The weekly MCD is about to be Crossing Bearish for Bitcoin and while this is Happening the volatility has been Extremely low for Bitcoin and right now We are trading in a crucial moment in The market and we will be watching Whether we're going to confirm the Continuation of the downtrend or whether We're going to confirm the continuation Of the uptrend I will be exactly talk About this and much more important stuff So don't forget to slap up that like Button on today's update video can we Smash it back about 500 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content once looking at the Imminent short term we can see that Basically over the course of the past Approximately one day and nine hours Bitcoin has been ranging between an Approximately 150 dollars so the volatility has been Extremely low for the past one and a Half days and currently we're entering The weekend and usually over the course Of the weekend you tend to see even Lower volatility so I am expecting that There's probably not going to be a lot Of things happening over the course of The week however the longer Bitcoin is Going to consolidate sideways the bigger The move eventually is going to be and The move that we will be looking at is

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Of course either this medical triangle Right here but I am expecting if I'm Looking at this pattern to see a Breakout happening within the coming day And 12 hours but of course in one day And 12 hours it's still weekend so Potentially we're not going to see the Breakout Happening by then and of course Usually breakouts over the course of the Weekend tend to be fake out so I will be Not looking to trade this breakout if it Will be occurring over the course of the Weekend if we will be managing to stay In the pattern and break out on the Monday yes I will be definitely traded So I just have to wait and see how this Pattern is exactly going to be playing Out for Bitcoin but on the one hour time Frame I am looking for a continuation of Either Trends here whether we're going To confirm of course the bullish Trend Here and continue with higher highs or Whether we're going to confirm the Bearer strength here and continue with Lower lows so for me to really say okay This is the direction we're heading Towards I really need to see of course Either a break above that previous high On the market to confirm and say right Now we're an uptrend or either I need to See of course a break below that Previous low on the market to confirm Okay right now the uptrend got broken And we are going to continue downward so

That is currently what I'm looking at Here I'm looking to predict the next Move and we just have to be a little bit More cautious and a little bit more Patient to really see what is going to Go on here for Bitcoin so we'll be Waiting for that of course Bitcoin is Currently trading against this very Critical level of previous support this Novel provided very significant support And right now it is acting as resistance So yeah if Bitcoin really wants to be Flipping bullish and continue to turn Towards the upside we need to break Above 27.5 K what is of course also that Previous high on the market right here I Am very curious if we could even break Above This level and personally I'm not Already expecting we're going to do so Because yes it doesn't really look all Too strong for Bitcoin right now further On we can see that we still had that Hand and shoulders breakdown and the Price target of this trading pattern is Somewhere around 24 to 25 000 what is Also massive support on The Daily and Weekly time frame for Bitcoin so yeah I Will be still aiming for those targets At the same time I'm still of course in A short position on bitcoin making an Approximately 1600 US dollars so I will Be for the lookout on that one as well Furthermore I will be opening up a 1 Million US dollar Bitcoin long position

Here but I will be doing so once Bitcoin Comes down to 25 to 24 000 I've been Saying it ever since we hit 31k that we Were bearish and you can clearly see Break coin is coming down of course I'm Buying more of my spot position every Single day but once Bitcoin comes down To 24 to 25 000 I'm going to be opening Up a gigantic long position here on my Channel so don't forget to subscribe to The channel right now to stay up to date On that exact position right here and if You're interested in trading yourself You could write and set up an account Here on biometer big cat in the link in Description and you can also claim of Course an additional deposit bonus up to Fifty thousand dollars if you use the Links in the description right now so Don't forget to check it out right here And if you're interested in trading make Sure to use the link because without the Link it's only a 1 000 US dollar that Was a bonus so it's definitely a win-win Scenario further on we can see the Bitcoin clear really broke down on the Daily time frame and on the weekly time Frame we're about to be having a bearish Call solver happening on the macd the Macd will be probably cross bearish on The next weekly candle open and this is Basically the first time ever in an Approximately 280 days here we can also See the last time the Bitcoin basically

Crossed bearish was here on the 11th of April and that was basically the signal That we were about to be having a Gigantic bearish movement towards the Downside so please make sure to take These signals very very seriously of Course I'm not saying that we're going To go down to 15 000 again from here on But if we do see a bearish MCD cross it Is telling us something clearly about The momentum shifting for Bitcoin and Yet what it basically is here is that Bitcoin moves in Cycles we have right Now been in a weekly uptrend and the Weekly cycle could maybe start to turn Down here we've been trading in a daily Downtrend right now for a bit here we've Been trading in a daily uptrend before And if I'm looking at the image short Term as well we're trading in a Downtrend right now clearly I am very Much aware is that while we are creating These patterns here we are potentially Creating a gigantic falling wedge for Bitcoin and if this falling wedge tends To be breaking out towards the upside it Could be definitely very bullish for a Bitcoin so I'm going to keep my eyes Wide open on this pattern as well but in Order for falling wedge to be breaking Out towards the upside we need to see in Confirmation of the downtrend getting Broken so that is why we'll be looking At the downtrend as soon as we do break

The downtrend I'm expecting a relief Bans here the bounce could either be to Twenty eight thousand dollars but maybe Also even to thirty thousand dollars so I will keep you guys up to date about That so once we do break the damage here I will give you guys an update on the YouTube channel and also my Twitter page So don't forget to follow me across all Socials but that was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoy it if you did like it don't Forget to subscribe to the channel like This video and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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