BITCOIN: IT’S HAPPENING!!! [get ready]

Bitcoin is about to be breaking out and While this is happening the Bitcoin for Our only time frame finally broke the 70-day downtrend and in this exact video I will talk about this I will talk about The Bitcoin dominance that is currently Crushing about 50 of the entire Market I Will discuss this and more important Stuff on today's update video because I Will go over the most important charts We need to be paying attention to what's Right now I will give a brief update on My very important trade that is Currently more than 12 000 US dollars in Profit and I will talk about the Bitcoin Price section on the imminent short term And the longer perspective so don't Forget to slap up that like button on Today's update video can we smash it Back about 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that have been said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content once looking at the imminent Short term of Bitcoin we saw that Yesterday we created this symmetrical Triangle pattern I've talked about it on Yesterday's video and ever since we Broke a side of it we pushed towards the Upside and to be very clear I think We've already significant really reached Our price Target so that is definitely Very important to be paying attention Towards if we will be looking at the 4la Time frame for Bitcoin we can currently

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See that Bitcoin for the first time in 60 days have broken this very crucial Important downward sloping trendline We've been creating on this Market you Can clearly see we've got rejected every Single time we retested this level and For the first time in 68 days here we Have finally crushed Above This level And first of all we saw a few rejections But right now we're trading Above This Level one is definitely very beautiful To see for Bitcoin right now if you're Purely going to look at the 40 time Frame just without any drawings you can Currently still see if we are Significantly trading in the downtrend And on the bigger perspective I can Still see that Bitcoin is creating lower Highs every single time and Eva will be Looking at Bitcoin I think that this low Right here this low right here the Highest right here are the most Important levels to be watching because If you're going to stand up on Horizontal level you can clearly see This is a level we still need to break Above of and like you can see from the Past this level has significantly showed Us that it is providing support slash Resistance and yeah yesterday we touched It as well for a small bit here and Bitcoin has not been able to be breaking Above This level yet so far so yes Bitcoin is indeed trying to be breaking

Above This level and as soon as we do Break Above This range right here I will Say okay right now the four early time Frame is officially flipping bullish of Course on the image short term we can See Bitcoin is crushing and moving Towards the upside but like I said if We're zooming out the trend is still Bearish but as soon as we do break above That level I will be saying Bitcoin is Right now officially entering a bullish Trend and that will be of course Considered extremely bullish for the Price section in general right now at The meantime Bitcoin is relationally Retesting as well the most important Trend line towards the downside this Daily downtrend for Bitcoin like you can See we got rejected by it three times in A row we are literally retesting it Today and if Bitcoin manages to be Breaking Above This level it's going to Be super bullish because then we're Literally breaking the daily downtrend That got us reject acted for over 68 Days in a row here and I've been saying It for quite a while right now I'm Expecting to see this breakout happening In the coming 10 days here so it's Either going to happen this week or next Week but Bitcoin is about to become Extremely volatile so quickly looking at My trade I've started to loan Bitcoin From of 25 000 and currently I am in a

Profit of an approximately 0.42 Bitcoin What is about 11 to 12 000 US dollars in Profit right now so we're doing an Absolutely amazing job here making more Than 12 000 US Dollars profit on this Bounce towards the upside and like Everyone though who follows me on the Channel I've been showing my trade how I Was opening it and like everyone knows On the channel here I showed every Single step of this trade I showed you Where I was opening it I showed you when I was in the loss I showed you when I Was in the profit and to be very clear If you just started to follow the Channel I will be still at more margin Towards it straight As Bitcoin goes down And not if it goes up here so if Bitcoin Sees another move towards the downside I'm going to be adding more margin I'm Going to be building up an even bigger Trade here because I am planning to be Building up a million US dollar swing Trade position and currently it is only About 230 000 US dollars in Bitcoin trading Positions so let's see where it is going To be heading towards but this is of Course an absolutely crazy trade here What I'm currently taking here and if You're interested in trading yourself as Well and if you're interested in swing Trading because that is what I'm doing Right now here basically expecting

Bigger Market moves here and using only Low leverage to catch the next move here If you want to do the same don't forget To subscribe to the channel because I Will show you step by step on how I am Doing these swing trades and if you're Interested in trading go to the link Description sign up an account through Those links because with those links you Will get an additional deposit bonus Sign number account deposit some funds And you can actually claim insane Deposit bonuses up to 50 000 US dollars So with that being said let me continue In the video because right now as well Like I just said to you a moment ago you Can clearly see it Bitcoin is right now Literally creating a falling wedge Pattern and if the falling wedge pattern Breaks out here the price Target is Already going to be around 31 000 on the Top side and yeah we're super close by Seeing a breakout and a price target of 31 thousand dollars is already an Approximately sixteen percent move Towards the upside what is absolutely Massive it's absolutely massive Bitcoin Is great Bitcoin is getting ready for a Gigantic move and you should be paying Attention towards it right now the Furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is Right now just balancing from of this Super important support range I've been Talking about this I turned bearish on

Bitcoin on 31 000 and I said to everyone Out there I have been bearish on bitcoin All the way down right here and right Now it's starting to turn bullish again Here and Bitcoin has started to be Seeing a small little bands here of Course we're still in the downtrend we Officially not broken the down through Yet so far but as soon as we do Break It We could see a significant rally getting Created and you know what I really like About this price action right here is That Bitcoin is just creating that Perfect flag pattern or the perfect Following much better like you can Currently see here Bitcoin doesn't Really create these patterns so Perfectly that often and right now is Creating one so that is why you should Be really paying attention towards this Level and it's also perfectly retesting This horizontal Sport and it's quite Important and finding that not so many People are actually talking about this Big support level the Bitcoin is Definitely bouncing from it very Significantly you can also approach it Like a bullflex scenario because if You're zooming out Bitcoin is creating a Peril Channel towards the downside and This better set is also said to be Breaking out anytime soon of course it Could still continue sideways but as Soon as Bitcoin does break the downtrend

We could see another land getting Initiated to be very honest since the Volatility has been so low in this move Towards the downside I am actually Expecting there's going to be a super Volatile move just like we've seen right Here and just like we've seen right here It's just going to be a super fast move Here if we are going to see a breakout Looking at the cup and handle pattern We're right now 16 hours away before Closing the next three-day candle and it Looks to be if we're going to close it Like this we're going to be officially Breaking out of the cup and handle Pattern copper Nano pattern looks to be Said to be breaking out as well anytime Soon here so pay attention towards this Level because in this pattern if we're Going to be reaching the price Target It's going to be all the way up here to 52 to 53 000 US dollars for Bitcoin yes I'm very much aware it is still a big Level of resistance above us trading Around 32 to 31 000 but as soon as we do Break above that level probably we're Going to really reach the price target Of this cop and handle pattern so get Ready for this insane price Target if Bitcoin is going to be breaking out Right here furthermore we can see that On the weekly time frame Bitcoin create And inverse on his shoulders and right Now we're still in the squeeze pattern

On that Weekly time frame Bitcoin is Really really getting squeezed up here And we're expecting the volatile move is Going to be hitting anytime soon I am Expecting it's going to hit the Market Within 10 days later so it could be Happening today it could be happening Tomorrow but it could also happen next Week here so get ready for that prepare Your bags right now I'm preparing my Bags which of course buying more Bitcoin On the spot Market but also with my Trades so if you're interested in Trading and you're expecting Bitcoin is Going to move Direction make sure to Check the link in the description to Sign up account and claim additional Deposit bonuses and looking at the Bitcoin dominance our prediction is Actually playing up perfectly as well Here I mean ever since the Bitcoin Domino's broke outside of this Symmetrical triangle I've been saying The Bitcoin dominance is probably going To go to 52 so far we're right now about 50 that is already in approximately two Percent higher after my initial Prediction and probably it is set to Continue I think the Bitcoin dominance Is going to continue to rise and I think My target is 52 before we're going to See a minor retracement and what I'm Actually expecting is that on the move Up here it's going to be Bitcoin that is

Especially going to move and altcoins Are going to be a little bit slowly over There awkwards are not going to move as Fast towards the upside this Bitcoin at Least that is my expectation of the Market right now maybe something else is Going to be happening but I remain to be Expect that all coins are not Necessarily the Best Buy right now in The market and I remain to expect the Bitcoin is going to keep outperforming All coins at least for the coming few Months ahead of ourselves so personally Right now I am not a big buyer of all Coins and I should be very careful with Buying into all coins right now here but Once I am going to start buying into all Coins again you will be the first one to Know here on the channel because you Guys deserve it and I think if you buy In towards all coins on the right time You can make a ton of money from it but If you buy into an urge them in the Wrong timing you could lose a lot a lot Of money so make sure to be very very Patient right here I'm going to remain To be patient and I will be starting to Be buying more all coins as soon as I do See a clear signal for me to be doing so So that was it for me in today's update Video if you did enjoy don't forget to Slap up that like button on today's Update video subscribe to the channel to Stay up to date about all my trades

About all the important stuff we need to Discuss right here but anyways thanks so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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