Bitcoin is creating a rounding bottom Structure right now and while this is Happening we can see that Bitcoin is Currently retesting once again the Legendary support line so I will be Discussing this my trades and the most Important charts we need to be Discussing right now so don't forget to Slap up that like button on today's Update video because yes right now we Are crossing bullish on the nine day Email ribbon and the last time that this Happened in the past we have seen major Major ball runes getting started so Without any further Ado can we smash it Back about 500 likes that will be Absolutely incredible with that of being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin where we of course created the CME Gap and currently we can see that Over the course of the end of the Weekend Bitcoin had a massive dump Towards the downside and straight away After recovery back towards the upside And do be exact currently we've still Got a very small CME gap of 30 dollars Between 29.4 K and 29 460 towards 20 9 450 so we still got a very small CME Gap Trading above us and I will be expecting That this one is going to get filled up Over the course of the coming hours Ahead of ourselves further on we can see That on the one hour time frame Bitcoin

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Is currently still holding on towards This horizontal support line and if You're looking at the four like time Frame I mean Bitcoin is still trading in The same range here I've been saying it For quite a while here as long as Bitcoin is not touching or break below The red or green line it is indeed a Range of an approximately fifteen Hundred dollars but the big move so Let's say the 10 to 15 Bitcoin moves Will only happen whether we confirm the Breakup of the top side or whether we Confirm the break on the lower side so Get ready for that if we do break below This Lower Side of support we're Probably going to see much more downside And if we're going to be breaking above The resistance on the top side if I'm Looking at the far away time frame right Now and if you're just zooming out and Looking at the trend of Bitcoin we can Currently start to see the Bitcoin is Actually starting to create a rendering Bottom structure you can see first it Was creating a lower low and now it's Creating a higher low and actually the Same exponential movement so if we are Following this path accordingly we are Probably going to get a massive pump Today and if that's going to be Happening we're creating a perfect Double bottom pattern on bitcoin and That will be of course super bullish for

Bitcoin but yes we're creating a very Interesting structure where the lows are Currently getting reversed into higher Lows and the highs are getting confirmed In higher highs so yeah I do really Enjoy the trend to be looking at right Now here and probably this is going to Be turning out to be a little bit more Positive for Bitcoin we can create a Rounding bottom structure but as long as We're not braking above the 29.7 K level I won't be very bullish on bitcoin so we Need to be breaking above that level if We do break above that level we're Breaking back in towards the bullish Territorium in this market here sitting Between 29.7 K and 32 000 US Dollars and Basically that is the point where Bitcoin can start to see these bigger Moves towards the also getting created And right now we're still in the risk Zone and that is basically the range Between 29.7 K and 28 000 US Dollars Looking at the Bitcoin volatility we can Currently still see the volatility is Becoming lower and lower by every single Day that passes right now here so yeah I'm getting very excited to see what the Next move is going to be for Bitcoin you Can clearly see also on the bullish Events the bullish events is extremely Tight right now and if you're looking at The three-day time frame you can also See the bullish events is extremely

Tight on the three-day time frame and It's very comparable towards January 2023 where Bitcoin was also so tight on The voltage events where we created that Insane 100 move towards the upside from Off so yeah definitely very interesting To be paying attention towards these low Volume ranges in the market right now of Course it's not telling about whether Bitcoin is going to be volazel or not Tomorrow but it is telling us something About it the bigger perspective in the Future that probably volatility is going To be hitting the markets again further On we can see that all my trade has Remained to be long on bitcoin on my bit Gets rate where I'm currently making an Approximately 1.12 Bitcoin in profit and All my buy bit accounts I'm currently in A small loss on my Bitcoin trades and I Am in a minor Prof fits on my ethereum Trade so yes there is not really a lot Of things happening right now on my Trades here and yeah I will only really Start to take profits on my trades once I do see levels where I want to be Taking profits on but currently it's not So so once I will be taking profits you Will be the first one to know here on The channel and yeah if you're Interested in training yourself you can Actually go to the link of today's video Description where you can claim a Deposit bonus up to thirty thousand

Dollars if you want to be trading on buy Bit and bybid allows you to trade Bitcoin and trade altcoins you could Accumulate them over there but also you Could leverage trade them just like I'm Currently doing as well so make sure to Check it out in the link description if You are interested and looking in Quickly at the daily Trend here we of Course do know we're currently trading In a smaller red engine just like we had Pre in previous occasions well the Bigger Trend was towards the upside and Every single time we created a move Towards the upside we see it's an Exponential movement so we've seen Exponential movement towards the upside And then we see of course boring perfect Consolidation towards the downside then Another exponential movement towards the Upside boring consolidation towards the Downside exponential movement towards The upside boring consolidation towards The downside will history once again Repeat with another exponential movement Towards the upside I mean the chances Are quite big that it is going to be Once again this case because yes I will Only believe otherwise if we do see a Trend refers to clearly of this movement Further on we can currently still see And Bitcoin is creating an upward Solving support line and every single Time we've basically moved up here we

Have been retesting this level and every Single time we've been retesting this Novel we've been bouncing from it quite Significantly so let's see how it is Going to be playing out here but Bitcoin Clearly bouncing from of this level for Already more than three times in a row Here and currently again if we're just Going to be zooming in towards Bitcoin We can once you can see we have just had Another retest on today's daily candle And yes if we do break below this level I will be definitely worried since this Is of course the most important support Line in the entire trend of Bitcoin and Yes this support line is about to be Meeting this gigantic resistance here on The top side and once we do break Above This level Bitcoin can start to be Absolutely flying towards the upside but One thing is for sure is that the Bitcoin price and the resistors are Going to be meeting each other in the Coming 20 days here and that is the Point where we're going to start to see A decision and of course it could Already happen today by breaking below The uptrend the devil would of course be A very bearish ring and that is the Thing that I do not like to be seeing Here further on we can see that on the Weekly time frame we're clearly also Creating this important down shopping Resist line over here where you should

Definitely pay attention towards and Yeah if we do break up of thirty two Thousand dollars we're going to be Breaking Above This resist line as well That basically provided us resistance From off the top of the Lost Bull Run And of course you can clearly see on the Weekly time frame Bitcoin is creating an Ascending triangle the price action is Getting squeezed up here it's getting Compressed and within weeks we're going To be seeing a gigantic breakout Weather's going to be up or down it's Going to be super important to be Monitoring which direction is going to Be breaking towards because it's going To be giving us an indication about what The bigger trend is going to be doing For Bitcoin I mean I'm talking about the Bigger Trend currently we can see the Bitcoin nine-day email ribbon is Actually Crossing bullish for the first Time ever in an approximately four years Here the last time we had a bullish Crossover on the nine day email ribbon Wasn't approximately 1500 days ago here And once again it is happening and the Last time it happened the Bitcoin price Action was consolidating around this Region but still moved up over 70 Towards the upside and the time before That it happened all the way back in 2016. yeah Bitcoin had an approximately Rally often about five thousand percent

Towards the upside so that is of course Absolutely insane Bitcoin is crossing And signaling the same signal just like It did in 2016. so get ready for that Here I'm extremely excited about the Signal that currently is flashing but More importantly I'm just getting ready For the coming weeks to be super Volatile for Bitcoin with the volatility Index being so low with the ascending Triangle creating a compression pattern Right now here so yeah that was it for Me in today's update video I hope to see You guys on tomorrow's update video Peace out goodbye

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