The Bitcoin inverse and the shoulders That I discussed in yesterday's video is Currently exactly playing out and on Today's video I will talk about what is Next for a Bitcoin I will talk about the Liquidation heat map that currently is Showing us there is a massive amount of Liquidity once again piling up above us And on the larger time frame there are Still two big levels of liquidity in the Market what I think Bitcoin will be Grabbing both so in today's video I will Be exactly explaining about what I think Is going to be happening next what is The most important news the most Important charts and many more important Stuff I will be discussing on today's Update video so we'll be trying to keep It as short as possible so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap the Like button back above 1,000 likes and With that of being said ly jump straight Away in towards the content so here on The imminent short term my exact Resistance Target sitting around $44,000 exactly rejected Bitcoin for a Couple times short now in my exact Support Target I discussed on the lower Side where I think Bitcoin is most Likely going to be heading towards first And if we break that it is going to be Going lower has also provided big Support for Bitcoin currently since We're bouncing back towards the upside

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Honestly the next resistance Target for Bitcoin is just going to be sitting Around $44,000 again 43.6 to $44,000 is going to be my main Resistance Target for Bitcoin that we Need to be breaking above of so over the Course of this weekend I'm also not Necessarily expecting a lot of Spectacular moves here but you have to Understand that right now indeed we are Creating this massive inverse Head and Shoulder spattern where we first created That left shoulder the big dump towards The downside create the head for Bitcoin And then boom we came back towards my Support Target and literally yesterday On the video I talked about that this is Going to be the main level support we Should be looking at Bitcoin exactly Bounc from of this level pushed back Towards the upside and right now the Moment we confirm the break about 43.8k Approximately to $44,000 is going to be the confirmation Of that breakout of that inverse hand And shoulders pattern and the price Target of this inverse hand and Shoulders pattern is quite massive Because the price target of this pattern Is sitting around $50,000 for Bitcoin so once we're Breaking out of this resistance level Right here I will be expecting a massive Continuation towards the upside a thing

That is very important to understand and I mean I've been predicting most of my Bitcoin moves just really to be Identifying where the liquidity in the Market is piling up and currently we can See that there's actually some short Liquidity piling up around that 44,000 Us level but you have to understand as Well below $42,000 Us in that 41.5 level There's also approximately 7 to800 Million Us in Bitcoin long liquidations So yeah honestly what I'm expecting is That Bitcoin is just currently trading In this range maybe we're just going to Be taking out the liquidity on the top Side move down again here before Potentially moving up again I will not Necessarily turn extremely bullish while We're trading against resistance only if We see that confirmed breakout above the Top side because there's still liquidity On the top side as of it currently at The lower side and you can currently see If we're looking at the monthly time Frame that there's still a massive Amount of Bitcoin liquidity getting Piled up around 39 to $40,000 use so I'm Still a little bit worried about this Level that Bitcoin potentially is still Going to be grabbing out this liquidity Maybe on the short term we take the Liquidity out on the top side or maybe We go already down from of this point But you have to understand that still it

Could be going both directions and a Thing that is really important to Understand as well the Bitcoin SP ETF News has a lot of effect on the price Action on the market market right now Here and I mean yesterday was day 15 February the 1st and we saw once again a Net inflow of $ 38 million us and it's Even though gr skill is still selling Off more Bitcoin so that is actually Quite interesting to see the flows are Positive and currently black rock is Holding more than 65,000 Bitcoins we can See that Fidelity is holding more than What is it 59,000 Bitcoins Arc invest More than 15,000 so there's a lot of Bitcoin getting accumulated by these Large both ETFs and you have to Understand as well that this is also Having a massive effect on the price Action on bitcoin so if there's going to Be a change of behavior in any of these Patterns let's say gray skill is going To be accelerating their cells or Potentially black rock is going to be um Slowing down their buys it could have a Direct effect on the market so it's very Important to keep your eyes wide open on That also what's going to be having a Direct effect on the market is the tedar Market cap and of course tedar last Quarter in 202 the final quarter of 2023 They reported a record breaking $ 2.85 Billion US dollar in profit what is of

Course absolutely massive and right now The market cap of tar is going higher And higher and it's about to be hitting 100 billion used doll and the reason why Deer Market G basically increases is Because there are some people outside of Crypto they say okay I give you a Billion dollars in in cash and I want to Have a billion dollars in tedar so we Can enter the crypto ecosystem so that Is the main reason why the supply is Increasing of tar and as the supply is Increasing of T it also basically means There's more money getting injected in The ecosystem and if there's more money Widely available in the ecosystem it is More likely that Bitcoin is going to be Going up and if you're just zooming out Here let's say to the weekly time frame And you're just going to be looking at The bigger P perspective of it all I Mean you can see that in the last buun There was a lot of capital flowing in Due to tedar and right now once again There's a lot of capital flowing in and This is a very good indication that Indeed there is more interest in the Market and a Bitcoin is most likely Indeed going to be going up overd du Course so this is important and Interesting to be seeing at the same Time we can see that the daily eay Ribbon is still getting supported and Guys you have to understand right now in

This video I've not really talked about My bearish scenario but still there is a Chance that Bitcoin is going to be Breaking down just like I said and grab That liquidity in the Lower Side so for Me I'm currently not opening up a new Trade yet here but if you want to be Joining my new trade and I mean for my Last six trades I have won all my six Trades and if you want to be joining me With my next trade I am starting a copy Trade account here on decoin it's an Exchange where you can trade wherever You come from without kyc without any Restrictions and all you need to do in Order to join my copy trading journey is Go to the link description of today's Video sign up an account using that link Below because otherwise you won't be Able to be joining my copy trading Journey and I am going to be starting my Copy trade Journey anytime soon Currently I've only got 11 followers so What you need to do is just sign up an Account over here go to copy trading Here in the top of the screen search for Crypto Rover follow me and soon I will Be opening up my first trade here my Copy trading account make sure make sure That you deposit some funds in it Because if you're depositing $100 into Decoin you will also get a free $100 It's absolutely massive but yes guys I Am going to be doing copy trading on

Decoin so make sure to check it out it's Definitely my favorite place to do copy Trading so make sure to go to the link Description of today's video to check it Out further on we can currently see that On the daily time frame Bitcoin is just Still reaccumulated and basically in the Bigger perspective of it all we're just Seeing this massive reaccumulation phase And for my trade as well guys for my Copy trade I am only going to be opening Up a trade if I see a lowrisk Opportunity I am not going to be opening Up a trade with high risk I am going to Be looking for that lowrisk trade here So for me I want to be a little bit more Patient in the market I want to be Seeing the for the perfect scenario in My opinion I want to see Bitcoin dump Here towards the downside and then I'm Going to be opening up a long position So make sure to stay posted I mean you Can either follow my Channel or join my Copy trade Journey or you could do both But I am still going to be waiting a Little bit before opening up that big Trade and I mean honestly guys if we're Going to be approaching Bitcoin from Let's say a 6 to 12 month Horizon I Don't see there is a reason any reason To be actually bearish on bitcoin right Now here I mean we're right now at the Edge of a gigantic Bull Run I mean the Bitcoin Hing is that there in 68 days

April the 10th it's almost going to be There I'm super excited for it and it's Not going to be taking long anymore from Of this point so make sure to be just Paying attention towards the market I Mean a weekly time frame for Bitcoin Create the bullish Hammer candle I'm Going to trying to keep the short so This was it for Bitcoin ethereum also Looking like it's repeating history Right now here it looks extremely Interesting in my opinion I am also Holding a ton of e what my current Strategy is here guys and I can show you This I am been buying a lot of altcoins Recently I've stopped buying Bitcoin I'm Only buying altcoins I'm investing like 10 I'm trying to invest 10 to 20K every Single week into different altcoins and That way I will be having a very diverse Portfolio and only one of these coins Have to explode and make me a ton of Money so if you want to be knowing more About this strategy I could make a Dedicated video about it let me know in The comment section down below but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video I hope to see you guys back Tomorrow peace out goodbye

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