Bitcoin is right now creating a bullish Engulfing candle and Bitcoin pushed back Towards the upside but I think that Right now a way bigger move is coming For Bitcoin so I will be discussing this On today's update video there is proof And evidence Bitcoin is about to create An even bigger move so I will be Discussing this on today's update video And many more important data that is Going to get released today so don't Forget to slap up that like button back Above 300 likes on today's update video If we can do that that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin first of all yesterday we moved Towards the downside and I exactly said On my video that this was the buy range And I also exactly said that the chance Of Bitcoin balancing back very quickly Was extremely high and just like we've Seen Bitcoin bounced towards the offside And I have been showing you guys this Range for over two weeks on the channel Already and I said to everyone out there Twenty five thousand dollars to 24.8k is That definitely the buy range so I've Been very glad that I've been saying This to everyone out there and if you Did catch that long position on the lows You would have made extremely Significant amounts of money since

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Bitcoin bans more than six percent Towards the upside in a matter of hours Bitcoin broke back in towards the range And if you're looking at the one hour Time frame right now here you can Clearly see this previous resistance is Currently getting retested as support And I personally think we're just going To get another move getting created from This level back towards the upside while You may ask is because you have to look Very closely about what currently is Happening so exactly at this low point In the market around 25 000 we saw open Interest actually rise quite Significantly and due to that we can Understand that there were a lot of Shorting positions getting opened Exactly at the bottom of the market and Then after that Bitcoin created a big Pump towards the upside wicking out all This open interest up so probably all The short positions that got opened Right here and then the market moved Towards the upside and right now once Again we're seeing a slight decrease Within open interest so what currently Has happened happening is probably that Once again more shorting positions are Getting out of the market what is of Course a very good thing in my opinion And what is actually interesting to see Here is that once again short positions Are getting loaded up on the market

Right here around 25.7 to 25.8k and we Can clearly see it also from the funding Rates because if we're looking currently At the funding rates the entire Market Has got negative funding rates what Means that the market is overly bearish And what also means that the majority of The Traders are trading short and They're willing to pay a premium to be In their shorting position but in my Opinion that makes me only more excited About Bitcoin that it is probably just Going to be reversing towards the upside So yes this is definitely a positive Development for the entire industry Because what we can currently see here On bitcoin if I'm just looking at the Farley time frame Bitcoin of course Recovered very quickly towards the Upside we exactly grab the liquidity From the previous high in the market and If Bitcoin were to be continuing the Bullish Trend what I want to be seeing Here is a break confirmed about 26.4k Because if we break the 26.4k we're Breaking above the previous Range High In the market and if we manage to do That and grab that liquidity we're Probably going to go much higher in my Opinion and to be very clear to look at My target if we break 26.6k I think 28 000 is going to be next what is of Course one of this point onwards and Approximately seven to eight percent

Move towards the upside and you have to Understand today will be also a super Volatile day for crypto because Yesterday the core inflation and regular Inflation is going to hit the markets in Approximately seven to six hours after This video is live so make sure to be Reading this data we'll be the first to Know if you follow me on Twitter but yes This data will definitely massively Impact the market so keep your eyes wide Open on it and looking at Bitcoin we are Currently also creating clearly a Bullish Divergence on a daily time frame And after creating this engulfing Bullish candle on bitcoin we're probably Going to see just more higher highs Getting created for Bitcoin in the near Future so this is really getting myself Extremely exciting and yes we're also Confirming the bullies averages on a Daily time frame and since the funding Rates are extremely negative right now Here it allows you to open up free and Cheaper long positions so if you're Actually interested in trading make sure To go to the link description of today's Video because if you sign up an account On buyback using the link in description You can actually claim a free one Thousand dollars by signing up on the Guide in the link description and only Depositing 100 within seven days so this Deposit bonus is valid for another 48

Days but it is absolutely insane you can Claim a free one thousand dollars for Just depositing 100 so go to the link Description of today's video if you are Interested in claiming this insane the Possible bonus third on in yesterday's Video and the video before I talked About this low right here in the market This is the liquidity Zone here and I Said to everyone out there if you want To be really opening up long position on Bitcoin you want to be doing that in a Liquidity Zone and you can exactly see Bitcoin really created that dance room Of that liquidity Zone over there and What is even more interesting to see Here are these two candlesticks an Engulfing candle for Bitcoin on The Daily time frame usually means a market Reversal and you can clearly see this Beautiful cat and that really makes me Feel very excited about the current Market scenario and of course looking at Bitcoin on the 3D time frame we're once Again just bouncing from of this very Critical resistance that flipped into Support last time around and once again Is acting as support for Bitcoin so very Interesting to see that the same level Is once again providing significant Support for Bitcoin also looking at the 3D time frame we are currently seeing That we're creating a hidden bullish Divergence on bitcoin I've talked about

This yesterday as well here but after Yesterday's uh yeah bullish can look Close we write new potential you could Start to see this momentum really Diverse so yeah this is definitely a Very bullish development if you would Ask me here and Bitcoin could very well Create a significant Bounce from of this Level especially since the three-day Time frame is creating this bullish Momentum candle right here so further on We can see Bitcoin remains to be holding Up towards that downwards open support Line and the horizontal support line is Really changing right here and if you're Zooming in towards the weekly time frame The last four weeks for Bitcoin has just Been extremely boring if you would ask Me here so yes this is once again so far A very boring candle but we're just Consolidating and still holding the Support what in my opinion is a very Important development because yes if You're looking at Bitcoin the last thing We want here is a break below the Support because if we break below the Support I personally think twenty two Thousand dollars is next and twenty two Thousand dollars is like another 50 move Towards the downside but if we ever will Be retesting the twenty two thousand Dollars I will be personally definitely Be a buyer and as more weeks come by Here I think the target towards the

Downside is only going to be higher so That is important to take in account Here we've got the legendary support Line looking right here and if we will Ever retest this level I will be Definitely be a buyer so keep your eyes Wide open on it but I am definitely very Excited about Bitcoin so anyways that Was it for me in today's of the video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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