Bitcoin is getting ready for another Move but I've got some information that Is potentially revealing that Bitcoin is Going to be pushing up towards this next Autumn High anytime soon so make sure to Watch this video till the end because I Will be discussing this data that is Revealing that Bitcoin is pushing up Higher and higher so without any further Ado don't forget to watch this video Till the end I will be discussing the Most important charts the most important Data that you need to know about right Now so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap that like button back Above 800 likes on today's update video And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so Yesterday we started to see the first Real correction on bitcoin we saw a Slight correction towards the downside And honestly yes guys yesterday I Pointed out we are creating a barish Divergence it is likely that Bitcoin is Going to see some price action Retracement and that is what clearly Happened and right now we can clearly See Bitcoin is trading against the 0.65 Towards the 0 0.618 and in previous bare Markets this has been exactly the level Where Bitcoin got rejected from so yes I Want to be first of all pointing out Before going in towards my other data That this level where we're currently

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Trading against is historically speaking The most significant resistance where Bitcoin has seen the largest rejections From ever so will Bitcoin get another Massive rejection and potentially move Down from of this level there is very Likely a chance that that could be Happening but I need to discuss some Very important data right now because Yesterday we have seen the largest daily Inflow on the spot Bitcoin ETF so far we Have seen more than 631 million Us dolls flowing in towards That spot Bitcoin ETF this is also a net Inflow so it's also minus the outflow of The gray skill spot ETF so yeah Yesterday we saw the largest buy ever And if this trend continues we're going To see massively higher prices for Bitcoin because currently Black Rock has Right now accumulated 105,000 Bitcoins in one month time on The market and you have to understand as This trend is going to continue we're Going to have more and more Bitcoin Getting accumulated by Black Rock There's going to be less and less Bitcoin available on the open market and This is going to cause a massive Supply Shock on bitcoin and this could be Sending Bitcoin potentially up towards New atime highs before the whole thing So yeah while this is all playing out There are some risks in the market and I

Want to be pointing the risks out right Now here I mean if I'm looking Fundamentally speaking at Bitcoin I am Extremely bullish but I've always been Extremely bullish on the fundamentals on Bitcoin but right now we are running in Towards some resistance and actually we Saw that first retracement in the market Right so we got that rejection exactly From that 50.4k but right now that Previous resistance the 0.618 grow right Now flipped into support and boom we Bounce towards the upside so what I Would highly recommend to everyone out There in the market is keep your eyes Wide open on the top side of resistance And that lower side of support and uh That is basically the 0.618 and the 0.65 And those levels are the 48.5k and the 50.2k so if we're either breaking below This support right here I would be Expecting we're in for a larger scale Correction and a larger scale correction Would also definitely mean a larger Scale buying opportunity because if Bitcoin were to be coming down again From at this point I would definitely Open up a massive new long position on Bitcoin so I would be embracing that Situation with both hands so right now Potentially Bitcoin is creating a new Consolidation phase we could be looking For somewhat of a symmetrical triangle Getting created right here so probably

We're going to see some consolidation But as the trend continues with this Large amount of inflow we could start to See a supply shock getting created so This is why you shouldn't get fooled Right now here I mean yes indeed the Charts maybe look a little bit bit more Bearish right now here because yesterday I pointed this out as well we created This bearish Divergence and Bitcoin Moved down but it already bounced back Towards the upside since there's been so Much strong buys from Black Rock and as Black Rock keeps on accumulating and the Trend is not going to reverse we are Most likely going to be pushing above $50,000 anytime soon so yeah guys if you Want to be benefiting from this I would Highly not recommend to be opening up Long positions in this region since we Are trading against critical resistance But if we to get a retracement and that Is the point where I am going to be Opening up my next trade here so if you Want to be joining me with my copy Trading account make sure to go to the Link description of today's video where You can sign up an account to decoin and If you sign up using that link you could Also join my copy trading account where I'm going to be doing my next trade and From my last six trades I took all of Them were profitable so make sure to Follow me on that and if you are

Interested in trading yourself or Following any of these other copy Traders on the market make sure to go to Decoin and it's only valid if you want To be copy trading if you sign up Account using that link below and there Are some very interesting profitable Copy Traders out there on the market so Still right now on the daily time frame For Bitcoin we're creating this massive Megapoo pattern and a megaphone pattern I mean we're CLE trading clearly against Resistance yesterday we saw a slight Little rejection but clearly this Pattern is a typical bullish by pattern But still I want to be pointing out that If we were to be getting a rejection it Would be an opportunity that I would Embrace with both hands here and Basically the last time the Bitcoin has Been trading around this level on the Weekly time frame was more than 2 years Ago already more than 770 days so this Is not the time to panic necessarily in The market this is a time uh where Bitcoin is going exponential and Potentially it is going to go way faster Than we think due to these large amounts Of buys from blackrook and black Ro look At this trend it's just not stopping They're accumulating at a pace never Seen before so I mean I am trying to Forecast the next big Trend in the Market as well and I think that the next

Big trend is going to be ethereum I Think that ethereum is going to be in Then going in a massively big uptrend Compared to bitcoin then in the coming Period in the market so in exactly 99 Days from now on the spot Bitcoin ETF Will be launching and I think that that Is going to cause a massive increasement In valuation for ethereum as well so Currently ethereum is lagging behind Bitcoin like you can see on the ethereum Compared to bitcoin valuation it's Lagging behind Bitcoin but I think that Once that ethereum ETF is going to come And we're going to come close towards That event because to be very clear it's Going to be in this period right here Miday is going to be on this dotted line Here on the daily time frame so we're Still quite far away I think that as we Are going to be approaching the time we Are going to be seeing a massive Continuation towards the upside for the Ethereum pair against Bitcoin so that is My expectation right now here and I Think that it could be performing very Well and like you can see history looks To be repeating here on ethereum as well So yeah make sure to do your own Research but this was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did learn something from it if you did So subscribe to the Channel smash sh That like button and I'll see you guys

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