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Do Bitcoin weekly email ribbon is Flipping bullish right now and the last Time this happened Bitcoin went in Towards an entire Neil Bull Run and in This exact video I will be talking about This signal that currently slashing the Gigantic CME Gap that currently is Getting created the Bitcoin breakdown And many more important charts we need To discuss right now because on the Weekly time frame Bitcoin is breaking Bullish right now and I will be exactly Talk about this and many more important Charts so don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's video can we once Again smash it back above 600 that will Be absolutely amazing with that of being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the content because only Imminent short term Bitcoin is creating A gigantic CME Gap and currently if we Will be looking at the CME Gap it got Created between 31.2 K and the 30.7 K so In order to fill up the Simi Gap Bitcoin Has to push all the way back up to 31.2 K what is definitely possible to see and Since 98 of of all the CME gaps that get Created tend to get filled up within two Days I am expecting that Bitcoin is most Likely once again going to push back up Above that 31 000 in the coming 48 hours If not of course we could also fill it Up later but the most likeliest scenario Is that it is going to get filled up

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Within 48 hours from now on bitcoin is At the same time also breaking bearish Of this consolidation phase we talked About yesterday and if we will be Looking at the price Target we can see That the price Target was somewhere Around 29.9 K and this price Target Already has got reach for Bitcoin what Is definitely a very lovely thing to see Because this right now means that Bitcoin doesn't necessarily have more Downside due to the pattern breakdown And right now there's a possibility that Bitcoin is just going to recover at the Same time we can currently see on the One hour time frame we're creating a new Pattern and we could be looking at the Falling much better and like we do know From falling wedges they get created in Uptrends and they break out towards the Upside eight out of the 10 times and a Price target of the falling wedge is Always the Range High of the wedge Itself and that is in this case going to Be 31.2 K what is also the C Mega price Target so this is very interesting to be Looking at and I will be expecting the Price starters to get reached as soon as We do break the downtrend here on this Chart and of course don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because if Something important happens I will be Trying to jump live or give you guys an Emergency update so consider subscribing

To the channel right now since I will be Giving many many updates on the price Section of Bitcoin every single day and If something important happens you will Be the first one to know on the channel At the same time I talked about the Support level yesterday as well if Bitcoin were to be breaking bearish the Big support is going to get found around 29.7 to 30 000 US Dollars we have Charged the thirty thousand dollars and Bounce already back towards the upside But if Bitcoin is going to continue the Downtrend I expect that this previous Level of resistance this previous level Of support is going to be providing a Lot of support for Bitcoin right now and That is going to come in between 29.7 Towards 30 000 so in case Bitcoin breaks Below 29 7 to 29.6 K I'm definitely a Little bit worried that we could see a Bigger rejection and of course if Bitcoin then moves below that level my Next Target is going to be all the way Down to 28.5 K so let's see if Bitcoin Is going to hold on towards the support I personally do not really see a reason Why Bitcoin could be falling below it Right now since the momentum is so super Strong on bitcoin right here and that is Also why I'm not going to close out on My long position right now on bitcoin I'm still in approximately 1.4 Bitcoin In profit and I opened up this trade

Once Bitcoin was below 26 000 and it Showed everyone out there on the Channel Once I was in Lost in the straight and I Showed everyone once I was on profit so If you want to be learning how to trade And how to swing trade just like me Subscribe to the channel because I Shared this straight step by step on the Channel and I will continue to do so in The future because I am the most Transparent Trader out there on the Internet I show all my profits I show All my losses and so far for the last Few trades we've been doing we've not Really showed any losses so consider Subscribing to the channel right now if You want to be seeing more of this live Trading and of course if you're Interested in training yourself you Can't write and go to the link Description and if you sign up using the Link description you can actually claim An insane deposit bonus on any of these Exchanges below currently I'm using bid Get and buy bit because on big cat you Do not need to do kyc so definitely Bitget is my most favorite exchange Right now at the moment since you do not Need to do kyc then at the same time we Are literally running in towards this Most important resistance I've been Talking about it I've been expecting it The 31 to 31.7 K is the level to break As soon as we do break Above This level

I think 40K is going to be happening Next but we just have to wait and see Whether we're going to be breaking Above This level of course as well for the Cotton handle pattern it's breaking out But right now we're still trading Against this very important decisive Moment here in the market what's trading Between 31 and 32 000 US Dollars and on The weekly time frame we can actually Right now see that Bitcoin is breaking The downtrend and you can see Bitcoin Created this gigantic big support level Towards the downside once we broke below It we got rejected by this level here we Saw another reject by this level and Right now we've actually broken Above This level and like you can see this Novel The previously around turned in Towards resistance is right now flipping In towards support for Bitcoin and that Is super bullish to see and at the same Time we can currently see that there is A very similar scenario getting created For Bitcoin like back in 2020. so in 2020 we created this gigantic Consolidation phase for Bitcoin and we Were looking at this super important Horizontal support slash resistance Level you can see we broke outside of The consolidation phase after that we Broke above the very important Resistance like you can see in this case It's going to be twenty five thousand

Dollars we went up here in this case This was to thirty thousand dollars in This case it was to twelve thousand Dollars we moved down we saw a perfect Retest here as well we saw perfect read This for a couple weeks and then we saw To see Bitcoin going exponential and Currently if you're comparing these two Moves towards each other it's actually a Very similar move towards each other and That makes me feel quite bullish on Bitcoin and of course I've been saying It for for quite a while this is Definitely a super important level that We're bouncing from and of course it's Still a super important level above us Around 30 000 US dollars if we manage to Break above that level we're literally Breaking back in towards the bull market Territorium and that is of course super Lovely to see and I don't really think That anyone is going to be buying Bitcoin below 20 000 again I have been Buying Bitcoin on 14. I've been buying Bitcoin on fifteen thousand dollars so There's still so much potential upside To come here especially with these big Institutions dropping in towards the Market right now at the same time we can Currently see the weekly macd for Bitcoin officially cross bullish again Here we saw a small little fake out Towards the downside right here but the Weekly macd is crossing bullish again

And this is super bullish for Bitcoin of Course and at the same time the weekly EMA ribbon is flipping bullish as well Here and we can see it is happening for The first time in 1148 days here Basically the entire year of 2022 we Were bearish and right now we're Starting to feel bullish what is of Course absolutely beautiful to see the Last line around this happened in the Bear Market we saw of course the bullish Goes over happening and after that Signal occurred Bitcoin even increased By another 92 percent here and of course Last time around once it flashed there Bitcoin went even up about 800 towards The upside what is absolutely crazy so There's a lot of upside Potential from This signal historically speaking always Wants the email ribbon cross is bullish It tends to indicate a bullish period in The market and basically once the email Ribbon is bearish on the weekly time Frame and I've shared this several times On my channel here once Bitcoin is Trading below the email ribbon so Basically below its average weekly price Here it's a good buy it's a good buy It's a good buy it's a good buy right Here so right now Bitcoin is of course Once again breaking above it but Basically every single time once also The eBay ribbon cross bullish we saw an Entire bull market entire small little

Bull market right here inside your bull Market right here what we're going to See here small little move towards the Upside or are we going to see another Gigantic bull market so Bitcoin is Looking gigantically bullish right now In my opinion and I don't think there's A real reason to be worrying about Bitcoin of course if you're going to Compare these two cycles towards each Other we can currently see that we're Training against the most important Level resistance but I've got all the Faith in it that we're actually going to Be breaking Above This level and that is Why I'm not going to close out on my Trade right now because I think I can Literally make millions and millions of Dollars by this straight here because if Bitcoin already goes up to fifty Thousand dollars I am literally going to Make a million dollars from off this Trade and I personally think it is Definitely possible and that is why We'll continue to hold it straight here Since there is a very big possibility That Bitcoin is just going to increase This movement towards the upside the Imminent short term could be breaking Out of the spawning wedge here and we've Got this gigantic see me get trading and Buffers so that was it for me in today's Update video don't forget to share this Video with your friends and family it's

Super important to pay attention towards Bitcoin right now here only in the short Term we're looking bullish on the bigger Perspective for looking bullish but of Course what we need to do right now here Is break above the 31 to thirty two Thousand dollars in in order to see Bitcoin climb back up to forty thousand Dollars again so that was it for me in Today's update videos thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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