Bitcoin is absolutely going parabolic on The Daily time frame and while this is Happening more than 50 percent of all The bitfinex shorts got closed in the Past three days so make sure to watch This video till the end because these Are some very important signals that are Flashing right now here and we will also Talk about my trade here what my next Trade is going to be for Bitcoin because It looks to be that we're finally Breaking above this key important level Resistance trading around that 25 000 Jews dollar barrier so make sure to Watch the video till the end I will Discuss my next Bitcoin trade and much More so don't forget to slap on the like Button can we once again smash it back Above 700 and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term and really what we Can start to see on that image short Term is that Bitcoin is creating a Potential new consolidation phase like You can see we're forming a damage Sloping resistance line from the top Side after getting rejected around the 25k region but at the same time we're Forming High higher lows as well in the Price section of Bitcoin one sign of Worry is that this pattern is currently Getting created over the course of the Weekend and if we're going to be Breaking out it's going to be happening

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At the end stage of this Sunday and if You didn't know already usually Bitcoin Over the course of the weekends it tends To be very predictable and it tends to Not really move very quickly towards the Upside of downside and once it does Happen it usually tends to come back Towards its base price where to see me Gap has been closed so if I'm going to Look at the paused examples here you saw The CME Gap got close on 22.4k we moved Up on the course of the weekend but Still at the end of the week we still Retrace back towards that level where The CME Gap was started at also right Here beginning of the week end of the Week beginning of the weekend end of the Weekend beginning of the weekend end of The weekend and right now this is the Beginning of the weekend the beginning Of the weekend price is 24.9 K here so Bitcoin I am expecting is going to hover Around 24.9 K over the course of the Weekend but really if there's going to Be too much of a big move move towards The upside I honestly do still think We're going to come down on the Monday So I would not like to see actually the Big move happening today I would rather See that move happening on the Monday Furthermore we can see right now on the Four hourly timeframe that we once again Broke above this region right here well Previously around provided resistance

Like you can see we're currently trading Above it again here still lower lower High on the 40 time frame the Fourier Time frame is really creating some Exponential movement movements and Probably over the course of the weekend We're going to consolidate a bit but It's definitely looking very interesting In my opinion still what I want to be Seeing here is the break above 24 5.2 K You can see 25.4k was the previous Range High in the market and like you can Clearly see the previous Range High is Currently providing resistance and if we Confirm a break Above This level right Here that is going to confirm a bigger Swing towards the upset and it's going To confirm the bigger breakout towards The upside and what are the targets if We talk about the breakout so if I'm Correctly going to look at this market Right now here open up the volume Profile range here you can clearly see That there is a significant range with Almost no volume getting traded and that Exact range where I'm currently talking About is a 25 000 between 28 to 29 000 That's this region region right here the Reason it's this region uh well that's a Very interesting saying the reason why It's this region that is probably going To move Bitcoin up or down very quickly Is because if I extend this region you Can see that in the first time we moved

Through this region there was almost no Resistance and we really moved up very Quickly for the range so it was almost No resistance or support or in general There was not a lot of volume getting Trades around this range once we had That collapse we saw of course also a Very stealth move towards the downside And yet again almost no volume Trader on This level but means that this level is A low volume range and what happens with Low volume ranges you can move through It very quickly and actually right now You can see in the past here on the Daily time frame we got rejected by the Daily candles right here on the 24.4k Somewhere right that region and Currently we are actually confirming the Daily candle close above it well means That this is actually looking quite okay I have said that I want to be longing The retails of this red line right here However I don't really like to do it on The weekend I don't really like to trade This one on the weekend however this is Definitely a very interesting signal I Am currently really going to be looking To scale in towards a long trade Position whether it's around the 24.4k Or whether I have to wait a little bit Here before the weekend is over I will Let you know as soon as possible all my Socials if I do see a little bit more Clarity but currently and like always I

Don't really like to trade Bitcoin over The course of the weekend but we are Currently officially breaking out and we Could enter this low volume range while Could mean that Bitcoin can move very Quickly towards the offset towards Thirty thousand dollars but is of course An approximately 19 move here and at the Same time we're seeing this we're seeing On The Daily time frame of course Yesterday on the one hour time frame we Saw also a parabolic structure but on The daily time frame for Bitcoin we're Creating a parabolic structure for Bitcoin and I always say parabolicas Don't last forever and what you need to Be looking at is at the momentum how It's drying off right so at the first Rally here it was a week one second one Was more exponential and the third one You always want to see more exponential And more faster and higher highs so as Soon as a parabolica is going to create A weaker Trend in terms of its movements Towards the upside in terms of its base Towards the upside you could call a Parabolic top and a parabolic top use The ends and of course also a big Movement towards the downside so that is What I'm going to keep my eyes wide open On I'm going to keep looking at weather And when this parabolic I could Potentially end for Bitcoin currently I Mean it is still looking okay here if we

Do break below this level right here the Parabolica could end and once the Parabolic ends yeah just like it Happened right here right so here I also Talked about the parabolic on bitcoin we Created the parabolica and as soon as You basically see the stopping structure Of less exponential highs on the top Side uh you basically are going to end The parabolica and once you enter Parabolica you move them very quickly And then you basically you create a new Structure again so Bitcoin is right now Still trading in the parabolica once we Do break it you will be be the first one To know on the channel but this is Definitely a very interesting structure To pay attention towards on the market Right now here and yeah still to be Pointing it out here we are trading on This most important resistance box here And I mean for me as well I've been Taking some profits on my trade here on Bitcoin and also my other trades on Bitcoin because taking some profits on This key important resistance is not bad If you entered your trades here on the Lower side I mean I'm not saying that I'm going out of my trades but it Doesn't make any sense if I'm not going To be taking any profits on my trades Here because yeah there could be a Possibility that we're going to see a Severe rejection from of this level I

Mean it's not out of the books and once That happens we could potentially see of Course lower price for Bitcoin however If we do break above it we can see very Expensive prices towards the upset so It's a little bit of a bet where we Think Bitcoin is heading towards so Bitcoin parabolica still intact and yeah Once we ever will break it you will be The first one to know on the channel Also looking at my trade currently still 52 000 US dollars in profit I closed Yesterday like two thousand dollars in Profit here but currently yeah we can Clearly see this trade is doing Absolutely amazing stop loss is on 19k Here and actually I'm going to be moving It up to 20 000 right now here uh Y is Because basically I want to be looking In the profits as uh if Bitcoin ever Will come down very quickly I mean I Still want to be having the profits Locked in right so that is basically the Strategy here I'm going to move up my Stop loss I'm going to take up more Profits along the way rpr to basically Guarantee my profits I will make with This trade if you're interested in swing Trading yourself as well you could do so If you sign up an account don't buy Within the link description you can Currently claim a 30 000 US dollars that Was a bonus and then actually a thing That makes me feel extremely bullish on

The price section of Bitcoin right now Is the bitfinex shorts of course like we Did new the bitfinex shorts already over The course of the winter start to Decline very quickly and right now we're Seeing that small buildup of shorts However since February the 15th so three Days ago the bitfinex shorts of course Dumped once again another 50 towards the Downside what is actually quite Interesting to see more and more Shores Are getting close here and currently We're at a very low stage in terms of Shorts in the Market at the the ultimate Of Bitcoin uh Bitcoin had Um somewhere around four to five hundred Bitcoins and shorts are active right now It's around 800 so we could still go low In terms of the bit for next shorts here They're definitely interesting to see Usually once bit for next shorts closed Their trades markets tends to Rally Further towards the upside and once they Open trades it's a good sign that we're Expecting some more bearish momentum in The price action of Bitcoin actually so You can see it also if I overlay the Bitcoin chart ever since they closed the Shorts the market moved up so quickly Towards the upside so if you close short You're also basically adding more buying Pressure towards the market because You're buying back your contracts in Towards the market and that is also one

Of the reasons why Bitcoin probably did Moved up so stealthily towards the Upside due to the fact that people are Closing their shorting positions right Now and at the same time we can see that The macd is crossing bullish on The Daily time frame and on the three-day Time frame we're still seeing the super Trend being bullish I always say the Trend is your friend tilt and currently Friend is significantly towards the Upside so I'm still betting that Bitcoin Is going to continue up unless we sweep The swap around to the um the super Trend indicator once the super Trend Indicator swaps you also should take it Very seriously but currently I am Definitely on the more bullish side on The price section of Bitcoin anyways This is it for me on today's topic video If you did enjoy it don't forget to slap Of the like button and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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