Bitcoin retested one of the most Important support levels of this entire Trend and on that level yesterday I Opened up a 120 000 US dollar Bitcoin Long position that is making me more Than 6 000 US dollars in profit in just A matter of a few hours and in this Exact video I will talk about Bitcoin What levels we should be looking at Right now what are the levels of support And resistance what are the big levels Of Interest how am I trading this entire Range and what will be the next gigantic Move for Bitcoin so make sure to watch This video till the end because this Video will be so important I will give An update on my trade on my 1 million US Dollar Bitcoin trade that I'm currently Going to be building up and much more Important stuff so don't forget to slap Up that like button on today's update Video and we smash it back of a 500 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content so yesterday We saw Bitcoin come down here and just The day after the SEC announced that They were going to sue binance they came Out that they're also going to sue Coinbase for allegedly 16 coins that are Securities so that is very interesting And ever since that news hit the market Bitcoin forms a new lower low here but It was trading on this very important

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Box of support talking about the 25 000 US dollars I have been talking about Twenty five thousand dollars for such a Long period of the market and I've Always said once Bitcoin is going to Reach that 25 to 24K Target I am going To start up building my long position For Bitcoin and I'm going to be planning To open up a 1 million US dollar Bitcoin Loan position like you can see ever Since we hit that Target Bitcoin bounced Back towards the upside with an Approximately eight percent towards the Upside within a matter of hours to be Exact Bitcoin balance Top by eight Percent within 12 hours that is Absolutely ridiculous and that is an Absolute crazy epic move towards the Upside all the way back up towards 27.4 K if I'm looking at the trend right now Here the level where Bitcoin got Rejected from is that exact Range High Here that previously around also Provided resistance so that was of Course not really unexpectedly and for Me right now we're trading at support Again because it's lower so I previously Ryan provided support here it provided Resistance so I do expect that the 26.7 Case Game DVD support to be looking at And if we do break above the top side Right here we're probably going to see An even bigger continuation towards the Upside because so far right now we only

Created that Bart Simpson pattern or That v-shape recovery pattern and right Now what we're really waiting on is to Break above the previous high in the Market if we do so the continuation is Probably going to be even bigger but to Be very clear Bitcoin broke down of this Consolidation phase we talked about it But price Target was very close to be Getting reached here and to and to be Very honest that we're going to be Looking at the price Target we can Currently see that we literally hit the Type the price Target or basically miss The price Target by just a few dollars So yeah Bitcoin reaches price Target Went down and after basically Straightaway shoot up again here so this Was definitely a beautiful trade to be Seeing here and Bitcoin actually did Quite a good job here so ever since Bitcoin sold it moved towards the Downside it basically started to retest This entire range right here was of Course a very important level I've been Talking about for quite a long time Right now here and I said on yesterday's Video that I will be longing it so that Is exactly what I did here so far I Opened up a 120 000 US dollar Bitcoin Trade but to be very clear I set up Multiple orders on the lower side as Well for if Bitcoin is going to fall Lower I'm going to add even more margin

And I'm planning actually to be building Up this trade to not only a 120k trade But towards a 1 million US dollar Bitcoin long position with low leverage So girly I am in a 5x average long Position for a Bitcoin and I'm planning To drop more and more Capital into our Sales position so if I'm going to be Investing 200 000 of my own money in This trade use a 5x leverage it could Become a one million US dollar trade Here it's realistically speaking quite Low risk here because I'm going to Literally dollar cost averaging towards My trade here towards the downside here So I'm not going to open any more margin Right now here and if Bitcoin goes up I Will be definitely fine with it but if Bitcoin comes down here what is it's Still a very possible scenario I will Just add more margins what we'll make What will make my average entry price go Down for Bitcoin what is definitely a Lovely thing to be having of course so This is exactly how I will be Approaching my trading strategy right Now this is how I will be doing it if Bitcoin comes that lower I'm just going To add more margin if Bitcoin goes up I Will definitely take it because then of Course I will make some more profit so Far I'm only making 0.2 Bitcoin in Profit and that's about what is it five To six thousand US dollars so so far

It's not really a significant profit That I'm making but it is definitely for The long term it could turn out to be a Very profitable trade here because what I'm here trying to do is open up a swing Trade for the next big run-up that I Personally think is going to hit the Markets so if you're interested in swing Trading or following me with me so if You're interested in trading or swing Trading or following me with any of These trades don't forget to first of All subscribe to the channel because Yesterday on the video I literally Showed you my trade here what was Literally in zero percent profit here it Was even in a small loss and if you're Interested in trading or doing trading At all go to bitcat in the link in Description you can trade there without Kyc without VPN if you sign up an Account you can already get free 15 US Dollars as welcome bonus and after that You can claim with the postal bonus up To fifty thousand dollars so go to the Link description if you're interested in Trading without KBC and without VPN it's Definitely the best exchange out there Right now and at the same time looking At Bitcoin I've been saying this for Quite a while right now here we are Forming quite a bullish pattern here Actually on the daily time frame but Like I said in my videos a polling wedge

Tends to be breaking at eight of the 10 Times towards the upside so it's Definitely a bullish pattern and I still Think Bitcoin can come down to 24K That's why I still got my order setup Over there but it does makes a lot of Sense to see the spelling break towards The upside and if you're actually Looking at the daily time frame we have Finally seen the three tests here on This level and I've been talking about This level for such a long time here Bitcoin previously around created left Shoulder that had that right shoulder we Created inverse handy shoulders pattern And right now we finally saw the retest Of the neckline what is definitely a Very bullish retest in my opinion and You can see the reaction Bitcoin touches It and it bounces back towards the Upside within approximately eight Percent and I was the one on the channel That exactly told everyone here to be Longing Bitcoin and I told everyone here On the top side to be starting to shore Bitcoin I literally said on my videos on Thirty one thousand dollars I started to Become bearish on bitcoin and yesterday On yesterday's video I opened my first Long position in a very long time and I Said to everyone out there that I'm Turning bullish again on bitcoin once it Goes below 26 to 24 000 so I flip Bullish on bitcoin I am buying more

Bitcoin if Bitcoin comes down to 24K I Will remain to be bullish here so this Is exactly my strategy Bitcoin retested The most important trend line and I'm Not sure if we necessarily are going to See another retest but if it happens I Will definitely make sure to benefit From it and add even more margin at the Same time we can currently still see Here Bitcoin is currently retesting the Email ribbon on the weekly time frame so Far we're seeing successful bands Happening from it yesterday we were Literally training below it and right Now we see a significant balance from it So that is looking quite okay here here On the weekly time frame Bitcoin Creating that inverse and his shoulders Pattern we've officially also saw the Retest we retested the neckline and Straight away we see a very big wick on The lower side so that makes it also Very interesting for me and if you're Looking at the 200 weekly moving average Yesterday we were trading below it but Already we Wicked back towards the Upside we bounced back towards the Upside and Bitcoin is looking quite Strong if you would ask me here so that Was it for me on today's update video I Think this pattern right here the Falling range looks extremely exciting In my opinion I will be waiting to see To see what happens if Bitcoin breaks

The downward sloping trend line if we do Break the trend line towards the Downside I think we could see a Significant move towards the upside do Remember if I'm looking at the bullish Events the bullish events on The Daily Time frame is starting to narrow up Again but of course if I'm looking at The three-day time frame we can see that The bullish events is extremely narrow And due to this we're expecting a big Move to be happening anytime soon so get Ready for that here the Bitcoin is still Trading in a tactical daily uptrend here Also on the weekly uptrend we are seeing That retests of this very important Level it makes all a lot of sense for me Here I've said it several times before I Flipped bearish on bitcoin on 31k Flipping bullish right now on 25k and so Far after my call Bitcoin went up about Eight percent here so I'm going to be Trading this again here I'm expecting That Bitcoin can go all the way back up To 31 000 and maybe even Beyond if we do Break above it it's going to be very Bullish for Bitcoin but anyways that was It for me in today's update video slap On the like button if you do enjoy the Content subscribe to the channel if you Want to be staying up to date and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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