these apples is of Course in the previous bull market on Bitcoin back in 2021 and basically high Amounts of open interest means that a Lot of people are trading and are trying To forecast where Bitcoin is heading Towards and while this is happening We're seeing that the funding rates are Actually quite High what means that

Everyone is in a Long position and They're willing to actually pay a Premium to be having that uh position Open means that there's a lot of Liquidity being built up below us and we Can actually see it here on the Liquidation heat map that there is some Liquidity being built up below us also Still above us so it's still still a Little bit balanced here but it does Point out that there is a little bit More risk in the market right now for Having long positions open and I want to Be here because if I'm looking at the Data and if I'm looking at the charts We're creating a super bullish bull flag Pattern here on bitcoin that is about to Be having a massive continuation towards The upside but while all the data points On chain are currently pointing me out Okay markets are looking to get Overheated and this point I would rather Be a little bit more safe so what I am Personally doing here guys I am with all My wealth long on bitcoin because I'm Holding it spot on all different kinds Of allcoins so I am not going to be Opening up a long position on this Breakout right here I've been thinking About this many times before while I Still think we are actually going to be Having a bullish breakout I'm not going To do it because it's just going to be Bringing a little bit too much risk for

Me uh in towards the markets because for Me to also play this long right here While the market potentially could Reverse could hurt me quite a lot here So I think we are indeed going to be Having a bullish breakout but let's say In case it's not going to be happening We're going to see a breakdown I am Going to be prepared for that and on a Breakdown that is the point where I Would love to be opening up a new Bitcoin long position I once again will Be saying this because sometimes people Think oh why are you so bearish or this And that no guys I am not bearish I am Expecting the market is actually going To be having a higher likelihood to have An step higher that it is going to be Actually breaking bullish but due to the Fact that there are some unchain data Points that are raling me that there is Potentially a chance for 20% correction In the market I want to be rather safe Than sorry because I don't want to be Getting liquidated on my trades and I Will only open up a trade if I'm getting 100% certain on the market so I think We're going to be going higher I think There's a 70% chance that Bitcoin is Indeed going to be pushing up higher but If I were to be opening up a trade and I Want to be opening up a trade on my copy Trading account guy I want to be having At least a 90% certainty that I am going

To be right because yes probably a lot Of people will be actually following my Trades and I don't want my people to Lose money and due to that I want to Only open up a trade once I'm completely Certain about the next move here so if You do want to be joining me with my Next trade and like I showed you many Times before for my data points like in The last three months I only traded six Times but all those six trades were Profitable and sometimes it just takes a Little bit longer before I'm opening up A trade because I just don't have the Opportunity yet to be opening up that New trade and that is exactly where We're currently in I do know where I Think Bitcoin is heading towards next And that is of course after the Significant leg towards the upside we Create this consolidation phase and We're probably going to be having Another leg higher but how far will it Go I don't believe that we're going to Straight away hit this price Target Right here I do think that there's going To be some resistance along the way way Up here but there are definitely Scenarios and there are definitely Indicators telling us that there is a Potential scenario for a large Correction on bitcoin since there is a Huge amount of funding rates getting Built up on the market some liquidity

Below us and the open interest is Sitting at autum highs so yeah I want to Take everything in account but guys if You want to be trading yourself here Make sure to go to decoin in the link Description of today's video decoin is The best exchange where you could be Trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies you Could trade different kinds of altcoins You could trade Bitcoin and of course if You're R an assignment account using That link below you will be able to join My copy trading accounts and you will be Eligible to uh join other copy traders That you can also clearly see are doing Massive amounts of profit so make sure To check it out right now here if you Are interested in trading but going Further in towards the content Bitcoin Currently is still holding above that 0.65 on that Weekly Fibonacci and like I Said several times before guys honestly I am very bullish on bitcoin I don't Believe that uh this is a bearish move Or whatsoever that we're currently Creating but the are some things like This bearish Divergence on the weekly Time frame that is about to get Confirmed that is worrying me a little Bit here while of course on the 4 time Frame I think Bitcoin is looking super Bullish right so I'm going to be a Little bit more patient and I am not Going to be rushing myself in towards a

Trade whatsoever I think that currently The 52.2k is going to be the most Important weekly resistance to be Breaking you can clearly see the last Time Bitcoin broke Above This level we Went to New AUM highs and the last time We broke below this level was the point We got a rejection and then boom the Massive bare Market started so I think 52.2k is a very important level to be Pointing out right now here in the Market and if you are trading Bitcoin I Should also keep your eyes wide open Towards 52.2k because once we confirm The break above that level yeah honestly Then $60,000 is indeed going to be Imminent afterwards so currently also We're exactly 89 days out before the Final deadline for the spot ethereum ETF And like I said yesterday as well we are About to be having another breakout on Ethereum and that is exactly what Happened so if you were to be trading Any other coins as well ethereum guys Looking very good to trade right now Here we create this beautiful Symmetrical triangle we had that bullish Breakout after getting rejected multiple Times from off this downward sloping Resistance line we had that bullish Confirmation and then boom ethereum is Shooting further on towards the upside Currently trading around $3,050 at the current moment of time so

I believe still ethereum is about to be Having a massive reversal against Bitcoin and this also brings a lot of Opportunities to be actually opening up A new trade and guys as well I want to Be pointing this out if there were to be Were to be any correction here on Bitcoin towards the downside I am most Likely going to be not doing a new trade On bitcoin but I'm most likely going to Be opening up a new trade on ethereum Because I do believe that the gains on Ethereum is going to be higher with that Ethereum spot ETF coming up so this is How I'm going to be preparing myself I'm Currently looking for a new trade on Ethereum and about to be taking it Anytime soon here so I believe there's Going to be a big reversal if you've Been following the channel you know that I've been saying this ever since we were Trading around $2,000 so it has Literally already 50% up ever since so This was it for me in today's update Video if you did learn something from it Make sure to subscribe to the channel Slap up the like button and I'll see you Guys back tomorrow in another update Video peace out goodbye

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