Right now Bitcoin is creating an Ascending brawling wedge and in this Exact video I will be talking about the Price targets and how we could trade This next big move here on the prime Section of Bitcoin so make sure to watch This video till the end I will be Discussing my price targets and much More important stuff that currently is Coming up and also including my next Potential trade for Bitcoin so don't Forget to slop up those likes can we Once again slap it back about 500 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the prime section of Bitcoin and once looking at that one Hour time frame we can start to see we Can still clearly see we're trading in a Downtrend and Bitcoin is clearly Creating these lower lows on the one Hour time frame currently zooming in on The trend we can see that Bitcoin Yesterday has been trading significantly Sideways and actually today again we Have not seen that much action yes we've Been seeing some push towards the upside A week down again here so there has been Some action but I want to be still Pointing out here if Bitcoin moves up or Down significantly over the course of The weekend nine out of the 10 times It's going to come back towards that Price where the weekend is closed so

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Somewhere around 22.5 k at the beginning Of next week so yeah what I would really Like to see is actually more service Consolidation over the course of the Weekend and if we will dump Significantly over the course of the Weekend I'm actually going to be bullish For the beginning of next week also vice Versa if we pump over the course of the Weekend I will be bearish in the Beginning of next week so that is Basically I will be trading Bitcoin Right now here if I am actually looking At the 12 hour time frame Bitcoin is Right now creating an ad sending Broadening wedge and this is a very Important pattern to pay attention Towards it's a bearish but it's better One to be pointing that out 80 percent Of the times it tends to break bearish And honestly if I am looking at Structure right now I wouldn't be Surprised if we actually do break Barracks but let's say we do break the Upper sloping Sportline we are looking At right now here let's say we break Below it what should the price Target be For Bitcoin at that point my price Target of the break of the ascending Bouldering watch here is going to be Here on 20.4k why is because that's the Price objective like you can see right Here the price target of an instant in Broadling which is basically calculated

On the beginning move of the broadening Wedge here and that is exactly around 20.3 K so if we break below this Critical level of support right here the Next price Target is going to be 22.3 K What is about the seven to eight percent Drop here what could be very well a very Good trading opportunity of course if we Bounce from this level when we don't Break bearish we will be of course in Continuation and that's why I'm only Going to short this if I see in Confirmation of a break below this Important level of support that is the Only way how I will be trading it I'm Not going to be opening up a short right Now here because maybe we will actually Bouncer off the support line that will Be just very stupid to do right now you Can see also the four early time frame Is that we're balancing from of the Support line every single time we Touched it and basically once I see the Confirmation of a break below this level That is the point where we should be Bearish but as long as we're training Above it we're technically speaking on The higher time frame still trending in An uptrend right because we're forming Higher low of the higher low of the ILO So it would be very stupid to short Bitcoin near very close support but of Course as soon as we do break below it That is the point where you're going to

Be opening up short positions for Bitcoin looking them at the order of the Trend yesterday we saw a small movement Towards the upside and we've been Actually touching my level I've been Talking about this resistance box 22.7 K You can see we touched it again well Previously Iran provided support big Support right here it is currently Flipping and acting as resistance for Bitcoin important level to be paying Attention towards on the market right Now so make sure to keep your eyes wide Open on this big big resistance box Above us right now if we break back Above This level it's going to be very Good for Bitcoin we could be entering This stage range right here again where We're going to consolo day between 22.6 K and 23.8k but currently we still have Not officially broke above it and that's Why I'm still going to say be very Careful with this level with my trade I'm still waiting I'm still waiting to See which direction we're officially Heading towards and therefore I will be Looking at the assetting wedge if we Break bearish I'm going going to Completely close my Bitcoin swing trade That's currently in 30 000 US dollars in Profit if we band store on it I'm also Going to take more profits off the table Because I still think that actually the Momentum is quite weak for Bitcoin while

This is playing out all these things Together I am currently looking of Course also at the classic stock market And if I'm actually looking at the Classic stock market we can see that While Bitcoin dumps the classic stock Market moved up significantly usually Once these kinds of things happens once Bitcoin moves down but the classic stock Market moves up Bitcoin UC tends to play Catch up the week following up so maybe This week is going to be very positive So that is why I'm not closing my trade Yet so far here and actually if you're Willing to join me on my next trade or Potentially the breakdown or potentially The loan of support don't forget to Always sign up an account on Bobby Because if you run the sign up account On Bible using the link in description You can actually claim at the postal Bonus up to 30 000 US dollars so make Sure to check out the link in Description and let me continue with the Video because on The Daily time frame While everything is playing out of Course I've been talking about the Momentum that's getting lost on the top Side we were creating a barriers of Verges right now we're we're lower Stages so we should rethink the market Again right what are we creating on The Daily we're creating a higher low in the Daily time frame and in fact we're

Creating a lower low on The Daily hours Right well it means that we currently Are creating and hidden bullies Divergence for Bitcoin and that is Actually very beautiful and hidden Bullies Divergence is basically getting Created once you are going to print and Higher low in the price action and a Lower low on the RSI and like you can See right on the top left side of the Screen we are currently creating a Perfect hidden bullies and virtues on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin it's Not confirmed yet because it only gets Conferred once we do close a daily cream Candle and after that we could call it a Confirmation but definitely looks very Interesting in my opinion still pointing It out I am not going to be overly Bullish until Bitcoin breaks about 25 000 so if we break above that level I'm Going to be extremely bullish because Yeah basically above it it's a very low Volume range what means that we could Very easily move back Above This level But currently I'm just looking at the Imminent short term of the asset Embroidering wedge right we can see also That actually the daily EMA ribbon is Currently providing support and Bitcoin Is trading on critical levels right now To be honest a break below wouldn't be That horrific but the point where we Officially confirmed the break below and

Have the bearish crossover that is the Point where I will be start to worry Right so as long as we're not seeing the Better school software is going to be Okay here but just like the previous Bear Market here we saw once we broke Below the daily EMA and basically the Point where we here broke below the Daily email it was indicating that that Was the point where we actually started To see the reversal so I want to be Pointing out right now again as soon as We fall below this level I am definitely Going to start to worry about Bitcoin so Daily EMA a critical support as long as We're not flipping Bears it's actually Looking quite decent still but I don't Really like to see Bitcoin breaking Below the daily email so that was it for Me on today's video if you did enjoy Don't forget to slap up the like button Today was a very short update video Again because there are not a lot of Things happening but I'm looking at the Ascending rolling wedge here if we break Down I'm going to trade it if we ban Some support I'm going to trade it stay Posted for my next rating setup because It's coming very very soon as soon as I Do see a clear Direction in the market I'm going to announce it but anyways Thank you so much for watching towards Amazing new video here on the channel And I'll see you guys on the next one

Peace out goodbye

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