BITCOIN: IT’S HAPPENING… [don’t get fooled twice]

Bitcoin is Rhino trading adds critical Support and in this exact video I will Talk about this most important level of Support for Bitcoin I will talk about The most important resistance this Breakdown that we're currently seeing And much more important stuff we need to Discuss only in the short term of Bitcoin right now because currently we Are seeing the weekly macd is having a Bearish crossover for the first time Ever in an approximately two to three Hundred days so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be a Very important one and can we once again Slam up the lines back above 500 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content once looking At the imminent short term for Bitcoin We can see that we had another Continuation towards the downside after Bitcoin had that small little push Towards the upside we came down we Created this somewhat pattern of a Rising wedge for Bitcoin and ever since We broke below that one hour support Line for Bitcoin we have seen already The price action of Bitcoin has started To take another are dumped towards the Downside and right now if I really want To be looking where Bitcoin is really Going to come in towards next I want to Be looking at the four hourly time frame

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Because on the four early time frame we Can spot the most important levels of Support and resistance we can first of All see this clear resistance level from The top side that provided those Rejections all the way down here towards The downside and every single time Bitcoin basically retested this level We've seen a significant rejection from Off the top side so what I will be Expecting is every single time once Bitcoin retest is this level right here We will be probably see a very Significant rejection from of this level And as soon as we do break above it that Is the point where I would turn bullish Again on bitcoin and what we can see Currently on the imminent short term What we of course are having this down Resolving recess line from the top side We are also creating this upper solving Support line on the lower side and Basically this is the third retest we're Getting from all this level and right Now Bitcoin is trading on critical Support and if Bitcoin Falls below this Level it it breaks below 26.7 K here I Perceived Bitcoin is going to go much Much lower and once we confirm either a Break above or right now break below This level I'm going to be opening up a New trade position of course if we break Bearish I'm going to go short if we Break bullish I'm going to open up a

Long position I will be right now Closely monitor this level right here And once I do open up a new position you Will be the first one to know either on YouTube if we see a very big move I'm Going to make an emergency video or Either my Twitter page so make sure to Follow me across all socials because Then you're going to stay up to date Exactly about my new trade because right Now I am planning to be opening up this New trade here once Bitcoin does decide To be breaking out of the 26.7 K very Important support Target furthermore we Can currently see that on the bigger Perspective the 12 hour time frame you Can clearly see the downward solving Resist line from the top side that Urban Solving support line from the lower side And Bitcoin is basically coming together And like I've been saying for quite a While already Bitcoin is probably going To be experiencing a big breakout within The coming five days that ever sells Because that is the time frame that this Better than is going to be breaking and I will be expecting a huge break for Bitcoin to happen anytime soon due to The fact that the volatility index is Also telling us right now that the Bitcoin volatility has been extremely Low so we're probably going to see a big Move anytime soon it would be making a Lot of sense to see a breakout of this

Size here happening from of this Symmetrical triangle so this breakout Will be occurring anytime soon here and Once it gets confirmed and so far it's Not confirmed yet you will be the first One to know on the channel if I will be Looking at Price targets these are going To be quite significant targets we could Be having a downside Target of Approximately 24.5 K what will be Definitely a target for me to be opening Up a long position on and we've got an Upside Target around 30.5 K on the top Side what is also definitely a very Interesting level for me to be opening Up gigantic long positions from so yeah These are definitely two very important And big upcoming trades that I will be Looking at and due to the fact that the Bullish events on the higher time frames Is extremely narrow and also if you do Open up the bullish events with here you Can see the width of the bull Arch Events is extremely narrow right now and Historically speaking we're currently at At levels if I'm going to be extending Where we're currently at at levels Comparable to beginning of 2020 to Levels comparable to January 2023 and Maybe also even October 2022 so the Volatility is extremely low on the Higher perspective and due to that I'm Expecting there's going to be a big move Happening for Bitcoin anytime soon and

That is why I will be expecting that to Be happening as well Furthermore with my Trades currently I am not in a trade Here I will be opening up a new trade Like I said once Bitcoin breaks outside Of this range right here I am going to Be opening up a new trade but for me Right now I just have to be a little bit Cautious I'd be I have to be a little Bit more careful and once Bitcoin Confirms the breakout I'm going to go in With a short or either long position so Subscribe to the channel if you want to Be staying up to date about that one Firstly I think we're probably going to Go a little bit more down here due to The trend that we're currently trading In it makes more sense to see a Continuation happen towards the downside But anyways we will just let the chart Do its thing here and once I get a good Opportunity a good entry I'm going to Definitely open up a new trading Position open the bigger perspective I'm Not one thousand percent convinced we Need necessarily have to go down to Twenty four thousand dollars I mean it's Still my scenario that Bitcoin is going To come down to 25 to 24K then we're Going to see a re-accumulation and then We're going to see the big bands so that Is still my main scenario and on the 24 To 25 000 I'm going to open up a 1 Million use Dollar Loan position but

Looking at the daily time frame Bitcoin Is also creating a falling wire it's a Typical bullish buy is pattern so I Won't be surprised if we are going to be Seeing a potential Bounce from of this Level and a potential breakout so if This level does break out here if Bitcoin breaks the downtrend right here On the top side things could start to Change up very quickly so make sure to Get ready for that I'm personally also Prepared to go long hair so make sure to Be ready for both scenarios on The Daily Time frame you can see it also a little Bit more clear Bitcoin is consolidating And it looks to be breaking out anytime Soon and once it breaks out we're Probably going to see a big spike in Volatility and at the same time we can Currently see that the weekly macd here Is having a bearish close to here for The first time in approximately 300 days What is definitely a very important Signal that currently is flashing here So the weekly macd is Crossing bearish Right now last times this cross bearish Bitcoin sold significant dumpster the Last time it crossed bullish Bitcoin Still a significant pump so the weekly MCD is a very important metrics to be Looking at and it is crossing bearish Right now so be aware for that here we Could see some more bearish momentum Getting generated right now it'd be

Warning everyone about it nevertheless We could also just turn it around and go Up again here so it doesn't necessarily Say where Bitcoin necessarily is heading Towards but it is indicating right now That Weekly momentum looks to be drying Up here and that is the most important Take from it the weekly momentum on Bitcoin looks to be dying off here we've Been seeing bullish momentum for an Approximately 200 days right now here And it looks a bit that the steam is Just a little bit off right now here and Right now the weekly trend for Bitcoin Is still on uptrend but we have to Remain and see if it is going to stay in An uptrend so that is what I will be Waiting for keeping my eyes wide open on It but anyways that was it for me in Today's update video if you did like it Don't forget to slap off the like button And subscribe to the channel and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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