Bitcoin is breaking out of the falling Ranch better right now and while this is Happening we're seeing the Bitcoin is Creating a golden cross on the three-day Time frame and while this is happening Bitcoin is also bouncing from the Legendary support line and many more Important charts are telling us a very Interesting story about what currently Is happening also Bitcoin currently Running in towards the most important Resistance of this entire region so make Sure to watch this video till the end It's going to be a super important one So can we once again slap up the likes Back about 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jumps straight away in towards the Price section of Bitcoin and yesterday I Talked about the Bitcoin bullets Divergence that we did created and like You can see after we created the bullish Diverges on bitcoin we also created Another one on the one hour time frame And after that one got created bitcoin Moved towards the upside very quickly And bounced all the way back to 30 000 Dollars and on this move towards the Downside right here more than 100 Million US dollars in Bitcoin long Positions got wiped out and due to that We could be expecting the loan positions Are shaken out right now and markets Could be starting to be reversing back

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Towards the upside and that is also Exactly what we saw yesterday so if I'm Looking at the limited short term for Bitcoin Bitcoin is currently retesting This very important level of previous Resistance in the market right here that Previously Iran provided support and Currently we can clearly see Bitcoin is Retesting this novel and potentially we Could start to get a bunch from of this Level let's see how it is going to be Playing out and let's see where we're Going to be bouncing towards but Currently we can clearly see Bitcoin is Trading on very important support on the One hour time frame but at the same time If I were to be looking at the foreign I Am very much aware and that Bitcoin Currently could be running in towards Some very critical resistance here Because yes we are still spotting a Small little damage so we can resist Line here from the top side and also This horizontal resistance for the four Early time frame for Bitcoin also looks To be quite quite dangerous I mean on The four leak time frame you can clearly See if you're removing all the drawings And just purely looking at the four Layer time frame the four hourly time Frame got rejected by the 29.7 K and 29.7 K was exactly the previous low on The market that provided support so yes If Bitcoin were to be flipping bullish

We need to see the break above the 29.7 K on the four hourly close as long as We're not doing so we will probably Continue to downtrend here and I mean Yes Bitcoin is seeing a very beautiful Bounce towards the upside right now good On the bigger perspective on the 4la Time frame we're still training in a Small little downtrend since we're still Confirming lower lows and lower highs so Yes I got very excited on this move Towards the upside also since of course I made a significant amount of money on This move towards the upside that we Have to be realistic and the resistance To break is in this case going to be 29.7 k for Bitcoin but looking really at The last time around Bitcoin created Such kind of a move here we saw also That we had such kind of a fake out we Saw Bitcoin broke below the most Important support where we were bouncing From every single time and basically There that point on the one hour time Frame we created the bullish Divergence And we moved towards the upside and Actually as well we broke above the Previous Range High on the market and From that point Bitcoin had a massive Rally towards the upside and if we're Looking about what currently is Happening on the four early time frame This time around here Bitcoin of course Broke below that's very important range

Low on the market that provided support Every single time created as well that Bullish diverges on the lower side and Of course liquidated all these short Positions in the market move towards the Upside broke above the Range High in the Market and what could be happening next This time around I mean it looks very Similar if you would ask me we indeed Broke above the Range High right here on The market but of course still we've got This previous high in the market and This previous low on the market that we Really need to be breaking above of of Course so yes Bitcoin is right now Showing us some signs of strength but Still I need to see that confirmation of The breakup of 29.7 K and if we can Break Above This level I will be most Certainly expect Bitcoin 32 000 is going To be happening very quickly because Currently on the same time we can Currently see is that Bitcoin is Breaking outside of the falling wage Pattern and the falling wedge is a Typical bullish bias reversal pattern And we can currently clearly see this One is breaking bullish as well and we Broke the downtrend for Bitcoin that has Been trading here for over 19 days right Now here so Bitcoin is looking quite Strong right here it is balancing Towards the upside and broke the 19-day Downtrend and I will be expecting more

Upside is going to be happening if Bitcoin does decide to be breaking above The 29.7 K real quick update on my Trades here of course on bit get I Remain to be in the same trade here it's A swing tray position and it will Continue to hold the straight open here Because yes I believe that Bitcoin is Going to increase in value over time and I've got a very good entry so I want to Be benefiting from this maximally so Yeah I will remain to be holding this Straight open currently 1.2 Bitcoin in Profit looking then at my Bible trade Like I've talked about yesterday here Currently in a small loaded profit of About three thousand dollars and I'm Looking to be making more profits on the Strike as well here of course my entry Price is around 29.4 K and if Bitcoin Were to be going up to 31.8k I will be Closing 50 of this entire trade to luck In my profits and of course the rest of The targets are going to be higher but We'll be talking about that as the time Continues but indeed there's a lot of Money to be making with Bitcoin Especially since the volatility is so Low here and if you didn't know already This breaker right here has got a price Target all the way to 32 000 US Dollars Well there's an approximately eight Percent move what could be of course a Massive amount of gain that you could be

Taking here in the market volatility Isn't a historical load not seen since 2016. what means that this is the time To be trading since yes once volatility Is low you could be catching the Beginning of the next big move here we Could make you a ton of money and I mean If I'm looking at Bitcoin right now We're about to be confirming the golden Crosshair and if this happens it will be A super bullish signal for Bitcoin it's Going to be getting confirmed in Approximately two days here and if this Gets confirmed the Bitcoin price section Is going to go absolutely nuts and that Is why I'm currently long on bitcoin I Remain to believe that Bitcoin is going To be going to higher highs since the Trend remains to be in an uptrend for Bitcoin we've been forming higher lows And higher highs every single time and It will only start to turn barriers on The strength as soon as we do break Below support and of course confirm a Lower low on the market but as long as That is not happening I won't be Expecting that is actually going to be Happening next year so if you want to be Trading yourself go to the link Description of today's video you can Write an assignment account don't buy Bit and if you sign up an account using The link description you can claim with The post bonus up to forty thousand

Dollars and it's a super valuable Deposit bonus because without this link It's only 400 so go to the link Description sign up and account and buy Bit if you are interested in trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general And I mean further on we can currently See the cup and handle pattern for Bitcoin so far not breaking out here We're still waiting we are potentially Looking at this next falling wage Breaking out anytime soon here so we are Waiting for that one as well and of Course looking then at the legendary Support line for Bitcoin we perfectly Bounce from it and we're looking to see In continuation from off this trend line And later today in approximately six Hours from now on the Litecoin whole Thing is going to be happening Personally I wouldn't be buying Litecoin Right now because usually the top is in After the whole thing has happened so Yeah be very careful and be safe out There a bit of Litecoin whole thing is Happening today but anyways thanks so Much for watching towards amazing new Update video here on the channel and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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