Bitcoin is creating a massive W pattern And in this exact video I will talk About my price targets I will talk about What is the criteria for a breakout of This pattern and about many more Important stuff because Bitcoin is Literally breaking Above This critical Downtrend I'm going to talk about the Important stuff that's currently going On in terms of the news events and many More important stuff so without any Further Ado don't forget to slum up the Like button and let me jump straight Away in towards the content of this Video so once looking at Bitcoin on the Iment short term ever since I uploaded The video yesterday Bitcoin have seen an Even higher high getting created and Currently we look to be creating another Consolidation phase and to be very Honest it could be that we're creating Somewhat of an symmetrical triangle Again however today it is Saturday and Due to that we're creating a c Gap and Of course it's weekend so if I'm looking At the CME close price it's sitting Around 29.7k currently Bitcoin is sitting on 29.6k the CME Gap is on this high right Here so what am I expecting I expect That Bitcoin is going to be remaining to Trade somewhere around this white line Over the course of this weekend and if We're really going to be trading below

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It significantly I will be expecting a Big pump on Monday and if we're really Going to be pumping above it over the Course of the weekend I'm really going To be expecting a dump on the Monday so That is basically what I'm expecting It's not all that difficult because the Weekends for Bitcoin are usually a Little bit more relaxed so the Friday Close was absolutely amazing and Yesterday already talked about it I Personally think that Bitcoin will Probably continue to pump why is because Finally after months and months black Rock is finally actively working with The S to finish the ETF filing this Represents a significant development why Is because first the SEC was just not Replying to any of these issuers and now They are working together to complete The filings essentially a Bitcoin SP ETF Is currently getting pricing towards the Market and yes probably if it gets Accepted Bitcoin is still going to be Moving upwards but currently what we can See here is that just the alss of a spot ETF is are getting higher and due to That people are getting more excited and People already saw what fake news could Do so that is literally the reason why Bitcoin is right now moving towards the Upside well in fact the classic stock Market is moving down so Bitcoin is Doing an absolutely amazing job here be

Aware and this is the second wave and Usually you have two or three waves in These priv movements so I personally Think there could be potentially another Wave towards the upside before Potentially seeing a bigger retracement Before then of course creating a Different price structure but I remain To be expecting that over the course of The weekend probably Bitcoin is not Going to create a lot of volatility so Looking at the 4ly time frame you can See we exactly bounc from off that Support level I mean honestly if you're Looking at the 12h hour time frame this Is clearly the resistance to break here This is the Range High on the daily time Frame that exactly got us rejected right Here exactly got us rejected right here And as well twice before so Bitcoin is Currently running into towards Resistance and you can clearly see it Over here I mean honestly we broke in Towards the top side of the range right Now here but we just need to be breaking Above the 29.9k level and as soon as we Do break above that level then I will be Super excited and then I would call it a Confirmation of a breaking towards the Higher side of the higher range what Would confirm potentially in Bitcoin Heading towards $31,000 what I already think is going to Be inevitable and honestly if you're

Really zooming out on bitcoin we're also Literally breaking right now this Massive downtrend that we have been Creating in terms of days it's a 688 day downtrend what is a massive Mass Of downtrend so if anyone wants to be Trading the retest of it or if anyone Wants to be trading Bitcoin at all swing Trading uh day trading whatever make Sure to go to buy bit in the link Description of today's video because if You ready now sign up it account using The link below guys you know it you can Right now claim a free $1,000 air drop Position and all you need to do here is Sign up a new account using the link Below the P of $100 in the coming seven Days and you can claim this insane Position that is only valid for another 10 days from now on so looking a little Bit more closely towards the Liquidations on the liquidation heat map Here on coin glass we can currently Really see here is that on the lower Side there are some liquidations laying But not so much here but actually the Majority of the liquidations are laying On top of us and the majority of these Liquidations are sitting around 30.2k to 30.3k so if Bitcoin really moves up here I think it's at least going to be moving Up to 30.3k we're going to get a small Little short squeeze potentially Bitcoin Goes up to 30.5k and then potentially we

Could start to see some resistance Getting found for Bitcoin and I mean if You're really looking at the charts for That it does also make sense here 30.5k Is also this previous High here where we Got rejected from approximately three Three times in a row so 33.5 to 30.7 Could be the next resistance but Honestly if Bitcoin really is going to Be moving up here well probably I am Expecting it will it will already see a Massive short liquidation I mean at the Same time on the weekly time frame Bitcoin is creating a w pattern this is An insane reversal pattern and if Bitcoin manages to be breaking about 31,000 on the top side on the weekly Time frame we are confirming the W Breakout and this W pattern has got a Price Target somewhere around $40,000 to $38,000 so let me say this correctly the Price target of this breakout right here Is around $38,000 what is a massive Price Target in my opinion and yeah if Bitcoin really is going to be breaking Above This resistance right here we're Not only purely breaking Above This Level right here but you could extend This level again clearly see this was The level previously around provided Massive support here in resistance and Here once again we're right now creating That potential W pattern so this is a Beautiful reversal structure that

Bitcoin is right now creating and this Could be a massive massive opportunity If we do break above it of course on the Weekly time frame as well guys 98 we Downtrend we're about to be breaking it We're about to confirm it in one day in 18 hours probably is going to get Confirmed but this is definitely a Massive breakout where we should be Paying attention towards of course I do Understand yes we're breaking outside of This level and still the main resistance To be breaking is this horizontal level Right here so yeah I'm going to be Paying close attention towards this Level and if we confirm the break of $32,000 to $31,000 us on that Weekly Time frame we could be also in for a Massive massive treat so guys this was It for me in today's update video thank You so much for watching slap up that Like button and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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