BITCOIN: IT’S JUST STARTING… [blackrock ETF this week]

Bitcoin starts over eight percent Towards the upside within hours and that All happened due to the fact that the SSC had probably lost the case against Grayscale and in this exact video I will Be explaining what currently is Happening in the market I will talk About what is going to be happening next Because this week as well we're going to Get a ruling from the SSC about the BlackRock spot ETF and what does it mean For the market is Bitcoin right now Getting ready for an insane bump here After the grayscale one from the SSC This will be a very interesting video And I will be exactly talking about the Image short term all the most important Things that are currently going on in This market and many more important Charts so don't forget to slap out the Like button on today's update video and In yesterday's video I also talked about That the court probably is going to Decide something about the grade school Case and that also exactly happened Yesterday so don't forget to sub up the Like button on today's update video and Let me break down what currently is Going on and what is probably going to Be happening next for Bitcoin so right Now Bitcoin is up in approximately eight Percent after the news hit the market And what you have to know first first of All is that about a decade ago gray

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Skills started the fund where you could Invest into Bitcoin and that fund became Extremely big they helped more than 600 000 Bitcoin on their fund and they Decided to convert their fund into words A Bitcoin spot ETF this happens about Two or three years ago here but but Approximately a year ago grade school Started to sue the SSC because they Rejected their Bitcoin fund conversion Towards in the Bitcoin spot ETF without Any reasons so after that happened they Started to sue the SEC and yesterday we Finally got a hearing and basically what Came out of the hearing is that the Court found that the SSC had not Properly explained its decision to Reject the great skills Bitcoin sport ETF so it's not accepted yet and that is A very big misconception because over The entire internet everyone is saying The grayscale sport ETF is currently Approved but that is not true here the Only thing that happened is that the Court found that the SSC had not Properly explained about why they Rejected the Bitcoin sport ETF Application so a denial is opposed at The moment so it's forcing the SSC to Reconsider the application and make a New decision whether to approve or Reject it and since they have not filed A correct reason to deny it the most Likely scenario is that it is going to

Get accepted that is definitely a thing But for the moment right now there is no Bitcoin grayskill sport ETF yet so far You can't exactly read this through this Reading right here you can make a Screenshot you can clearly read through It about what currently is said but what We do know what is probably going to be Happening next here is that likely the Other Bitcoin small ttfs are going to Get approved as well it's just really a Question of when not if since they just Can't deny it with good reasoning so They have to probably must approve oh The ETF where they are applying for is a Fully regulated spot ETF not a synthetic Version so a spot ETF means that every Single share should be attached and Backed by a one by one ratio by actual Bitcoin giving this requirements in my Opinion this could be the Catalyst of The next Bitcoin Bull Run and what is Very important to know here is that this Week as well we're going to get the Ruling on the BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF Here and not only the BlackRock Bitcoin Sport ttf but also five others so that Is also going to be happening this week Probably they're just going to postpone It but after this news maybe came out Here it could be a reason that they are Going to accept it so if it's going to Get accepted the market is going to Absolutely go well here of course but

Right now BlackRock and grayscore are Finding to be the first Bitcoin small Ttf because it's a huge Advantage if You're the first Bitcoin sport ETF that Goes live here because then you can Attract the masses amount of money and That is why they're fine to become the First and it's going to be very Interesting if this is really going to Be happening so Bitcoin decided to be Breaking out towards the offside overall This is a super positive to take on the Market the people that are saying that a Sport ETF on bitcoin will not make a Difference you should definitely study a Little bit more here because a Bitcoin Small ttf will already drive a lot of Demand towards the market from larger Institutions to be also aware Institutions can right now buy Bitcoin And use it as collateral to create more Depth if it's in an ETF so that is Gigantic and that is why I think that More and more Bitcoin is going to get Bought up especially if we're going to Get these sport ETFs and it's going to Drive really that institutional uh Movement into Arts the market so Bitcoin Had a really nice bounce here I've been Expecting it already from of this region Right here and if you did trade at this Level congratulations and if you did Join me with this free 1000 US dollar Long position on bitcoin or on xrp you

Would have made a ton of money so if you Still want to claim a free 1 000 US Dollars long or short position all you Need to do here guys is go to the link Description of today's video deposit 100 Win in seven days here and yeah then you Can all reclaim a free 1 000 US Dollars On bitcoin or on xrp here you could also Go short but yeah if you did claim that Long position you would have made tons And tons of money from only a 100 US Dollar deposit so if you want to make Money go to the link description of Today's video further on we can Currently see that Bitcoin is right now A really balancing from that very Important 24 to 25 000 level support That that's lovely to see we created Also that hidden bullish Divergence on The 3D time frame also perfectly playing Out right now here bouncing Bitcoin back Towards the upside you can see that Bitcoin is consolidating between a 24 to 30 000 US dollar region I've been saying That I will be expecting that Bitcoin is Probably going to trade between this Region for the remaining of this year of Course if we're going to get a Bitcoin BlackRock small ttf the market is Probably going to pump much much more And especially since right now if you're Looking at the market on launching data More than 70 of the supply has not moved Over one year here what means the market

Is super in liquid at the moment and There's not a lot of money required to Move the price up or down here and due To that we really need that Catalyst to Start moving Bitcoin in towards the next Cycle and it is very interesting because The liquidity is becoming lower and Lower since more Bitcoin that is held on Exchanges is getting withdrawal and this Bear Market is definitely different than Previous ones since in 2015 and 2018 we Really saw that more and more Bitcoin Went to exchanges of course also since It was more Bitcoin getting mines but in This bear Market we can clearly see the People are withdrawing their Bitcoin From exchanges and this is definitely Very positive development because if There is less Bitcoin available in Exchanges there's also less Bitcoin Available to sell and there's going to Be less cell pressure on the price Section of Bitcoin so this is an overall Very positive to take on the market and This is a development that is taking Years of course but in the end of the Day it's going to be making the market Super super bullish and it's going to be Making myself as well very bullish for The next Bull Run so looking at zooming Out here guys we've seen the small Little bands here but in the bigger Things of it all it is just a very small Move here and I am getting ready for the

Gigantic Bull Run so what I'm doing here Is currently preparing my bags buying More because yes I personally still Think the 2024 is going to be the year Of the bull 2023 is the year of the Accumulation so smart money is Accumulating right now here and that is Exactly what I am personally doing if You're looking at the Bitcoin Domino's It has to be starting to be bouncing a Little bit here I'm still expecting it's Going to take the lead here altcoins are Probably going to fall behind so make Sure to take that in account as well in October we're going to get uh ethereum Futures ETFs hitting the market so that Could also be very positive for ethereum So keep your eyes wide open on that but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slap on the like button Subscribe to the channel because Yesterday as well we had a perfect Prediction So yeah thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on Tomorrow's update video peace out Goodbye

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