BITCOIN PUMP INCOMING!! [and nobody is seeing this…]

There will be a huge breakouts happening For Bitcoin next week and in this exact Video I will talk about my price Targets On the top and downside I will talk About the fat interest rate decision That happened yesterday I will talk About the future interest rate Probabilities and yes Jerome Paul Finally hinted that rate Cuts could be Starting next year depending on the data That they're going to be seeing so in This exact video I will talk about the Most important charts the most important Things to be looking at in the market Right now in general so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's update video can We smash it back up at 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that is Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin because once looking at the Image short term or for Bitcoin we can Currently see we actually broke once Again back above this very important Region right here and after we did so we Exactly ran in towards the resistance I've been predicting yesterday if we Were going to be breaking above the Region so the resistance to break is That 29.6 K level that leveled that Previously around provided significant Support for Bitcoin and that currently Is clearly flipping into resistance so

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Ever since Bitcoin broke above the 29.3k I do see that Bitcoin is right now Breaking back towards the upside of Course on the one hour time frame we're Still in a larger downtrend but if we Can be managing to be breaking above the 29.6 K region I personally will be Expecting Bitcoin can start to see way More upside getting generated again so Yes for the image short Durham Bitcoin Looks actually quite strong and you can See it also here on a four hourly time Frame I could bring this one a little Bit down here but clearly we got Rejected from this previous huge Consolidation range that provided Support and yeah since we're right now Retesting it it is going to be flipping Into resistance what is very important To be seeing here is that actually the Resistance also exactly came together With the downward solving resist line Here on the four Lake time frame for the Falling watch pattern and Bitcoin is Indeed rating of falling which pattern And a falling wedged pattern is a Typical bullish bodies referral better And the Bitcoin currently is getting Created and yes personally I won't be Surprised if this is going to be Breaking towards the upside again here So the price Circuit of a falling white Share depending on where the breakout is Going to be here if it's going to be

Towards the upside is going to be all The way up here to the top side what is In this case going to be 31.6 K what Could be well mean a breakout of about Seven percent for the upside for Bitcoin So keep your eyes wide open as soon as We do manage to be breaking this Downtrend on the 4la time frame and also Of course on the 12 hour and daily time Frame we could be starting to see of Course the gigantic breakout occur and Yes that would mean that Bitcoin is Going to be definitely flip bullish here So on the 12 hour time frame you can Clearly see this pattern is getting Created looks quite strongly and on The Daily time frame you can also clearly See Bitcoin lost time around as well Created falling wedge and while we were Of course consolidating in this gigantic Falling wedge I also talked about the Likelihood of a falling Edge breaking Towards the upside is 80 and of course There's still 20 chance that we're going To be breaking down and if the following Which will be breaking down here I will Be looking at this price Target right Here to 28 000 US dollars since the 28 000 US dollars is at very important Level of support that previously around Got us supported and rejected and if we Were to be breaking down from the Following match I expect that the 28 000 US dollars is going to be the next level

That's going to be providing gigantic Support for the price section of Bitcoin So yes we're finally starting to see Some volatility and yesterday we Actually streamed here on the channel Because the FED interest rate decision Was there and yes they raised the Interest rates by 25 basis points Exactly like we've been predicting and While we were watching the meeting Jerome Paul also hinted that rate Cuts Could be coming next year if the data Comes in correctly and if the data shows Us that the inflation is cooling down Significantly and what he said most Importantly is if we were to be seeing Core inflation keep decreasing over the Course of this year we could be starting To see rate records happening somewhere In the beginning of 2024 and that will Be of course Very bullish for Bitcoin Because yes 2024 is also the year that The Bitcoin holding is going to take Occur and that will be in general make a Very bullish bias scenario for the Cryptocurrency industry and if we were To be looking at the open interest in The markets we are currently actually Seeing something interesting since the Bottom occurred around 28 000 US Dollars 28.8k we saw the open interest actually Increase rapidly towards the upside and While that happened the funding rates Started to be turning negative and this

Actually means that the majority of the Positions that are getting opened right Now are shorting positions and well These shorting positions are getting Opened Bitcoin has been moving towards The upside a little bit here so that Makes it for me very interesting to be Seeing Bitcoin could still have a bigger Shorting position or shorting squeeze I've already talked about it yesterday On the live stream but yes this makes up A very good scenario where a big short Squeeze could be happening from Bitcoin And where Bitcoin could potentially Break back above the 30 000 US dollar Region of course looking at my biggest Rate still low on bitcoin and like I've Said in several previous occasions if Bitcoin were to be moving down to twenty Thousand dollars I'm going to double Down on the straight I'm very convinced That I've got a good entry and will Remain to hold the straight open and yes If you want to be training yourself as Well go to the link of description of Today's video because you can currently Claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or Xrp long and short position and be aware This deposit bonus will be ending in Four days from now on so it's very time Sensitive and you could be still Claiming it right now but you have to be Very quickly so all you need to do just Go to the link description of today's

Video sign up a new account using this Link above deposit 100 within seven days And enjoy your free 1 000 US Dollars Position identifying further the chart On the Bitcoin daily time frame is that Of course if we're zooming out here we Can clearly see the Bitcoin daily time Frame remains to be in an uptrend However for the imminent short term we Are trading in a smaller downtrend on The market market so here also smaller The entrance smaller downtrend but on The bigger perspective we are still Training in an uptrend and the question Really is where are we going to see this Downtrend only in the short term getting Flipped around here because yes we still Do believe that we're ultimately in a Bigger uptrend for Bitcoin so you can Currently of course look at the Legendary support line for the Bitcoin Price action if we were to be retesting This level I would see this as a very Good opportunity to be accumulating Bitcoin but for me as well what I want To be seeing here is just a break back Above this region if we manage to be Breaking back above 29.7 K we will be Breaking back in towards the top side Region and that will be identifying and Clearly say that this was a fake out and The reason and the chance that this Could be a fake out is that if we were To be looking at the volume we can

Actually see that the volume is still Extremely low now right now this balance The volume is starting to be picking up Again here but on the move towards the Downside on the breakdown of this range The volume was extremely low and what we Can currently still see is that the Volume is still decreasing while Bitcoin Is consolidating what is indicating that A gigantic move is going to be happening And if you then see a breakout on the Region you want to see a breakout with High volume otherwise it would be just Seen as a fake out and since the volume Is so low I could be saying right now we Are right now witnessing a fake cut so Yes there is still a possibility that Bitcoin is going to be moving back Towards the upside then a quick thing Here the orange line that you can see Here is the Bitcoin dominance and the Chart in the background is the Bitcoin Price action and the Bitcoin dominance Looks to be moving exactly the same as The price section of Bitcoin and I will Always say the one thing here because Yes the daily time frame is currently in An uptrend but maybe at one point we're Going to reverse and go down here and I Will be saying the next following thing Here so as soon as the Bitcoin price Action goes up and the Bitcoin dominance Is not going to be following so the Bitcoin dominance Goes Down And altcoins

Basically take the lead that is the Point where I would start to Pivot my Bias and say right now probably we could Be going lower because as long as Bitcoin remains to lead this rally here I remain to be believing that this is Really a rally that will keep continuing But as soon as altcoins are going to Start leading the rally that is the Point where I would start to worry so Here you can see Bitcoin goes sideways Goes a little bit down and of course Bitcoin dominance also goes a little bit Down here but every single time we have That move towards the upside the Bitcoin Price actually moves up and the Bitcoin Domino's also moves out and that is Exactly what I want to be seeing here I Want to see Bitcoin leading the rally so As soon as that doesn't happen I will Let you know here on the channel and That will also be the point where I Would start to Pivot and expect the Market could see a bigger reversal of Course still looking at the 32 000 US Dollars as the main important resistance To break here for the cop and handle Pattern for Bitcoin and of course you Can clearly see it on the weekly time Frame 32 000 is the level to break as Soon as we do break above it that is the Point where we used to would start to Become extremely bullish on this market So guys that was it for me in today's

Update video Bitcoin creating a gigantic Falling white chair super bullish Pattern we'll be keeping my eyes wide Open on it but anyways guys see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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