Bitcoin just keeps on pumping towards The upside and once it breaks Above This Orange line right here my target is Going to be $60,000 us so on today's Update video I will be talking about my Targets on the imminent short term my Big resistance levels this consolidation Phase where I think Bitcoin will Potentially still trade in so don't get Fooled right now here I will be Explaining everything on today's update Video including the most important data From the liquidation eat map and many More important charts so without any Further ado don't forget to slap the Like button once again back above 800 Likes that will be highly appreciated And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at the content of course we Have been talking about this symmetrical Triangle right now for many times before And at the moment we broke outside of it We've seen a significant follow through Towards the upside and Bitcoin is right Now trading on $46,000 us so just like I Tweeted yesterday you should always take These Bitcoin consolidation phases Seriously because always after such a Consolidation phase Bitcoin tends to Create massive moves so make sure next Time to pay attention towards the Channel once we are in such kind of Consolidation phase because usually the

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Biggest trades they get emerged from Such kind of pattern So currently on the Imminent short term Bitcoin has been Breaking above the red line of Resistance that personally I was Expecting to see Bitcoin provide a Little bit of resistance you can see That we got like 3 hours of rejections Of it but after that we just pushed Through it and right now sitting on 46 2K so yeah this level wasn't really a Struggle for Bitcoin at all and right Now we're going to be looking about Where the next resistance is laying for Bitcoin in in this region it's going to Be this previous top side around this Orange line here and that is going to be $47,000 us to $48,000 us so if you're Looking at the bigger perspective guys If we break above that $47,000 with that Weekly candle close Confirmed we are literally breaking Above the most important weekly Resistance for Bitcoin and if that were To be happening we are literally going To be in an era where I think Bitcoin Could see exponential growth and $60,000 In my opinion is going to be reached Within weeks within days so this is very Important to be paying attention to Mars Once Bitcoin confirms to break above 47,000 us the next Target is $60,000 and In my opinion it could come very quickly And and honestly on that imate short

Term on the 48 time frame we created This inverse hand and shoulder spattern A typical bullish buas spattern and I Said if we break above the top of Resistance then likely we're going to See a bullish continuation and that is Currently exactly what is happening and A price tarket of such kind of a pattern Is currently laying around $50,000 us And that is of course still a massive Target that we have to be going towards But for now on bitcoin is on its way and It is looking quite good in my opinion Of course also looking at the Liquidation heat map we can currently See that there's not a lot of liquidity Being built up above us right now the Bitcoin just keeps on pushing higher and Higher every single time and looking at The monthly time frame at the Liquidation heat map we we can clearly See that there's indeed some liquidity Approximately more than 1 and a half Billion in Bitcoin short liquidation Still laying below us but Bitcoin is Just keeping pushing higher and higher I Mean first of all while we were Consolidating I did clearly saw that There was a lot of liquidity being built Up above us but right now we almost took Out all that liquidity so interesting to Be seeing what currently is playing out Here yesterday as well we saw an Approximately $12 million us do in Gray

BTC outflows but most likely the other Big B ttfs have a larger inflow and due To that there's no reason to be Panicking at all and honestly yeah Bitcoin is just seeing a massive Continuation a massive breakout towards The upside after getting squeezed in the Price setion right here it finally Started to be breaking out and right now It is pushing up higher and the biggest Resistance that we are going to be Facing is not the level we're currently Trading on but it is going to be 47.7k 47.7k to $48,000 is going to be a Massive level of resistance for Bitcoin And and I'm not just saying something Out loud here I have clearly seen this Level as a very big level in the past I Mean it provided resistance right here Also this was the point it got rejected And here it sent Bitcoin absolutely to Obler and towards the downside so this Is indeed a very important level to be Paying attention towards and make sure To stick in this video because later in The video guys I will be talking about Levels I've not discussed yet here on The channel but what which are very Important to be paying attention towards And I will be exactly explaining why so Right on the end of the short term we're Pushing back towards the upside we Exactly bounced from of that Lower Side

Target 39.7 okay I have actually longed Bitcoin on that exact bottom I called The exact bottom on my channel Unfortunately I closed my trades a Little bit earlier right here but it Doesn't matter in my opinion because Right now of course I've been saying That yeah indeed if we break bullish of This red box of resistance we're going To go higher but from now on I do know That everyone that is following me right Now wants to hear okay Rover what is the Exact thing you where where you think Bitcoin is heading towards what is the Chart that you're drawing do you think Bitcoin is going to pull down do you Think Bitcoin is going to be pushing up Honestly guys it is extremely hard to Right now say and that is why I'm Currently not opening up a new trade Here I will only open up a new trade Here on decoin on my copy trading Account if I have a 100% conviction Bitcoin is going to be moving up or down And honestly yes Bitcoin has been Pushing up here I had an expectation and I said it in my two previous videos that This were to be happening but I wasn't 100% convinced my conviction was maybe 70 to 80% and then I am not opening up a Trade because there's still a little bit Of too high of a risk for me to take a Trade with my community so if you want To be joining me with my next trade my

Lowrisk next trade here on the channel Make sure to go to the link description Of today's video where you can Recurrently sign up an account to decoin Where you can trade without VPN without KC and you could be copy trading me and Many other creators on this platform That are extremely profitable and what Is nice about decoin is that decoin First of all allows you to trade without KC without VPN they're giving you a good Deposit bonus and the copy trading has The best frequency out there so I think The best copy Traders are on this Platform and that is why I'm also doing It on this platform so if you want to be Joining me you have to sign up using That link below and if you want to be Trying out other copy traders that are Also doing massive jobs here that are Doing massive pnls over $50,000 in the Last 30 days you could be checking them Out right now going further in towards The content you can currently see that Of course this orange line is the usdt Market cap and as long as ther is Injecting more Capital into towards the Market it is just going to be likely That Bitcoin is just going to be going Higher so this is a thing you should be Taking in consideration as well as more Liquidity comes from tether in towards The market it's more likely that Bitcoin Is also going to be going higher here on

The daily time frame you can see another Overview of this chart I discussed Earlier but you can clearly see that This chart is very important because Right now Bitcoin is still trading in This consolidation phase in my opinion I Mean last time around we also traded in This consolidation phase for many times Before and let's say this time around It's inverted so last time we saw of Course two touches on the top side Before breaking it potentially that Could be happening at this time again Here so I won't be surprise if something Like this happens guys we see another Test on the top side around $48,000 Bitcoin gets rejected moves all the way Down towards the region back to $377,000 and then pushes towards the Upside honestly it won't be surprising Me and what I want to be pointing out Here guys is that yes I am super excited About Bitcoin yes I am super bullish About Bitcoin on the longer term Perspective but I still approach Bitcoin Right now as it is in a bigger Consolidation phase where we indeed Could be having breakouts towards the Upside or downside but I am not 100% Convinced we are going to go to $60,000 Right now if we were to be going to $60,000 I need to see a break Above This Level right here if we break this Resistance and more importantly on the

Weekly time frame the 0.618 Fibonacci Level which got us exactly rejected last Time around right if Bitcoin were to be Seeing a break above this exact level Right here then I would start to say Okay right now I am seeing a lot of Conviction that we are breaking above That $48,000 region and then I could be Expecting we're most likely going to see The push up towards new Alum highs and To be very clear I am expecting Bitcoin Is going to be sending a new Alum high This year but I'm not expecting it's Going to be happening so soon and if it Does happen already so soon uh I will be Surprised and I will be of course Definitely very happy of course in the End of the day I would still benefit From it but still I want everyone to be A little bit more cautious while of Course the prices are so significantly Increasing so yeah I am super bullish And of course if I'm looking at the Weekly time frame Bitcoin is creating a Bullish Hammer candle here on the weekly Time frame which is of course this Candle looks extremely exciting and Every single time we've created such Kind of a candle we've seen a massive Bump towards the upside and uh I mean Honestly I won't be surprised if it were To be happening once again here and of Course if we're going to be pumping Towards the upside level I'm going to

Keep my close attention towards is going To be $48,000 Us500 and yeah what we have done here is Basically set up a Fibonacci from altime High to alltime low and that basically Helps us Identify some very important Levels we found this a very important Level support right here the very Important resistance on the top side This level support right here and most Likely the $57,000 is also going to be providing Some significant resistance for the Bitcoin price action so this level you Should definitely keep in your mind and You should definitely take it very Seriously so going even 30 W the content Discussing a very important long-term Chart here guys we do know that in 70 Days from now on the next Bitcoin Hing Is going to be here and on the next Bitcoin Hall thing I expect that after That we're going to see a significant Bull Ring getting started because that Is what has happened every single time That maybe this time around it is going To be a little bit different because yes We are right now in a different scenario Where of course black Rook is also Buying up your Bitcoin so Bitcoin is Still pushing up higher but usually what Tends to be happening is that after the The Bitcoin Hing occurs you tend to see A little bit of a slow down in price and

Then it push towards the upside but Since it is has already happened three Times before why will it happen once Again for the fourth time I mean that is A question I'm asking myself and Honestly this time it could be a little Bit different due to the fact that black Rock is involved in the market so one Thing is for sure and that is that I Personally think that in the coming year We're going to be having a massive Bull Run for Bitcoin and this is indeed to Time to prepare yourself right now here Only for the imminent short term what I'm what I'm looking to do is trying to Forecast where Bitcoin is heading Towards so I could be opening up a trade Here so in the longer term there is no Need to worry and all about Bitcoin in My opinion I'm so bullish on bitcoin if I'm going to be talking about a 6 to 10 Month horizon or even longer I'm even More bullish but this is not the time to Be panicking this is the time to be Stacking so this is it for me today's up Video guys thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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