Bitcoin is right now breaking out of This very important downward sloping Resist line and in this exact video I Will talk about my price Target but more Importantly right now for Bitcoin there Are still signs of worry about the Potential and shoulders pattern and at The same time we are not seeing a Confirmed breakout happening on the Daily time frame so make sure to watch This video till the end I will talk About the Bitcoin dominance I will talk About a huge opportunity in the market Right now to make a significant amount Of money so don't forget to watch this Video till the end that's going to be a Very important one and once again can we Slap up the likes back about 500 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me continue with the Video on the image short term we can Currently see the Bitcoin re-enter the Range and after Bitcoin was re-entering The range we've been basically seeing That Bitcoin has been ranging back Towards the top side exactly towards the Level of resistance I've been expecting Right now as well Bitcoin is Consolidating in this range and Basically what we're seeing is that the Top side once again of the previews are In the market is is providing resistance And from me as soon as Bitcoin breaks Above that level I think it's likely to

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See a further continuation towards the Upside but already on the one hour time Frame we have been creating this Rising Match pattern yesterday we saw some Moves below it I thought we were having A breakdown but then we Wicked back Towards the upside and saw a significant Movement back towards the upside Bitcoin Is still trading in his exact pattern Right here and I'm just currently Waiting to see whenever this breakout is Going to be occurring we have to wait And see where Bitcoin is going to come In at but currently I am expecting a Breakout this game to be happening Anytime soon here if Bitcoin does decide To be breaking below this very important Level of support I do expect we could Come down towards levels of 28 000 US Dollars and right now looking at the Four early time frame for Bitcoin Bitcoin for the first time ever has Broken above this important downward Sloping resist line and Bitcoin is right Now trying to retest this level of Support so this is a very important Breakout for Bitcoin on the four early Time frame you can actually see that on The 12 hour time frame as well we're Currently are experiencing a breakout Happening for Bitcoin of this Symmetrical triangle the price target of This pattern right here will bring Bitcoin all the way back up to 31.7 K

The price target of this exact pattern Right here will bring Bitcoin all the Way back up towards the mid 30 ones to High 31s here and that is also exactly The price Target that we'll be aiming For because if you're looking at the Weekly time frame you can see that the 31.7 K is the exact level to be breaking For Bitcoin so yeah that is very Interesting that the price target of This bracket right here comes in at the Exact same level as over there you can Currently see that Bitcoin had another Consolidation phase before it and that One broke down and currently we're Seeing bullish breakout happening for This one to be very clear if I'm looking At Bitcoin right now and zoom in here we Can currently see that Bitcoin is still Retesting the preview sign in the market And basically we're still creating a Lower high structure so as long as Bitcoin is not breaking above the Previous high in the market I think we Should remain bearish and basically what We're currently doing is still creating A hand and shoulder spanner so as long As we're creating this handy shoulder Pattern I think we're looking bearish Soon as Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking Above This previous high in the Market then we're confirming at higher High and we're also confirming basically A trend reversal so that is really the

Point where I'm waiting for I'm waiting For the next significant move for Bitcoin and waiting for the next Significant breakout and if you want to Be trading any of these breakouts you Can do so on vibrate or bitgat can find The links in the description on today's Video don't forget to sign up account Using the link in description because Then you will actually get an additional Deposit bonus up to 30 000 US dollars With using this link at the same time While Bitcoin is currently pushing back Towards the upside we're running in Towards the most important level of Resistance you can see basically in the Middle of this range here is the most Amount of volume Traders so in this Range right here I'm expecting the Majority of resistance to come in for Bitcoin so let's see how that is going To be playing out for Bitcoin but Currently we're trading at a very Important level and like I've said for Quite a while the 27 000 is the big Support below as us if we do break below It we are in big problems but of course As long as we hold up towards that level I think everything should be all right Here so I'm going to keep my eyes wide Open for that one so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because if Something happens to this level or we Break below it you will be the first one

To be knowing on this channel like we do Know the Bitcoin dominance has been Breaking out and we're expecting a Bitcoin season is going to be happening But like we also have seen for Bitcoin In the past few days here is that Bitcoin has been going quite sideways at The same time we can see that the Ethereum network is getting busier and Busier and currently we can see that Actually guest fees are coming as high As the previous bull market again what Means that activity on the ethereum Network is extremely high what also Means that there is a significant amount Of ethereum getting burnt at the moment And that is all due to the fact that Meme coins are actually exploding last Week I've made more than 120 000 from Trading meme coins and I have called two Meme coins on my Twitter page here and Both of them if you bought them at the Same time I said it you made more than 800 of them so there's a lot of Opportunities on trading meme coins Right now here be aware meme coins are Not investment vehicles and you have to Be very careful with them but I always Say if there's somewhere to me making Money why bet why don't benefit from it Because this coin Pepe went from zero Who and 1.2 billion US dollar market cap Coin so there are a lot of opportunities Right now by trading meme coins so that

Is what I've been busy with in the past Couple days sir that as soon as Bitcoin Is going to start breaking out again I'm Going to be opening up some more bigger Trades again so make sure to subscribe To the channel to stay up to date about That one you can join also my altcoin Telegram group here because I'm Currently starting potentially also an Altcoin YouTube channel and an old coin Telegram group because yeah I'm getting Very Addicted by making so much money From all coins so if you're interested In it don't forget to join it you can Find it in the link description of Today's video but anyways that was it For me on today's update video and I Hope to see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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