Guys we're right now creating a bare Flag and I think we're going to be Moving further down so let me quickly Explain what currently is happening if We're looking at the Bitcoin liquidation Heat map that so far has always taught Us the right story about where Bitcoin Is really heading towards we can see That the majority of the liquidations on The liquidation heat map are definitely Laying below us and see what happened Last time around once the liquidations Were laying above us we move towards the Upside and this together with a Bitcoin Bare flag pattern and we're right now Sitting alive so support we could Potentially move towards the downside so I will be discussing this and many more Charts guys so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video That will be absolutely incredible get We smash it back above 300 that will be Amazing and with that being said let me Jump straight away towards the imminent Shortterm for Bitcoin so once looking at The Bitcoin price action right now of Course we're creating a c Me Gap guys The CME Gap is currently sitting around $27,000 and yes that is above it so That's definitely very nice to know but You have to understand please some People are saying I'm going to wait for Bitcoin to come down to this in this Level because then uh of course I will

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Be buying at the better price but you Have to understand Bitcoin still created A CME Gap around $9,000 and this CME Gap Till the day of today has never been Filled up here so I don't think that is The best strategy to only wait for the CM Gap to get filled up here I mean Honestly as well if you were waiting for This C Gap to get filled up over here Yeah you were literally screwed because Bitcoin had another insane rally towards The upside right so please do not wait On these C gaps of course it's important Understand and literally 95% of the Times it gets filled up here on the Monday so probably yes we're going to See a small little move for Bitcoin Towards the upside in the coming hours Ahead of ourselves and probably on Monday but after that we will be maybe Potentially continuing in this bare FL Pattern so what am I looking at here for Bitcoin So currently we can see that the Liquidation heat map is telling us there Are a lot of liquidations below us Especially around the $26,000 us level So I won't be surprised to actually see Bitcoin moving down there and you can See last time around while there were a Lot of liquidations on this STP sign Right here somewhere around $27,000 we literally crushed above it And then went below it again and Literally where the most amount of

Liquidations are is also the place where Bitcoin will most likely move because Bitcoin tends to be wrecking everyone in The market so if you're looking for Bitcoin right now here actually I think This previous high in the market is Actually a very interesting range to be Looking at Short positions potentially Or either this high right here so Honestly I will be looking for short Positions as soon as I get the Opportunity I won't be trading it right Now here but as soon as this candle come Closer and especially if Bitcoin Potentially pumps above this white line Right here so we're going to be creating A CME gap on the lower side of it I will Be definitely be interested to be Opening up a short position since yes I Just told you there are a lot of Liquidations and liquidity below it so What I will be really look at here is on The 4ly time frame to see if Bitcoin can Hold this level so if Bitcoin remains to Be holding this level that previously R Provided significant resistance and Support if we break Bel little this Exact level then I will be expecting That Bitcoin is probably going to be Taking a big turn towards the downside However of course on the bigger Perspective what you're just basically Looking at is this gigantic range right Here so once Bitcoin breaks outside of

This range we're probably should be Starting to get worried but as long as We're just trading in this range I don't See there's any worry for Bitcoin I mean Moving down to $26,000 is just a very Small move here in the bigger things of It all and honestly $26,000 would Actually be a very interesting range for Me to actually look at uh some long Orders and of course if not it's going To be $25,000 since there's so much Liquidity around this range right here I Think it makes sense that the market Makers want to be moving the price down Here I mean I've been talking to to some Guys from Will Group and they literally Said that they want to be having Bitcoin Down around $25,000 since there is more liquidity And due to that we're probably going to See uh they do it because well yeah Market makers they make more money once There's more liquidity at a certain Price so that is why I'm expecting it Could be still happening and mean I mean You have to understand $26,000 is a Super important level for Bitcoin and if We do break it honestly the next Realistic support Target is going to be Of course uh $26,000 us if we break to 26.5 but after that it's going to be 24.8 so yeah definitely very worsome so Guys if you want to be trading this I Think there is going to be some very

Good trading opportunities right here uh Make sure to sign up an account on Buybit and yes guys if you rri a sign up Account using that link below here you Can claim a free $1,000 use air position And all you need to do here is just Deposit $100 onto your account so it's a Super valuable deposit bonus so make Sure to check it out in the link Description of today's video and you can See in this tree CHS that I've been Preparing they've all got the same Downward sing resist line and really the Question remains when can we be breaking Above This level because this is the Most important resistance for Bitcoin And if we do break Above This level We're going to see some big volatility And honestly I saw this tweet today from Mouse and he said literally timebase Capitulation is more brutal than price Capitulation we're in the stage of the Cycle where investors are losing faith And leaving the market this however is Completely normal for this fac in the Cycle in fact historically speaking These periods are the best accumulation Zones but basically what we're currently Seeing is boring price action for Bitcoin we're not moving anywhere and I Mean indeed I found Bitcoin also more Interesting once it was moving down and I mean I can literally see it on my Views on Twitter I can see it on my

Views on YouTube I mean since I'm Creating content in crypto I can clearly See we're having cre clear clear bare Market Vibes the sentiment is very bad At the same time there is almost no Views in the market and due to that I Think Mouse is right we are right now in Time capitulation Bitcoin is not Interested anymore for those people due To that I'm getting all the more and More interested I mean honestly Bitcoin Has been super boring yes it has been Super boring it has not been moving at All but that is of course what doesn't Get you interested I mean in these times Where everything is boring also in the Previous bare market right here right This was very very boring especially This period right here but yeah that was Literally the pre- bull face it was just We were just weeks out before the Massive B started but honestly for me as Well I started to be losing faith as Well at that point but that is what I Learned so this is the time to be paying Attention I don't think that this is the Time to be panicking and I mean honestly If we do break this downward SL resist Line we're going to get some big big Fireworks so please don't get fooled Right now because the price is so boring But Bitcoin of course is Right Potentially getting rejected by this Downward s resistance line the base

Bally um it's just Cal before in the Storm we're about to be having a big Move here so guys make sure to not lose Attention and see you guys on the next One peace out youby

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