Well Bitcoin dumped towards the downside Yesterday it exactly found support on my Target I talked about yesterday and ever Since it been bouncing back towards the Upside and on today's update video I Will talk about the next gigantic move That Bitcoin is about to get created I Will talk about my price targets the Bitcoin spot ETF flows and many more Important data points which is going to Tell us something about where Bitcoin is Heading towards next and where we should Be preparing for right now so don't get Trapped in this market if this current Situation here because I believe we are At the beginning of a far greater Exponential move for Bitcoin so without Any further do don't forget to once Again slap that like button back above 1,000 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content so yesterday I talked that Bitcoin indeed was creating a rounding Top and I thought that we were creating Of course a Bitcoin bear trap and of Course yes eventually we did broke below Below this level but like I explained in Yesterday's video I said if we were to Be breaking this support I think that Bitcoin is going to be finding massive Support around that previous aumi and That is exactly what happened Bitcoin Went towards the previous alltime high

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Of course retested that $70,000 which Was previously around massive resistance For Bitcoin and currently is clearly Flipped into support so this is also a Level in the upcoming days and in the Upcoming weeks if we were to be ever Coming back towards this level a level Where you should keep your eyes wide Open on because because apparently this Is a level where Bitcoin is is bouncing From very strongly and that is why I Should definitely keep your eyes wide Open on this level and if we were to be Ever retesting it again it would be a Very big opportunity so on Monday Black Rock actually bought $562 Million usar Worth of bitcoin and literally yesterday We started to see that Bitcoin of course Had a quite big sell off so apparently People are selling but while this is Happening black rock is still buying This is a thing I want to be pointing Out today's data is still not out Apparently the data is coming out a Little bit later than usual but yeah of Course we want to be staying up to date About the data follow me on X because Once the data comes out I'm always the First one to straight away post it on X So if you want to be staying up to date About the Bitcoin sport ETF flows make Sure to follow me on Twitter we had a Total net inflow of $500 million so While you are potentially panicking

Right now and while you potentially Panic saw Bitcoin yesterday on this dump Towards the downside you have to Understand that still Black Rock and These large players in the market are Buying millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin every single day and this is why Don't believe that it is a good time to Be bearish on the Bitcoin price action Right now and while we're looking at Bitcoin we're actually starting to Create a new consolidation phase and I Think a big breakout is going to be Happening anytime soon so you can Clearly see if I'm starting to zoom in Here Bitcoin is creating a downward so Resist line here on that 1 hour time Frame and every single time so far in This trend here Bitcoin has seen a lot Of rejections from of this on hourly Upward sloping resistance line right so You can see boom four times we got Rejected by this level and then right Now here we got this level flipped into Support so right now we can see a very Important level from the Lower Side of Support and an important down sloping Resist line and we're creating somewhat Of a symmetrical triangle right now and If we were to be breaking out of this Pattern right here my price Target is Going to be sitting somewhere around 74.5k so that is of course already Significantly higher than we're

Currently trading on and if you were to Be taking this as a trade it's like a 3% Move towards the upside and of course if You're trading with leverage you could Make quite a significant gain on this Potential breakout Bitcoin is about to Be creating here so if Bitcoin were to Be breaking this downtrend on the 1 hour Time frame and how this downtrend gets Broken is of course with a confirmed one Hourly candle above it and basically Once we see that retest of that level That will be the opportunity where you Want to be entering but that could be a Next upcoming trade you should be Looking at potentially because yeah Bitcoin is definitely about to be Getting ready for another move and what Is very important to identify and why I Believe it's smart to only look at long Positions of course we know that black Rck is buying millions of dollars worth Of bitcoin every single day but also the Fact of the matter is is that Bitcoin is Creating higher low after higher low After higher low and I don't think that This is a trend you should be fading Also on these Wicks towards the downside Look at this every single time Bitcoin Dumps towards the downside it is getting Bought up very quickly boom bought up Boom bought up boom bought up boom Bought up and what what is one thing in Common that happens every single time

Once we do see such a big wick here of Course people get liquidated out of the Market and also a lot of Traders they Think oh now I want to get out of Bitcoin because I'm afraid but boom After that always we go higher so here We go higher and then here we created That big wick here boom we go higher and Then here once again we had that big Wick on the lower side and what happens Bitcoin goes higher right now once again Big wick on the Lower Side what will Happen next I think Bitcoin is going to Be going higher and for that you want to Be looking of course at the symmetrical Triangle but this is once again a clear Indication that most likely we're just Going to be having another gigantic push Towards the upside any moment right now And the trend is your friend till it Ends and right now the trend looks to be Still extremely bullish for Bitcoin and You have to understand that currently we Are indeed breaking above the weekly Fibonacci the weekly ultim High Bitcoin Is at an alltime high right now here and Historically speaking once this happens It usually takes only two to three weeks Before reaching that first extension Level which once again I will say it Sounds quite ridiculous because it's Sitting around $12,000 but it is most likely going to Get reached far far quicker than you are

Right now expecting so so if you want to Be taking a breakout tret right here or If you want to be accumulating the best Alt coins that are currently available In the market buybit is De place because Bybit is the fastest listing exchange Out there with the best gems and also The most amount of pairs you could be Trading so if you're interested go to The link description of today's video Where you can find the link to buybit And buybit allows you to also right now Get a $30,000 deposit bonus if you sign Up account using the link below and Without this link it's only 400 so it's A win-win situation if you are Interested in trading Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies on byid further on guys If we are going to be diving deeper in Towards the content of course the daily Time frame on bitcoin is going quite Exponential and which is very Interesting to see is that of course on The weekly RSI we're getting overbought But historically speaking always once The weekly RSI is overbought is an Historical signal that we are in an Exponential growth period in the market And just like it was in 2020 I don't Think it's a barish signal at all in the Market but it means that markets can Move very quickly in this stage of the Market so you should also be prepared That Bitcoin is most likely going to be

Moving up very quickly and I should Definitely not trade against this trend So just like if you were short going Short anywhere in this region right here You would have most likely got wrecked And maybe then at the end you catch the Top here but most likely you've been Liquidated many times before so don't Trade against this strength I think it's Highly stupid to be doing so and of Course like you can see Bitcoin is Already officially breaking above its Hal toi and usually that is the point Where we go quite exponential so maybe You could have catched this uh this move From high to low 5% correction but you Have to understand that of course if Anyone shorted in his move towards the Downside he's already going getting Liquidated because Bitcoin pushed up Another 5% towards the upside so don't Be stupid don't be silly don't trade Against this trend here and which is Very important to understand that Basically all the historical signals are Once again pointing towards exponential Growth we can see the two we emema also Flipping bullish right now has been Happened every single time every single Time once this happened the Bitcoin bull Market started but of course that's not A thing I need to say here because the Bitcoin bull market is indeed already Here and you can clearly see that from

The price Behavior also in 36 Days we're Going to get the Bitcoin helping and Just like Michael sailor said I think This is going to be a far greater buy The news event instead of a sell the News event because still with Black Brook buying uh like millions of dollars Every single day worth of bitcoin it is Most likely going to Cascade the Bitcoin Price action way way higher instantly After the Bitcoin Hing happen so don't Get Trea right now don't get fooled for All these jokes that are getting made by People saying that the Bitcoin Hing is Going to be sell the news event and guys If you were looking to be making like Extreme wealth of course I do believe That it's still going to be happening in Altcoins you can clear see we've been Having a massive reaccumulation phase And right now we're once again in the Expansion phase for the altcoin cycle And I believe that of course ethereum is Going to be one that is going to be Massively benefiting from it also with The ETF coming up anytime soon here I Believe that ethereum is a very big Trade that is about to come up but of Course there are also many other Altcoins where you can make a lot of Money with if you're interested in Trading altcoins go to my second Channel Called altcoin Rover where I'm Explaining my top picks in altcoin every

Single day so subscribe to that channel As well but yeah looking at a big trade I am currently taking and this is in my Opinion quite low risk here I sold a lot Of my Bitcoin off to be buying ethereum Ethereum so far has not really moved Against Bitcoin yet here but I do Believe it's going to be happening any Time soon so make sure to prepare Yourself accordingly for that but also Ethereum clearly in an uptrend right now On that 4 hourly time frame but look at The 4 hourly Trend it is absolutely Insane how strong this strength is and You may be think oh but this looks like A 1 hour chart no guys this is a chart Of 36 days ethereum has been going up For 36 days straight for an Approximately 77% here which is quite Insane course Bitcoin has D similar Numbers but yeah ethereum is most likely Going to be the one that is going to be Overtaking Bitcoin eventually in terms Of pace and in terms of performance so Ethereum is about to hit a new ultim High as well it is still lagging behind A little bit behind Bitcoin the previous Ultim high was sitting around 4,800 but My target is around 12 to 13k in this Upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run and that will Be still 3x from here on which is Definitely very insane in my opinion so This is it for me in today's up the Video if you did learn something from

This video make sure to slap up that Like button subscribe to this channel go To my altcoin channel where I'm trying To upload a video every single day I'm Trying to upload a video later today as Well but otherwise it will be tomorrow But anyways guys thanks so much for Watching towards the amazing new video Here on the channel and see you guys Back tomorrow on another update video Peace out goodbye

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