Right now Bitcoin is breaking above key Resistance and if we manage to close Above This level Bitcoin will be sent to Thirty thousand dollars in no time so Make sure to watch this video because in This video I will be going over the Reasons why that could happen and also The most important support and Resistance and of course I'm going to Give a massive update on my trade and What my next rate is going to be on Bitcoin right now so don't forget to Slap up that like button and let's jump Straight away in towards the content Because once looking at the imminent Short term of Bitcoin we're absolutely Skyrocketing towards the upside we've Been creating a big big rally towards The upside and really this recovery and This movement towards the upside has Been so exponential that is indicating That the strength in the Bitcoin price Action is immense it's extremely strong Right now here and you can also even see That we broke above the previous Range High in the Market within actually like A few hours literally once we were going Up we tested it for 2 two hours and we Broke above it this was a very important Level of resistance and currently we Just broke above it like it was nothing So that is definitely very good to see Here we're breaking up of these key Levels of resistance also on the four

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Hourly time frame you can see ever since We had to retest right here I've been Talking about it and I actually have Been exactly longing the bottom right Here I've been exactly skilled up my Bitcoin swing track on the exact bottom And I opened up a Bitcoin um yeah sculpt Trade basically I opened it right here But unfortunately I already closed the Trade right here if I would have let it Run I would have literally made twenty Or thirty thousand dollars with the Trade also so it's pretty unfortunate That I missed out on this opportunity But still I'm making more money by my Swing trade that I add more margin Towards literally on the 21.3k what was The exact bottom so that is good to see Here if I'm right now going to be Looking at the forecast what we should Be doing in terms of trading I don't Really think we should be opening up Along right now here of course I want to Open up a long but only on a retracement Why do I want to Long Bitcoin is because Look at the trend we are in a clear Uptrend we're forming higher lows and We're forming higher highs and this Movement towards the upside is really Also confirming the trend we're trading In so you can also see on the following Which we discussed yesterday ever since We confirmed the breakout we've reached Our price Target within hours and this

Was of course an eight percent move Towards the upside and within 12 hours We reached our price Target and we even Went beyond so falling witch also Reaching its price Target and looking at The original to support the slash Resistance chart you can currently see That we are basically breaking above the Ski level resistance but really the next Big level of resistance is somewhere Around the 25 000 right so talking about Twenty five thousand dollars if I'm Looking at the 2019 bear Market recovery You saw that there was one big level of Resistance that of course also provided Support along the way down here you can See that in the 2019 bear Market there Was one big line of resistance and that Was in that case the 4200 and ever since We broke above it that was the point Where really the recovery started to be Happy happening for the Bitcoin price Action so right now as well we're Approaching that key level right so the 25 000 was the low of the lunar collapse It was also once we were recovering Providing significant resistance and yet Again right now we are approaching this Level so if we manage to break up of 25 000 we can fly very quick reason also Why is because there's always no volume Traded between twenty five thousand Dollars and twenty eight thousand Dollars you can see it on the vpvr there

Is no volume traded in this range so Once we confirm a break above twenty Five thousand dollars and I want to see A daily candle close above twenty five Thousand dollars we could swing up very Quickly towards the next level of Resistance that is going to be trading Right into this region right here so The Orange Box so if we do break above it my Next resistance Target is going to be Twenty eight thousand dollars towards Thirty thousand dollars that is the way And that is the place where I'm Currently looking at we are trading in a Daily uptrend and it is extremely likely That we are probably going to see this Discontinuation but right now we're just Waiting for the confirmation on The Daily candle close so what I actually Want to see here is for the confirmation Is the daily candle close above 24.7 K So somewhere where we're trading around Right now if we can close the daily Candle right here and even potentially Have a retest of it I am going to long It so I have been waiting for a long Position right now for like already like 24 hours and right what I want to be Doing here is that if we confirm the Daily cannot close Above This level Right here I'm going to exactly long the Retest so right now I can't set up my Orders yet so far but if we do confirm It you will be the first one to know on

The YouTube channel or on the telegram Channel and I'm straight away going to Set up my orders and let everyone know What I'm going to be doing so currently I'm only in one trade and that is a Swing trade position but that is once Again going to in sculpture from like Twenty five thousand dollars or 20 24.7 Towards like 28 000 so it's going to be Quite a big sculpt rate but I'm looking To catch that next trade because I think It could be the next significant move For Bitcoin I don't think it's going to Be happening overnight usually we tend To see some console Nation before these Moves happen but maybe it's going to be Happening way faster than we are Expecting so this is a strategy I'm Going to be looking at in order to trade Bitcoin and of course I'm also looking To take more profits on this trade right Here if we're going to be approaching Thirty thousand dollars because thirty Thousand dollars is of course a big Resistance Target so I'm going to start Taking some profits off the table Because yeah making fifty five thousand Dollars from such kind of a trade is Definitely very nice and sometimes you Have to lock in the profits because no One gets broke by taking profits on Their trades here so that is very Important to know here if you are Interested in trading you can check out

The link subscription if you sign up but I can't using the link description on Bobby you can write a claim at thirty Thousand and fifty US dollars to post a Bonus and if you do not use the link at All you only get four thousand so it's a Win-win situation and if you're living In the US you can check out bitcat that Is also offering a 20K deposit bonus Then looking at actually the RSI Divergence it's been very interesting Because we created that uh hidden Bullies The Virgins on The Daily time For Bitcoin and so far it played out Perfectly however right now we are going To you probably start to see that we're Going to create higher Heights on The Daily candle and lower highs on the RSI What means that we're going to create a Bearish Divergence yet so far only the Strength on this movement towards the Upside is very strong also if you do Compare it to let's say the S P 500 S P 500 didn't move up at all and Bitcoin Moved up extremely strong even though it Also recovered towards the upset very Strongly so this is definitely a very Beautiful thing to see right now I just Have to say to everyone out there be Aware that we could be of course Approaching resistance right now here we Are currently literally trading on this Level right here you can see that we're Currently trading above it if we confirm

The daily kind of close above it and Have a retest that is the point where Rover is going to be opening up his next Training position but this is definitely Going to be crucial for the trend and if We manage to be breaking out of this Trend right here so you can clearly see It this is a resistance box and this is The next support slash yeah of course Upcoming resistance then you're Literally going to have a very fast move In this region because there's almost no Volume you can see it also right here Very fast move and if I'm going to be Extending these lines look at this I'm Going to extend it you can see also at The first first time we ever discovered This region we also had a fast move so Fast move fast move and this is also Going to be probably yet again a very Fast move so that is what I'm expecting So make sure to get ready for it if we Confirm the close above 24 to 0.7 24.8 That's ideally my situation then we're Definitely could be seeing this next big Swing towards the upside for a Bitcoin And that it could definitely be a very Significant move because from of the Point we're currently trading on it's so Much about like a 22 move towards the Upside what is absolutely crazy for all The Bitcoin holders out there and Talking about another crazy trading Setup and this one is literally

Approaching resistance we're currently Trading on Resistance 24.8k here you can See that we're creating an inverse on His shoulders I've been talking about it This is a beautiful pattern and if I'm Really going to be measuring the price Target if we do are going to confirm a Breakout uh the breakout Target is going To be actually quite insane here because The breakout Target is going to be Around 35.2 K and basically the bracket Will getting confirmed if we do close The daily candle above the resistance Line as long as we're not doing so we're Not confirming the Breakout but this is Also definitely a pattern you should be Paying attention towards right now here Then also looking at the three-day uh Trend line right here or on the weekly You could also approach it we exactly Retested the trend line and we exactly Banned significantly from it so this has Been a downtrend for 440 days in a row And right now ever since we broke above It this was being the first time we Retested it and yeah it was just a Perfect retest and a perfect reaction And a perfect balance from of this exact Level right here so this is beautiful to See let's see where the market is going To be heading next towards but currently We have to deal with this 25k region if We do with this region we break above it Then definitely Bitcoin is going to go

Even in a bigger recovery phase because Currently it is really decision time yes We are technically speaking still in the Bear Market if we do break above the 25 000 then I can confirm these 17 000 or The sorry this 15.6 K has definitely Been the bottom for Bitcoin because if We break above this region right now It's only going to give us a bigger Confirmation on the bigger time frames As well so this is it for me on today's Update video it was definitely a longer Video I tried to explain all my Strategies I tried to explain everything That's going on right now but definitely Make sure to pay attention towards the Market right now slap up the like button Subscribe to the channel and hope to see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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