BITCOIN NEXT MOVE REVEALED!! [exact price targets]

Bitcoin yesterday broke above my Resistance and straightway after had a Significant surch towards the upside Like we have been expecting and right Now I want to be discussing what is Going to be the next move for Bitcoin Since it's already breaking above my Most critical books of resistance and Right now potentially is retesting this New level that previously around acted As significant support so I will be Talking about this I will talk about my Forecast what I'm currently expecting Because yes guys it's only 20 to 25 days Before the Bitcoin sport ETF is going to Come and I think this is going to Generate a big pump in the market so I'm Going to talk about what I'm expecting Is going to be happening in the coming Days I'm going to talk about my trade That unfortunately not fully got entered But did got entered partially and more Important charts that I want to be Discussing on today's update video so Without any further Ado make sure to Stap up the like button on today's Videos don't forget to smash it back Above 600 so without any further Ado let Me jump straight away in towards the Content yesterday I discussed this on The Channel we were creating a Symmetrical triangle and I said that I Was personally expecting that Bitcoin First probably is going to go and see a

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Breakdown since this is a bearish bias Pattern and then come towards the upside But we already went towards the upside And you have to understand I said this As well yesterday's video I said okay We're probably going to get a small move Towards the downside before moving up or We break the resistance and move Straight away towards the upside but I Thought it was more probable that we Were going down and then go up Unfortunately that is pretty sad I Missed out on that potential bigger long Position because what my strategy has Been and it has been all the time around Already in this Lower Side region right Here is to open up big long positions on Bitcoin but of course I want to have the Best entry and unfortunately this trade That I have opened right here only got Partially filled but I had some more Orders set up on the lower side and that Is why I also said I am expecting Bitcoin is going to come down fill up my Orders and then come back towards the Upside because I was expecting another Move towards the upside is going to come Because if we're looking at Bitcoin Right now now here I have said this Several times before I really think that We're right now entering a new Consolidation phase where Bitcoin is Going to consolidate between the lows And highs why is because we are just

Only 20 days out before the Bitcoin SP ETF is going to come and that is going To generate a massive pump in the market So I said this several times before I Need to get a position in right here a Long position preferably H because there Is going to be a big move happening Anytime soon for Bitcoin so what are we Looking at right now because Bitcoin is Once again moving towards the upside it Actually broke above this very important Drop off point and I said this as well Yesterday on Twitter I said okay Bitcoin Is breaking out of the descending Triangle I expect it's going to be Touching this resistance and if we break The red box this box right here I think We're going to go higher and what is Higher higher is back in towards the top Region and I think potentially we could Even break above the previous high in The market so so honestly the next Resistance for Bitcoin if we break this Dollar line right here is going to be $44,000 approximately I think we are are Going to reach it I think we're going to Hit new highs here above the previous High around 44.6k why is because you Have to understand that that Bitcoin SP ETF narrative it's about to get accepted And it's really going to be also pushing Up prices higher so that is why I've Said this several times before I want to Get in towards that Bitcoin long

Position because it's about the Narrative it's about the narrative and That is how you trade Bitcoin The Narrative and the trend of course if I Will be very realistic I can currently Spot that there is still a lot of Liquidity on the Lower Side to be exact In approximately 3 to 600 million us Laying below us and not above us so that Is definitely a thing I'm potentially a Little bit worried about and it's the Same in the bull market sometimes the Liquidity on the Lower Side just keeps Being there and while I'm recording this Video Bitcoin just hit 43,000 and I think the most important Resistance that we need to be breaking Above of is this reped box and honestly Guys if we are going to get rejected by This very important level right here we Move towards the downside and also break Below the red box here then we're Officially confirming actually a lower Low here in this trend and that would Actually be a very beish thinging here I Mean if we would confirm the lower low From of this trend right here that would Really potentially confirm a more Bearish movement for Bitcoin and then Potentially we're still going to go Lower but due to the narrative due to The trend maybe we're not going to Straight away break through it but I Think it's likely that we are eventually

Going to be breaking through it and Maybe first we're going to see a retest On the red box before potentially going Up again or maybe we just see a break Below the red box come down touch my Level and then bounce back towards the Upside it's still a possibility but I've Been saying this for quite a while I Think that Bitcoin is going to be Consolidating between $45,000 and $40,000 for the coming period until the Bitcoin SP TF gets accepted so I've Talked about my predictions many times Before I said it also my prediction While we were Ling the parabolic running Towards the upside so was an odd thing To say and people didn't really like it But I said I think we're going to get Consolidation before that window of Bitcoin sport ETF Acceptance opens and Then we're going to see a big pump and Once it gets accepted we are actually Going to go down because people are Going to be finding out that it's at Least going to take another 20 to 30 Days before it's getting accepted then We're getting another run up towards the Upside and then the Bitcoin Hing comes We have a little bit of an yeah Decreasement in price and then the bit Bitcoin bull market starts so that is my Personal expectation about Bitcoin and About what is going to be happening next To our it and honestly if I'm going to

Be looking at my trade it's super sad we Only got partially filled on this exact Bottom guys and once again we were spot On with our trades we were once again Spot on with our long position we Literally shorted Bitcoin like you can See right here on the exact top here for Bitcoin and after that we longed Bitcoin On the exact bottom so you have to Understand that we have been spot on Every single time so far and honestly It's because these markets are a little Bit easier to predict as well and really My seven almost eight years of Experience they really count right now So if you're interested Ed in trading Yourself as well make sure to go to the Link description of today's video you Could currently claim an insane free 1,000 us AAL position and all you need To do here is sign up again using the Link below complete kyc level one and You have to deposit $100 in your first Seven days and you could claim this Insane free $1,000 airw position and if You just want to be trading on buyit if You sign up using the link below you Could also claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 and without this link it's only 400 so it's definitely a win-win Situation and also for the ones that Can't trade on buybit Max is an exchange Without KAC without any restrictions and They are currently offering you if you

Sign up using the link below if you Deposit they will cash back 10% of your Deposit so it's super valuable it's just An extra 10% of your deposit that you're Going to get and this is valid up to $40,000 make sure to check it out in the Link description of today's video going Further towards the content Bitcoin is Actually creating somewhat of a 12h hour Upward soling support line so far it Looks to be that every single time we're Touching it we are balancing from it and Potentially we're going to create a new Pattern here an asending triangle or an Symmetrical triangle but maybe we could Be looking for a potential ascending Triangle here for Bitcoin I have said This several times before also in this Video but I believe that we're right now About to be entering a consolidation Phase where it's going to be a little Bit more boring but it's going to be Very easy to trade so so what I will be Looking to do here is going to be Looking at a long positions every single Time once we see a bounce towards the Downside or if we see a bounce back Towards the Lower Side in support region So that's going to be my strategy right Now in consolidation phases and if you Can spot consolidation phases early you Are usually managing to make a lot of Cash so I mean we're currently trading Also between two big levels a big level

Resistance a big level of support below Us the level of support is sitting Between 39.7k and 37.7k and we've got a big resistance Around $48,000 up to $45,000 I really think that these two Levels are pretty important to be Breaking above of and those are pretty Hard levels to be breaking above of or Below of uh so yeah I remain to expect That we're going to see some Consolidation but honestly if we're Looking at the bigger perspective Bitcoin is currently creating a massive Inverse hand and shoulders pattern and Honestly this pattern already started to Be breaking out a while ago but the Price Target is $880,000 and I do really Think we're going to be reaching at some Point so yeah just keep your eyes wide Open on the bigger perspective for Bitcoin and of course if Bitcoin right Now is going to go and consolidate Sideways like I've been predicting Honestly there is one thing that's Really going to be exploding and that is Going to be altcoins so keep your eyes Open on altcoins as well I think you Could make a lot of money trading Altcoins personally I am doing that as Well very much right now here so if you Want to be staying up to date on that go To my second channel it's called altcoin Rover I'm trying to upload a one or two

Times a week video over there about some Altcoins that I do think are going to do Very well this bull run so make sure to Check it out on that channel then also Yesterday there was an fomc meeting Jerome Paul started to talking very very D and after that the S&P 500 even set up A new yearly High what is of course Absolutely insane and the S&P 500 is About to hit a new all-time high even Though the interest rates are above 5% So that is of course absolutely insane What we're currently seeing S&P 500 Bouncing back very strongly and in General this is also a very good thing For Bitcoin because the dollar Index has Seen a significant decreasement in the Last few hours and that of course is Dragging the Bitcoin price also towards The upside so this was it for me in Today's update video I discussed the Shortterm the longer term the midterm All the most important things in the Bitcoin chart right now without any Further Ado if you thought this video Was valuable make sure to share it with Your friends I would highly appreciate That and with that being said guys thank You so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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