BITCOIN PRICE TARGETS REVEALED!! [huge trend reversal]

Bitcoin is right now breaking critical Support and while this is happening We're also seeing that Bitcoin is right Now breaking above the previous Range High of this region right here so in This exact video I will talk about what This means for Bitcoin next I will talk About this C Me Gap that we're currently Creating on the price chart of Bitcoin Because while we create this bump Towards the upside we created a minor CME gap on the lower side and I will be Exactly talk about this and many more Important charts so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up the like Button back up at 500 likes on today's Update video and let me jump straight Away in towards the content I mean if I'm looking at Bitcoin on the immin the Short term we created of course that c Me Gap over the course of last weekend And while this massive bump for Bitcoin Started it was actually still weekends And right now we have been creating a Small little CME Gap around 27.2k to 27.1k what is definitely a worrisome Thing because yes usually 95% of all the The CME gaps that Bitcoin create get Filled up within a couple weeks so this Is definitely a worrisome thing in terms Of development on the price section of Bitcoin however Bitcoin created a Massive pump towards the upside I mean

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It will still closely pay attention Towards the C Gap but Bitcoin indeed Created a big move towards the upside What is of course quite an interesting Move if you would ask me I mean if You're zooming out here and just going To go to the 4 early time frame you can Straight away see here Bitcoin created a Downward sloping resist line on that 4 Hourly time frame and the moment we Broke above it was also exactly the Moment we create this massive candle Towards the upside first of all Bitcoin Has been confirming an higher high close On the 4A time frame and second of all We've been confirming a break of that Downward sling resistance line so Actually I am quite excited if I'm Looking at Bitcoin right now since we're Breaking these very important downtrend Structures on the 12-hour time frame as Well yesterday I talked about it Bitcoin Is getting ready for a big move and then Yesterday I said as well I'm not sure if It's going to be upwards or downwards But currently clearly we can see it is Breaking Upwards and this is of course Quite bullish in my opinion if you're Going to be looking for a price target Of this breakout of this pattern so the Price target of this pattern is sitting Around 30.2k what is definitely a doable Target in my opinion so yes looking at Bitcoin further on we can currently also

Clearly see Bitcoin is actually breaking Above the previous Range High in the Market and in yesterday's video I talked About how I think this is one of the Most important things to be paying Attention towards and right now we just Broke above it so what this means here Is basically the Bitcoin confirmed a Daily candle close above the previous High what is right now confirming that The daily time frame is confirming in Higher high what means that we're right Now creating an uptrend again instead of A downtrend so Bitcoin broke the Critical downtrend it broke above the Previous high sitting around 27.3k but Also rented high sitting around 27.7k so Due to the fact that we broke above both Of these levels I'm currently actually Expecting that Bitcoin probably is going To see a massive continuation towards The upside so yesterday as well I talked About this region to approach it like This right so you can see this is a Consolidation range and also here on the Top side this is also a consolidation Range and basically the last two times We entered this range and the last time We exited this range it was an Exponential movement so why wouldn't we Once again expect that this in this Region between 27,000 7K and $29,000 It's going to be once again be an extra Exponential movement I mean personally I

Wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin is Going to be once again moving very bigly Today so don't be surprised if Bitcoin Potentially is going to create a massive Candle towards the upside and Potentially even enter the range above 29,000 US dollars I mean I am super Excited about it since yes currently While this is happening in fact the Funding rates remain to be negative what Means that people are still massively Shorting this move towards the upside And yes if we're going to be looking at The total liquidations we can see that More than 94 million Us doll worth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency liquidations Have took place in the past 24 hours What is of course we can currently Clearly still see the majority of Traders are TR still trading short and That makes myself very excited because The more people are going to trade short The more potential Feud is going to be Towards the upside so yes if you're Actually longing Bitcoin right now you Are getting paid and if you're willing To short Bitcoin you have to be paying a Premium to be opening up your short Position and yes that really makes Myself very excited to see potentially Even another bigger squeeze towards the Upside and yes guys if you're looking to Be trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies There is still this insane deula bonus

Valid for another 29 days in the link Description because yes if you deposit $100 within 7 Days complete kyc level One and sign up an account using the Link below here you can claim a free $1,000 Bitcoin airw position and yes It's super simple literally the only Thing thing you have to do is deposit $100 within 7 days and you can claim This insane deposit bonus further on we Can currently clearly see the Bitcoin on The Daily time frame is of course Creating something very interesting in My opinion I mean if you're looking at The daily time frame right now here Isn't Bitcoin RH now creating an massive W pattern right we're creating a massive W pattern and if Bitcoin were to be Going towards the upside and potentially Is going to be breaking about $32,000 we Are going to be having a massive pattern Breakout and that will be of course a Super bullish development in my opinion So I'm going to be looking very closely Towards that and I mean as well I've Been talking about this level for such a Long time here and as said always the $25,000 is not a level to panic on the Market instead $25,000 is a level to Start to be looking at uh it's a big Opportunity actually since previously Around this level really acted as Resistance and right now it is acting as Massive support and yes guys while we're

Seeing this we're also seeing this Massive daily breakout of this Symmetrical triangle right here also Also got a price Target somewhere around $30,000 more importantly yeah the W Pattern it really gets myself very Excited and if we can manage to be Breaking above $32,000 the price tet of this W pattern Is sitting somewhere around $ 39 to $40,000 what is of course an absolutely Insane price Target if you would ask me Here and then of course the chart have Been discussing for quite a while right Now here guys I am expecting that within The coming six weeks we're going to be Having a massive breakout from of this 95 we downtrend and this 4 3 6 day Uptrend so these levels are going to Come together in approximately 4 weeks From now on and once it comes together We are going to be experiencing a Massive breakout and this breakout is Really going to determine about what is Going to be happening next for Bitcoin And I mean if you're looking at Bitcoin Right now here you can see that L bare Market we also created such a gigantic Pattern and once again we're creating One right now here so I'm getting ready For a big move here as well on ethereum Because on ethereum we're also creating That Weekly consolidation phase here We're exactly bouncing from of the

Support level where I've been personally Buying a lot of ethereum my average Accumulation price for ethereum is $618 and currently we can clearly see Ethereum it's it's getting also ready For a big move here guys it is getting Squeezed up in this pattern and we're Expecting that ethereum is going to Create a massive move here in the coming 28 days here and I do know that ethereum Has been losing some value against Bitcoin but be on high alert I think That we're right now as well just Creating somewhat of a falling wedge Pattern right here and I mean we're Still hanging on this support right There so personally I am not really Panicking on ethereum I am actually Buying quite a lot of it because I still Think that ethereum will be Outperforming Bitcoin in that next Bull Run so this is it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It and if you did so don't forget to Slap up that like button and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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