Bitcoin is still not breaking out and We're creating a new consolidation face Right here and in this exact video I Will talk about this consolidation phase The Bitcoin is creating I will talk About the most important range in General I will talk about what will be Happening next I will talk about what Will be happening next for Bitcoin in This consolidation range I will talk About these super important inflation Data we yesterday got and we'll talk About what the Federal Reserve will most Likely do in the next meeting so don't Forget to watch this video till the end Because it's going to be a super Important one once again don't forget to Stop up the like button on today's Update video can we smash it back above 400 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content We're discussing them in the short term Here for Bitcoin so once looking at the Image short term for Bitcoin we can Currently still see Bitcoin is still Super boring but still consolidating in This region I identified this Consolidation range at the beginning Stage and right now already we have been Trading within this range for over 21 Days and every single day I talk about This it's super boring do know it but it Is just super important to pay attention

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Towards this region because as soon as Bitcoin breaks outside of this region Then we can start to see the big moves Getting initiated and then we can also Catch the next big movement on the price Section of Bitcoin so looking at the one Hour time frame zooming out a bit here You can see once again we're creating a New pattern we're creating many of these Patterns before and once again we're Creating another one but of course the Most important thing to look at is the Four hourly high and low and the one Hourly high and low but in the middle we Can see clearly that also in the four Lay time frame right here we're creating A downward solving resist line where We're getting rejected from and we're Creating a small little upside support Line so basically once these support Levels are going to meet each other We're probably going to see some Volatility to the top side of the range Or we are probably going to see Volatility towards the Lower Side of the Range so we've been seeing this Happening over and over again and we've Been talking about these patterns as Well in the past and yeah once again I Am expecting there's going to be a Squeeze on this price action for Bitcoin In the coming to to three days there I Remain to be expecting the Bitcoin was Going to be boring because yes also on

The news that that the inflation dropped Down to three percent yesterday while The forecast was 3.2 percent and also That core inflation dropped down to 4.8 Percent while consensus was five percent I was expecting that Bitcoin could maybe See a little bit of a stronger pump here It's super nice that core inflation is Actually coming down right now because The Federal Reserve wants to still hike More if I'm looking at what they're Going to do in the next meeting in 13 Days from now on they're probably going To hike another 25 basis points and if We're going to look at the future after That meeting we're not expecting any More rate hikes however there is still a Possibility that we could see two more Rate hikes coming this year to be very Honest it will all depends on what will Happen in the back banking sector if the Bank's already going to collapse left And right then probably I'm also Expecting the feralzer could start to Cut rates very quickly again so looking At Bitcoin on the image short term after We saw this news of the inflation Dropping so quickly that we didn't even Saw a big move here of course we saw Small little Faker towards the upside But still we're trading in this Consolidation phase you can see it also Over here on the historical volatility Chart Bitcoin so far has not created a

Big move yet so far and we're still at Its lowest point of the year in Historical volatility on The Daily time Frame for Bitcoin so still there is a Huge move that is about to come here and I'm still expecting it's going to be Happening fairly quickly but yeah Sometimes it could take a little bit Longer last time we were so low on Volatility it took us an approximately Four to five days before the move got Initiated and to be very clear we're Writing us alone volatility for about Three days right now so Bitcoin is Probably going to see a big move but we Need to be a little bit more patient Before this move is really going to take A curve looking then at the price Targets of this pattern right here you Can currently see that if we're going to Be breaking bullish we could see a very Beautiful price tag to the upside of 32 000 and a bearish breakdown could bring Bitcoin all the way down to Approximately twenty eight thousand Dollars but like I said many times Before we can have a breakout or Breakout towards the upside but still The most important region to look at Okay it's just this region right here And I would pay all my attention towards The break of the high or the break of The low so once we're either breaking Above 31.5 K that will be super bullish

And if we break below 29 000 that is the Point where I should become super Bearish on bitcoin so I'm still going to Hold up my trade here currently 1.4 Bitcoin profit I'm going to continue to Hold it I mean I mean to be honest I am I've got nothing to lose here and I'm Going to keep holding my trades and if You want to actually claim a free trade As well you can do so right now all you Need to do right now is go to the link In description of today's video sign up And you sign up a new sign up a new Account using the links above deposit 100 within seven days and claim your Free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp Long or short position it's super simple And super valuable and be aware of this Deposit bonus is going to end in Approximately 19 days and it's a super Valuable one so make sure to go to the Link description to claim your bonus Right now furthermore we can see also on The 12 hour time frame that Bitcoin is Creating this consolidation phase and Maybe we can start to see that Bitcoin Is going to create so somewhat of Impendence so we're starting to see Maybe the signs of a new break happening Anytime so to be very honest this could Still take a very very long time before It's really going to be breaking and for Me the most best scenario and the best Way how to keep my eyes wide open on

This level is just to be looking at the Range shot in the Fourier time frame and The range low in the fortnite time frame For me to determine whether we're going To be having a bullish breakout or Bearish breakdown and of course if we do Break above thirty two thousand dollars With a weekly kind of close I personally Think there's a very big bull market Going to get started for Bitcoin I think We could see a significant rally towards The upside I'm not necessarily saying That Bitcoin is going to go to 100K in a Straight go here but as soon as we do Break Above This level I think there's a Very big possibility we could see fifty Thousand dollars before maybe coming Lower again if we do break Above This Level there is so much possibilities Towards the upside for Bitcoin so that Was it for me in today's update video Once again shorter video but there's not A lot of stuff happening right now on The market thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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