Bitcoin history is repeating right now And in this exact video I will talk About what I'm currently seeing but more Importantly it all makes sense right now Here why is Bitcoin pumping towards the Upside on all the Asian sessions now I Will be discussing this exact answer on Today's update video I will talk about The most important charts I will talk About the most important consolidation Phases and many more important stuff we Need to discuss right now so without any Further Ado don't forget to SL the L but Back up 500 likes it will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said Let me jump straight away towards the Iment shortterm and let me first discuss What's currently going on with the c me Gaps on bitcoin because basically for The last period every single weekend Bitcoin has been creating a c Me Gap and For the last weekend again we've created Another one so right now we've got a C Me Gap around 29,000 $34,000 and $35,000 which is of course absolutely Amazing absolutely incredible and what Is actually very interesting if we're Looking at the Bitcoin price section is That the majority of these big pumps Here towards the upside they tend to be Be happening on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays so today it is Tuesday and Tomorrow it's Wednesday so potentially We could get some fireworks in the

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Coming 48 hours so looking at the Bitcoin pre action right now here on the 4A time frame we're still in this Consolidation phase and Bitcoin looks to Be getting ready for another gigantic Move here in the coming hours ahead of Ourselves I mean Bitcoin is right now Consolidating and it's really seeing and Indicating us that it is right now Consolidating and getting ready for Another big move here so uh the price Action is currently getting squeezed in Here this could take potentially Another 48 maybe even this could potentially Maybe take another two or maybe even Four or five days before it's going to Be breaking out but one thing is for Sure it's going to be breaking out Anytime soon here and probably it is Going to be happening this week here so There's one gigantic development that Actually I need to be paying attention Towards and I want to tell everyone out There is because if we're looking at Bitcoin for the last period of time we Have seen that actually Bitcoin has been Really pumping towards the upside around Those Asian sessions so these um yellow Vertical lines these are the Asian Session so here you can see Bitcoin Pushing towards new new yearly highs Here on this massive pump towards the Upside it was also during this yellow Period here also all the pumps were in

These yellow vertical lines what does The yellow vertical lines means Basically these are the Asian session so It's around the time that the Asian Market is trading and we just got some New news and that is that Hong Kong is Currently actively pursuing a Bitcoin Spot ETF and now it all makes sense why Bitcoin has been moving up on the Asian Markets because they are literally Trying to get a Bitcoin spot ETF so it All makes sense right now here this is Once again some massive news that is Hitting the market and once again this Is only going to create more demand and More opportunities to for people to Actually step in towards Bitcoin once That bull market H hits here and another Thing here about the current Consolidation phase for Bitcoin Bitcoin Is consolidating in an upward sloping Support line and actually we've seen This consolidation phase many times Before even in 2020 where we also creat Such kind of an upward soing support Line with higher highs and then it even Broke higher and before that it had also Significant rally towards the upside so Bitcoin is doing something similar a Massive significant push towards the Upside and right now it is once again Consolidating in an Upp soing support Line so we're getting ready also for Potentially another gigantic move here

For Bitcoin so I think everything is Looking actually quite fine right here And I'm really getting ready for the Next move to be happening here on the Price section of Bitcoin so we're Consolidating towards the upside Everything is actually looking quite Beautiful for Bitcoin right now here so Also quickly saying guys if you want to Be trading Bitcoin and benefiting from This volatility and especially if Bitcoin is going to be pushing up to new Autom High you could make so much money By trading and if you're r a sign up an Account on buybit using that link below You can claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 and if you just go to the link Without the link in description it's Only 400 so it's definitely a win-win Situation if you're interested in Getting an account make sure to go to The link description of today's video to Claim that insane deposit bonus so at The meantime Bitcoin is creating still The barish Divergence the momentum looks Quite bearish right here but in fact you Have to understand the macro perspective Because you have to understand Bitcoin Is really moved by news right now here And it is expected that a significant Pump is going to be happening once the Introduction of the Bitcoin SP TF is Going to be there and here is why we do Know currently 12 Bitcoin sport ETFs are

In the pipeline and it's widely accepted That the S will probably approve them at The same time and that is why Larry Think and all these other issuers are Talking so highly about Bitcoin because They want have as much funds in their ETF because the more funds that are in The ETF the lower the fees can actually Be so I am super excited about it Because Larry think is literally going To call all his friends and say invest In my Bitcoin sport ETF and since the Sport ETF is a one-on-one backing with Bitcoin on the market spot Bitcoin it is Going to cause the markets to massively Pump just imagine if they attract 10 Billion US dollars what is a very likely Scenario and not very unrealistic on the First day it is going to be pushing bit Bitcoin towards massive new highs here In the market so I'm getting ready for Some super excited price action and once It's getting accepted probably within 60 Days from now on I think we're going to Get a Mega pump for a few months Straight here on bitcoin and that is Really what is getting myself excited Because the reason why Bitcoin has Moving up here is not purely because There's been so much more buying opport Buying or volume no volume has barely Increase it's just the fact that people Are saying oh damn maybe I should start Stopping selling my Bitcoin and that is

Literally what we can see here onchain Data as well right so if you're looking To charts here real quickly and it Will'll go to the H waves uh you can Clearly see that if I'm looking at the Hold waves right now here for Bitcoin if It is going to be loading up yes it is Right now here and I just disclose the 24-hour the daily the weekly and the 1 To three month and the 3 to six month we Can currently clearly see is that we've Seen a significant huddle trend for Crypto so this was 2010 uh here Approximately 50% of the total supply Has not moved in 6 months and now it is About 90% of the total Supply that has Not moved in approximately 6 months time Here so that is absolutely incredible The only Supply that's moving is Approximately what is it 10% of the Total Supply that has been moving in the Past 6 months that's insane I must say So there are some very crazy things Currently going on here in the market More and more people are seeing Oh damn Maybe I should hold on my Bitcoin Because it's pretty cheap right now here And that is why Bitcoin is mainly going Up and that is why I really think it Could literally increase up to 23 $100,000 in that next Bull Run for Bitcoin that's a pretty conservative Target and that means that we're going To make a ton of money in the next Bull

Run so I'm literally getting ready right Now here for the next Bull Run are you Ready as well let me know in the Comments section down below I'm ready But guys I mean these other charts Bitcoin is of course currently trading Against one of the most significant Levels of resistance 36.5k I expect that We're going to get rejected by it if We're not going to retested with any Good news or good hype in the market uh But if the ETF gets accepted it's Probably going to crush through this Level so that is what I want to be Pointing out here this was it for me in Today's up video smash up the like Button share the video with your friends And I see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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