The dollar Index is better to have a Massive breakdown and in this exact Video I will talk about what this means For Bitcoin I will talk about this Gigantic signal that is currently Flashing on the price action of Bitcoin Of course I will be talking about the Bitcoin consolidation phase the Bitcoin See Me Gap and many more important Charts we need to discuss right now I Also will give a big update on my new Trading account where 50 000 US Dollars And on this channel I will be showing You how I will be making more than one Hundred thousand dollars from a fifty Thousand US Dollars account and I will Be discussing many more important charts So don't forget to slap up that Alignment on today's update video can we Smash it back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term once Looking at the even a short term for Bitcoin we can currently still see Bitcoin is consolidating in this Sideways consolidation range and Basically it is balancing between Resistance on the top side and support On the lower side I will be expecting as Soon as big Bitcoin breaks either above The top side of resistance or the Lower Side of support that we will see a Massive amount of volatility hitting the

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Markets so as long as Bitcoin is trading Exactly in this range I would still Expect that Bitcoin is going to go more Sideways in this consolidation phase and If we will see a breakout or a breakdown Over the course of the weekend we will Probably experience a big fake out since Yeah we will be creating a CME Gap so Make sure to be on high alert on weekend Breakouts and of course after we pumped More than 25 towards the upside we're Currently still seeing the Bitcoin is Just sideways consolidating in this Range right here between 31 and 30 000 US Dollars on the four early time frame You can clearly see the sport levels and If you will be looking at support you Can see that the 29.9 K here is the big Level on the lower side of support and On the top side is the 31.3 K2 break so As long as Bitcoin is trading exactly in This range I wouldn't be expecting a lot Of volatility or a lot of price action That we have not been expecting and as Soon as we either do break above the top Side of resistance we are going to see Of course a lot of volatility towards The upside and yes if we do see a break Below support we will probably see a big Move towards the downside and if you're Looking at Big support levels on the Lower side I expect that this level the 28.8k is going to be the level that's Going to be providing a lot of support

For Bitcoin if we were to be seeing a Breakdown and if we will be seeing a Breakout towards the upside I will be Targeting levels towards 36 to 38 000 US Dollars but do those targets could be Getting reached very quickly as soon as We do see that confirmation of the break Above 32 000 US Dollars on the four Elite time frame you can currently Clearly see we're just in a super Important consolidation phase and we're Just waiting to see when Bitcoin is Going to be having their breakout also Looking at my trade currently I'm in 1.3 Bitcoin in profit and I will be Continuing to hold this trade like Everyone knows on the channel and in the Meantime I opened up a new training Account and I deposited more than 50 Thousand US Dollars on this account and I'm going to show you guys step by step On how I'm going to grow this account so Yesterday on my telegram I announced a New trade and I'm going to be opening up A new trade if Bitcoin comes down to 29.8 okay so if Bitcoin comes down here To 29.8k I'm going to open up a Long Worth 220 000 US Dollars and I've got a Stop loss set up around 28.4k so that is What I'm looking at and that is Basically the Lower Side of support so If Bitcoin were to come down back Towards the green box I'm going to be Once again opening up a new trade here

On bitcoin and if you're actually Interested in trading yourself as well You could do so right now here because If you go to the link description of Today's video you can actually claim a Free 1000 US dollar Bitcoin or xop long Or short position all you need to do is Go to the link description sign up a new Account using the link above deposit More than 100 within seven days and Enjoy your free 1 000 US dollar Bitcoin Or xrp loan or short position so you Could join me with my trades I'm taking Here on the channel also don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because then You will be staying up to date exactly On all the trades I'm taking because the Last rate we did on the channel Literally made us more than 50 000 US Dollars and yes I think in the future we Will have many more successful trades so Don't forget to subscribe to the channel To stay up to date about all my trades Furthermore we can see on the daily time Frame that of course Bitcoin has been Quite boring for the past two weeks here And right now we're once again seeing More sign with consolidation and I think The real party will start to happen as Soon as Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking above the 31.5 K furthermore on The Daily time frame you can see that Bitcoin is trading of course clearly in An uptrend here but at the same time we

Can currently clearly see that Bitcoin Is Consolidated consolidating below Resistance what is actually quite Interesting to be seeing here I think That this entire region right here is Quite a dangerous region and there are Still very big chance for a big Projection for Bitcoin towards the Downside from of this region since this Is literally the most important Resistance you can see it right here on The weekly time frame but one Catalyst That could be very bullish for Bitcoin Is the dollar Index breaking Dam we can Currently see that the dollar indexes is Seeing a massive dump towards the Downside and it happened yesterday Basically due to the fact that the news Hit the market that the brics countries Are going to launch their new trading Currency probably this August and due to That the dxy dropped significantly Because the brics countries will use the Gold standards as their backing of their Currency what will make their currency Probably way more stable than the US Dollar and that is of course big news Economically speaking and that is of Course super bearish for the dollar Index so the dollar Index is right now Trading at very super important support And basically as soon as we do break Below the support we could see a very Big breakdown and the dollar Index could

See an even lower low getting created Due to the fact that Bitcoin is measured Against the dollar if the dollar gets Less value Bitcoin automatically Increases so if this were to be breaking Down it would be super bullish for Bitcoin and if you're actually looking At all the Lost bull markets for Bitcoin You do know that actually the bull Market top always gets created once the Dollar Index is at the low here you can See it happening every single time once The dollar Index is high in value Bitcoin usually is super low in value You can see it happening this time Around in this bear Market you can see It in the pandemic crash you can see it Also in Lost times around bear market And basically as soon as the dollar Index starts to drop it helps Bitcoin go And it helps Bitcoin to start an entire New Bull Run and you can see it Happening back in 2020 you can see it Happening back in 2018 and right now Once again the dollar Index is dropping Significantly and Bitcoin is Significantly increasing in its value so Yes I think that if the dollar Index Breaks down it could be a super bullish Catalyst for Bitcoin and that is why I Will be keeping my eyes wide open on This potential breakdown that could be Occurring as soon as next week here Furthermore we can currently see that

Bitcoin still has not been breaking Above 31 000 US Dollars and that is of Course the resistance to break for the Cup and handle pattern and on the weekly Time frame if Bitcoin were to be Breaking above that level we're breaking Above this historical High what means That Bitcoin could be starting to see Significant price increasements towards The upside in a very rapid Pace here so That is why I will keep my eyes wide Open on this level as soon as we do Break above it we could start to see a New Market getting re-initiated so that Was it for me in today's update video if You did enjoy don't forget to slap up The like button and the dxy is right now Really set to be breaking out anytime Soon and this could be a massive Catalyst for the price action of Bitcoin So make sure to keep your eyes wide open On this and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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