BITCOIN: THIS IS BAD… [should we worry?]

Bitcoin just crashed down to twenty six Thousand US Dollars and in this exact Video I will talk about why this Happened to bitcoin yesterday the news Came out that all the Bitcoin small tdfs Got delayed I will be quickly talking About what this means for the market and What is going to be happening next year And more importantly what are the next Big levels of big support for Bitcoin And crypto is history repeating right Now here and many more important charts We need to be discussing right now in Today's update video so don't forget to Slap on the like button on today's Update video can we smash it back about 400 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so back on this Tuesday Bitcoin Had a significant pump towards the Upside since grayscale won the lawsuit But what many said on the Internet is That a Bitcoin sport DTF is right now Coming but that is not the case I've Been saying this for many times on Twitter I've been saying this in Yesterday's video also in the video Before and once the breaking news Basically hit the market so what right Now happened is that they are forcing The SSC to reconsider the application And make a decision in whether to Approve or reject it but if they want to

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Reject it they have to give a good Analysis about why they are rejecting it And since the Bitcoin Futures ETF is Already approved and it looks super Similar towards the sport ETF they can't Really give a very good reason to deny It so probably a Bitcoin sport ETF is Going to be happening and yesterday we Got the news from the SSC that all the Bitcoin small ttfs got postponed so yeah They've got four deadlines here to be Basically saying okay we're going to Approve it or deny it or they're going To postpone it and yesterday we had the First deadline it was getting postponed Once again here this is probably Something I've been saying for quite a While here but this was so expected so I Personally don't understand why the Market crashed towards the downside Since it was already a huge consensus That Bitcoin was going to be seeing this Paul DTF going to get postponed so the Sport ETF got postponed and I've been Saying this for quite a lot of times Before here in 2024 the final deadline Will be there and since they do not have Got a very good reason to deny it since They literally lost a lawsuit from that We are expecting that this Bitcoin School tdf is going to be happening Somewhere either at the end point of 2023 or the beginning points of 2024 so We have to be a little bit more patient

But this is allowing us to be buying More cheap Bitcoins since yes right now The masses are not buying Bitcoin yet so I've been saying this for quite a while Here by the filing date from the Bitcoin Sport ETF buy every single time it Getting is getting postponed and sell Once the spot ETF is there that is Actually my game plan right now here so I'm currently still buying Bitcoin and Once the asphalt ETF is really going to Get approved what is going to be Happening I can guarantee you and it's Probably going to happen in 2024 we are Going to see a massive bump in this Market so right now Bitcoin has been Just once again coming down back towards The slowest where it was trading on Previously around as well so um yeah We're once again fans support around the 25.8k level where Bitcoin basically bans From and it's pretty funny because just Like Ripple they won the lawsuit and After that they had a move towards the Downside and they basically undoing Their entire movement towards the upside And right now for Bitcoin we're seeing Something similar they won the lawsuit It was of course a gigantic win for the Industry but once again Bitcoin is back Towards its lows in the market so you Can currently see if you're approaching It from a daily perspective Bitcoin is Just back on the 25 000 support I've

Been talking about this level for quite A while here but we can clearly spot a Gigantic level of support below us and Really what I'm expecting is boring Sideways consolidation for Bitcoin so so If you want to be benefiting from the Lower prices and if you want to be Trading or buying or accumulating crypto Don't forget to go to Bobby because if You go to the link description of Today's video you can actually claim it Deposit bonus up to one thousand dollars And all you need to do here is sign up An account using the link below here Deposit 100 within seven days and you Can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp loan Shore position super Simple so go to the link description if You're interested in trading you can Claim an additional 1 000 US dollars for Free further on looking at Bitcoin at This trend in general here we can Currently clearly see here the big Support is around 25 five thousand Dollars and if we're really going to be Breaking below the support I will be Expecting twenty one thousand dollars is Going to be the major support for Bitcoin where we will probably start to See a gigantic Bounce from getting Created if we do move down towards that Level so so if Bitcoin really moves down Towards this level 21.5 K I would be Really interested to be accumulating

Long positions on bitcoin anyways I Still think Bitcoin is fairly looking Good here only once again we've got the Postponement from the Bitcoin sported TF And apparently the entire Market is Weighted on whether the sport ETF is Going to come or not you have to Understand I mean if you're looking at The market scenario these companies are Almost certain to get that small ttf but Probably it's going to be happening in 2024 and right now they're going to use The lower prices in the market to be Accumulating their Bitcoins for the Small TTS because for this regulated Sport ETF you need to have a one-on-one Backing for every Bitcoin you have in Your ETF so they will be necessary to be Accumulating Bitcoin and that will be Definitely prompting up the price and Really Bringing Down the available Liquidity in the market to be buying up Here what is overall a gigantic positive To take here of course a gigantic Resistance around the 20 32 000 US Dollars if we break that I think the Bull market is going to be back here we Also saw a rejection from the 200 weekly Moving average what is of course Actually quite a bearish thing to see Here so let's see how it's going to be Playing out here historically speaking This is the first bear Market we're Already trading below the 200 weekly

Moving average and we're once again Training below it and we're still in Bear Market territorium if we break Above that thirty two thousand dollars This resistance right here I think the Bull market is going to get started but That was it for me in today's of this Video these are all the things that are Currently going on so I hope to see you Guys back on tomorrow's update video Peace out goodbye

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