Right now Bitcoin history is repeating And while this is playing out the Bitcoin inverse and his shoulders is Breaking out while we are currently Entering an extremely low volume range So make sure to watch this video till The end because we will be discussing The most important charts and traits in Bitcoin in Surprise action right now Here can we once again slap up the likes Back above 600 and with that being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content because once looking at the Imminent short term of Bitcoin we can Start to see that the imminent short Term of Bitcoin is really squeezing in Towards a potential Apex you could Either approach it from of this Perspective or you're on the bigger Perspective where you can see that the One hour time frame is clearly creating A consolidation phase after basically Having an insane rally towards the Upside where right now creating an Earthwork sloping support line and a Downward sloping resist line from the Top side what is indicating we are about To have another volatile swing and Basically what this is telling us is That the price action from the top side Is getting suppressed and also the price Action from the Lower Side is getting Suppressed as well what means that we Are going to be expecting that we're

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Going to see somewhere anytime soon an Extreme dick volatile breakout on the Price action of Bitcoin so once this Breakout will happen I will notify you On Twitter and my telegram Channel but I Don't really think it's going to be a Breakout I will be trading why it's Because currently it's still weekend and On the weekends you could definitely see Some very big fake ads on such kind of a Breakout so I really want to wait till The Monday before for me really opening Up my next big Bitcoin trade furthermore We can see that on the four early time Frame so far the 25.2 K is the level to Break here you can see last time we Retested it it was providing significant Resistance and if we will test it again And see another Rejection it could Indicate a potential double top and if We manage to break above it it could Indicate we're going to see way more Upside for Bitcoin so so it's going to Be extremely important to Luke if we're Going to be managing to break above that 25.2k or if we're going to see that big Rejection and that movement towards the Downside from off that point onwards but If I am actually looking at the 12 hour Time frame back into 2019 and if I'm Looking at the 12 hour time frame right Now we are actually seeing quite a lot Of similarities so you can see in 2019 Basically on the big recovery run up

Towards the upside we started to create A new consolidation phase and that Consolidation phase was an urban sloping Consolidation where you saw here Multiple touches on the top side and the Moment we broke above that resistance Line was the point where Bitcoin was Starting to go absolutely parabolic and Like you can see if you did long this Level on the retest that was a beautiful Entry and that would have been of course Provided a significant entry towards More upside for Bitcoin so that's also What I will be looking at if we manage To break Above This level and I can get An entry on the retest that will be Absolutely amazing and what you can also See the coincidence and the similarities You got that rejection you move down Significantly with a big dump you got That rejection you moved down with that Big dump then after that you see a very Strong recovery back towards the upside You consolidate for like another two or Three days and then you break out Consolidated for another two or three Days then see the breakouts question Mark so it's very similar on how like The 2019 bear Market move happened and This 2023 bear Market recovery phase is Happening right now as well so I need Everyone to pay attention towards this Interesting signal right now here I will Keep my long trade open for Bitcoin I

Will definitely take some more profits Off the table as time continues and as We are going to be approaching thirty Thousand dollars I am going to take more Profits off the table of this 50 000 US Dollars profit Bitcoin trade and for my Next scalp trade I'm really actually Waiting for a potential trade or that Retest of that interesting trend line Right here or maybe a retest of this Interesting daily trend line aligned Right here because if I am actually Looking at the daily time frame we are Currently confirming a breakout of the Inverse Head and Shoulders and like you Can see right here we created left Shoulder head and right now we're Creating a right shoulder as well this Is absolutely insane we're creating an Inverse handy shoulders on the Bitcoin Daily time frame and we already Officially confirmed a breakout Above This level right here so this is Definitely very interesting to see how This is going to be playing out in the Coming days ahead of ourselves but Currently we are officially breaking out Of it and the price Target is absolutely Shocking so how you measure the price Target from an inverse on his shoulders Is that you're going to measure the low Of the head to the high of the trend Line and then at the point of the Breakout you're going to be placing it

And the price Target is somewhere around 35 000 US dollars for Bitcoin what is an Absolutely insane price Target if you Would ask it for me but this is Definitely an important one to pay Attention towards and yes this will Definitely provide training Opportunities if I see a clear retest I Am thinking actually about opening up a New trade on bitcoin if we met if we Actually are falling below it and what Is going to be important for me as well Here if we fall on The Daily time frame Below this previous low right here with Of course a significant crash down here Then I'm actually expecting we're going To see a bigger cool off if it doesn't Happen and if we do hold on towards this Level and continue up I am actually Expecting some insane price targets the Reason why I'm saying this is because Currently we are approaching an Extremely low volume range here and a Low volume range is a range where Bitcoin can move through very quickly You can see here in the Bull Run we move From this level very quickly in the Crash we also moved down through this Level within like a few hours and right Now we're approaching this level again And you can see here on the right side The vpvr is not measuring a lot of Volume in this range what means there's

Almost no support or resistance so if we Clear the 25.2 K basically we are Probably going to be moving up very Quickly or we're going to see a very big Rejection from the 25.2 K so that is why I point out the 25.2k is such an Important level to pay attention towards Right now because if we get a rejection We probably get a big one and if we Managed to break above it we're probably Going to get a big big swing towards the Upside so you could be trading this Towards both directions and that is what I currently want to be pointing out here If we confirm the breakout above I am Targeting levels around 28 to 29 000 What is of course an approximately 15 to 16 move here from the point we actually Confirmed the breakout what is an Absolutely insane opportunity that You've got right now here so I will be Trading this don't you worry I will Update you on my telegram or my YouTube Channel so don't forget to subscribe to The channel right now here because I'm Completely transparent with all the Trades I am taking on the channel I'm Showing my losses I'm showing my profits And I'm showing my complete trading Strategy right now for the past three Days I've not been opening up a trade Because I'm waiting for the next big Opportunity if you want to be getting Ready for my next trade don't forget to

Sign up and again don't buy with already If you sign up with account right now You can claim it 30 000 US dollars to Post a bonus with using the link in Description but currently I'm waiting Before the weekend is over maybe Breakout on this panel right here and For sure I'm going to be trading the 25.2k again either with a short position Depending on how the market is reacting Or either with a long position if we Confirm the break Above This level so Maybe I think about potentially shorting It again with a very tight stop loss if We confirm the break above I'm going to Go with a long position so that is Basically what I'm planning to do right Now here stay up to date if you Subscribe to the channel you will Definitely not miss out on my next trade Right now here so make sure to do so on The Daily time frame for Bitcoin as well We are currently finally Crossing Bullish on The Daily macd again if I'm Looking at the 3D mxd you can also see That we are once again Crossing further On towards the upside what is absolutely Beautiful to see on the weekly you can Also see we moved up and what is Actually very interesting is that on the Two week we of course cross bullish like Four weeks or six weeks ago and right Now you can see that we are once again Moving up but this is definitely in

Historical signal always once this Signal happens it really is indicating a More bullish trend for a longer period Of time and that is also exactly what What is happening right now here what Makes it of course extremely exciting to See this signal flashing for Bitcoin Right here then of course the last thing I want to be saying here is that if I am Actually looking at the 200 weekly Moving average you can see if you have Experience in the market 200 weekly Moving average is an historical support Level like you can see previously Granted provided significant support and Currently it is providing resistance so That is why I once again say 25.2 K is Just an extremely important level of Resistance it is exactly the 200 weekly Moving average if we see a rejection From of this level it could be a very Severe down pair so the question really Remains are we going to be breaking Above This level and of course this red Line right here 25.2k comes together at The same level right so it's going to be Important all these levels we're Approaching right now here basically We're trading at Mega resistance also We're approaching the big big low volume Range what is of course for sure I'm Going to provide resistance before so it Is very important to pay attention Towards the market right now here stop

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