Xrp is seeing a huge breakout right now Well in fact Bitcoin is breaking above The most important resistance in this Entire Trend and at the same time the SSC lost the case against xrp and right Now we can officially call xrp is not a Security and this is overall a gigantic Win for the cryptocurrency industry and Especially altcoins so don't forget to Watch this video till the end because I Will give a gigantic update on the price Chart of Bitcoin because we are Currently breaking above this key level Of resistance in the market right now And I will talk about my trades I will Talk about a huge opportunity to get a Free 1000 US Dollars xrp position and Much more important stuff that we need To discuss right now so don't forget to Slap up that like button on today's Update video can we smash it back about 500 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that of being said 110 jumps straight away in towards the Imminent short term and once looking at The image shorter for Bitcoin we can Finally see we are breaking above the Red box of resistance on the top side And if you're zooming as you can see Bitcoin has been trading in this Consolidation range for over 23 days Here and right now we're finally Breaking above the top side of Resistance and what is the most

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Important thing to see actually right Now is that this previous level of Resistance around the 31.2 K is Currently already flipping into support For Bitcoin what makes it very exciting In my opinion furthermore we can Currently see the Bitcoin as well in the Four early time frame is breaking above The Range High and officially right now We've set the highest Scandal close in The year of 2023 and also since November 2022 so Bitcoin is doing an absolutely Amazing job here once again pushing Higher towards new levels and due to the Fact that we're currently breaking Outside of this region I think there is A very big possibility that Bitcoin is Going to see a further increasement Towards the upside but let's first Initially discuss the reason why this Move called initiated of course Yesterday the news came out that xrp is Not a security and if you didn't knew Already the SC is currently fine filing A lot of lawsuits against different Cryptocurrency is like Solana medic like Chain link BNB and they're saying that They are a security but yesterday the Judge officially said that xrp is not a Security so what I will be expecting is That all these other cryptocurrencies Are also not security so this is overall A gigantic win for the industry and Basically this was also the reason why

Xrp absolutely took a moon show towards The upside and to be very clear it Surged towards the upside with an Approximately 100 percent in one daily Candle and it was also happening in a Few hours so this is absolutely crazy This is mental I've been holding I've Been talking about this big pattern on Xrp for quite a while on my Twitter page As well and right now since we're seeing This breakout I think that xrp is going To do quite well and especially in the Next Bull Run I expect xrp is going to Be taking back Place three or maybe even Two on coin Market Gap so it's a Gigantic win for the industry and that Is also the reason why Bitcoin decided To be breaking during towards the upside We've seen a lot of money flowing in Towards the market in general and Especially a lot of money flowing into Awkward because looking at the Bitcoin Dominance we can currently see that the Bitcoin dominance yesterday took a big Hit towards the downside and in exactly One day the Bitcoin dominance moved down With over three percent towards the Downside so I've been talking about this Many times before I mean overall this is A big win for the altcoin sector but Still I think Bitcoin is going to be the Leading factor in this market and due to The fact that so much money flew into All coins I still expect there could be

Some more money flowing into Bitcoin and If that were to be happening if people Are going to take their profits from all Coins and move them into Bitcoin we are Probably most certainly going to be Breaking higher for Bitcoin but Currently looking in the four early time Frame this is the most important Resistance that we were trading against On The Farley time frame the 31.2 K and Currently we're trading above it so if Bitcoin were to come down here I expect The 31.2 K is going to be providing a Lot of support and that could be Providing your gigantic bounces for Bitcoin so that is the support I'm going To be looking at right now for Bitcoin And looking of course also on the Bitcoin diamond pattern we can currently See that Bitcoin actually broke outside Of the diamond pattern and if you're Going to be looking at the price target Of a diamond pattern is going to be all The way up here let me say this Correctly it's going to be all the way Up here around 35 000 US dollars what is Of course a beautiful price Target in my Opinion and to be very honest if you're Going to be looking at Bitcoin on The Daily time frame at the same time I'm Still holding my long position on Bitcoin making currently more than 53 000 US Dollars and of course I'm Expecting to be making more money in the

Future as Bitcoin goes up here of course Bitcoin has not already been the big Mover yet so far it moved up in Approximately what is it three to four Percent all coins have been a big mover So I'm currently not on the trade on an Altcoin but yes I still think that Bitcoin is the main asset to be holding And of course at the same time there's a Lot of money to be making with altcoins But of course I am holding Bitcoin Especially so I do know there's a lot of Money to be making with trading awkwards As well but so far I've only got a Bitcoin position open so quickly talking About the big opportunity on xrp I've Been talking about for the last 10 days Here you can currently claim a free 1 000 US Dollars xrp position and all you Need to do here is sign up a new account Using the link above deposit 100 within Seven days and enjoy your free 1 000 US Dollars xrp position so it is super Simple to claim and it's a huge deposit Bonus that you can actually claim for Only depositing 100 so go to the link Description if you are interested in Claiming this but yes it's still Available for another 18 days so make Sure to be quick and claim this deposit Bonus as soon as possible furthermore we Can see if I'm looking at the daily time Frame for Bitcoin is that Bitcoin touch This high right here on the market the

31.7 K we actually got rejected by that Level and to be very clear if you're Looking at this previous region here in June of 2022 Bitcoin was going getting Rejected by the 31.8k so the 31.8 game Is the Range High of this entire Trend Right here and if you break above the Strength you basically got this gigantic Move towards the upside to clear so the Main reason is the break is 31.8k like I've been saying for quite a while on The channel and currently we're not Breaking above that level yet so far but We are pushing up higher so yes Bitcoin Is indeed breaking bullish on the image Short term we're breaking above critical Resistance but still the 31.8k is the Range High in the market and if we do Break above that level that is really The point where I would see a Continuation for Bitcoin to make it very Clear for you guys out there on the Channel once we do break above that Level I think 35 to 37 000 is a very Realistic Target for Bitcoin so I will Be looking forward towards what is going To be happening next year furthermore we Can see on the weekly time frame that Bitcoin is currently knocking on this Gigantic resistance level and as soon as We do break above it we all do know what Is going to be happening next Bitcoin Isn't going to be entering a gigantic Bull market stage here what is going to

Be super bullish for the industry and of Course at the same time we can currently Spot that on the daily chart here we are About to be having a bullish crossover On the macd what is also a super bullish Development for the image short term on Bitcoin and of course on the three day Time frame we're currently seeing that We're breaking above the cup and handle Pattern so if we can close today's Scandal above 31 000 US Dollars the Bitcoin company handle pattern could be Starting to be breaking out exactly Today so that was it for me in today's Update video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap up the like button Bitcoin is currently breaking bullish But more importantly xrp is and make Sure to go to the link description if You want to claim that free 1000 on xrp But anyways that was it for me in Today's update video thank you so much For watching and see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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