Do not get fooled by Bitcoin right now After we've seen a significant Correction from alltime highs this is a Thing that has happened many times Before in history and more importantly On today's update video I will talk About the opportunity we currently have In the market I will talk about black Rog that literally had its largest Inflow ever seen in history so while you Are maybe panicking right now the Bitcoin saw rejection Black Rock Accumulated another $788 million us worth of bitcoin their Largest buy ever so I will be talking About this where I think Bitcoin is Heading towards next and I will be Trying to measure what is going to be Happening next based on historical data So make sure to watch this video till The end it's going to be a very Important one I'm going to talk about All the opportunities we're going to get In this market anytime soon and many More important stuff so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap that Like button once again back up 1,000 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so Right now only minute short term Bitcoin Is starting to bounce here in these last Two hours and the only reason why Bitcoin is starting to be bouncing again

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Here is because people are right in Realizing that in fact Bitcoin is indeed Trading at alltime Highs but Black Rock Still yesterday accumulated more than 788 million us of Bitcoin so while Retail is potentially panicking right Now institutions are still buying Massive and massive amounts of Bitcoin So that is the main reason why we're Currently seeing that bounce back Towards the upside and if I were to be Looking at historical data and I'm going To be taking the last Bitcoin Alum high For example Bitcoin was trading around $220,000 that Tim High we were about to Be breaking through it but the moment we Touched it we straight away saw a huge Rejection of 177% towards the downside Then we created a big wick once again Hit a new Alum High see another big Rejection all the way down to 177,000 us And within two and a half weeks we Reached our first exponential level of The 1.6 618 in the Fibonacci so if we Are using this data for example what is Likely to happen with Bitcoin next year I mean we've already started to see the Big correction of about 15% in the last Cycle it was 18 so it's very similar in My opinion what happened in the last Cycle is that basically for two weeks Bitcoin Consolidated a r at Tim High try To be breaking above it for a couple Times and see massive rejections and

Sees massive rejections of about 20% in This case it was only 15 but still that Is quite a significant correction in my Opinion and due to the fact that there Is more liquidity in the market I am Expecting the drops on bitcoin are going To be less significant because also we Can see that clearly in this cycle so Far Bitcoin has only seen an Approximately 20% correction as the Largest correction and after that Bitcoin still continued its way towards The upside so it looks to be that 20% Corrections are the new standard for the Upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run so Bitcoin Straightaway bounce back towards the Upside and now I think we are most Likely going to be consolidating either For two weeks around the alltime high so This will be a very good buying Opportunity to actually accumulate more Bitcoin around this region but I won't Be surprised due to the fact that it is A little bit different right now with The Bitcoin sport ETF and we're Currently seeing that more than 500 Million US Dollars on average is getting Bought every single day by institutions And with the fact that institutions have The opportunity to right now basically Formo into Bitcoin it could be a little Bit different this time around and it Could be a little bit quicker so I am Expecting Bitcoin is going to be

Breaking its ultim high any anytime soon Again and it's going to be inevitable Whether it's going to be within 2 weeks Or whether it is going to be today it is Going to be happening again and the Matter of the fact is is that you want To be accumulating a good position so I Want to be saying this if Bitcoin were To see another rejection towards the Downside my region where I want to be Accumulating big big Bitcoin positions Is around that 18 to 16% correction Region right and that is in this case Going to be around that 55 to 58,000 Region this in my opinion is going to be A very good opportunity box I think that Most likely we're not going to be Reaching it but if Bitcoin were to see Another big correction just like we saw In that previous cycle as well we saw Massive rejections from mum highs before Breaking above it and if it were to be Happening again it would be a very good Opportunity to actually accumulate more Bitcoin so on every single rejection in A bull market you should approach it as A buying opportunity but just like I Said earlier due to the sport Bitcoin ETF I think it's going to be a little Bit different and you have to understand That while blackrook is the right now Bitcoin they are instantly pushing up The prices on the market Market since OTC desks are running out of Bitcoin and

Due to this black rock has to be buying Their Bitcoins from the open market and That is also the exact reason why we saw Yesterday this significant pump towards The upside and while we have seen the Entire week these significant pumps Towards the upside because yeah since in Approximately one or two weeks from now On the Bitcoin Supply on OTC desk is Running out and due to that we're seeing These massive bumps towards the upside And right now around Alise we're going To be shaking out all the weekends the People that don't believe in Bitcoin and After that most likely we're just going To be seeing an exponential move towards The offside and actually while we saw That 18% ShakeOut Bitcoin also flushed Out a lot of Leverage which is very good For the market and this only allows us To increase further on towards the Upside eventually and guys if you want To be benefiting from the volatility That's currently found in the market Make sure to go to decoin because decoin Is an exchange where you could be Trading Bitcoin or where you could copy Trade any other Trader out there which Are extremely profitable so if you want To be doing this go to the link Description of today's video you will Only get access to copy trading if you Sign up an account using that link below Because this is still a new feature with

All kinds of professional Traders on it So if you're interested in joining so if You're interested in this make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video just like I said earlier In the video 20% Corrections looks to be That that is going to be the new Standard and if I'm going to be looking About where Bitcoin is currently Standing in the market it looks to be That we're currently in this most Exponential phase just like we were in The previous bull run this is the stage Where Bitcoin is going overbought on the Weekly time frame where you not Necessarily need to be panicking but This is the stage where actually the Opportunity cost is the highest and the Opportunity that Bitcoin is going to be Going even more exponential from this Point is extremely likely and the chance That Bitcoin is actually going to be Going even more exponential from of this Point is extremely likely like it was in The previous cycle so make sure to pay Attention towards this as well and just Like I said in the previous videos once Bitcoin then confirms that Weekly candle Above the Autumn High it usually only Takes about two to three weeks before Reaching it its first Fibonacci Extension Target which is going to be The 1.618 which in this case is going to be

$100,000 for Bitcoins it will only take Two to three weeks for Bitcoin to reach $100,000 after breaking alltime highs That is what history is telling us right Now here so I'm going to be using the Fibonacci as my price Target measurement For the next Bull Run if you want to be Staying up to date about that because You need to know when to take profits in The market subscribe to the channel Right now because I will be making daily Update videos on this channel to exactly Tell you what I'm thinking about the Market this is very important to pay Attention towards and currently we are Indeed and of course I'm going to keep You guys exactly up to date about all The things that are currently playing Out in this market because yes in 39 Days from now on bitcoin is going to be Having its next huling so Bitcoin set a New ultim high before Hing and this is Going to be even a bigger cataly for Bitcoin to go even higher so I will keep You guys up to date about that one as Well and honestly the next big gains are Going to be probably made in altcoins Because this is how Bitcoin always moves It's first the Bitcoin moves then the Money flows into ethereum and then it Flows into large caps and then it flows In towards altcoins and then it is Altcoin season where where all these Altcoins are doing like 100 excess in a

Couple days so make sure to prepare Accordingly for that I mean we can Already start to see that ethereum is Taking some territorium back from Bitcoin because right now it is getting Some more breeding space so in the end Of the day I think that ethereum is Going to be doing extremely well and Guys if you want to be learning Something about all altcoins I also Create the second Channel altcoin Rover Make sure to subscribe to that channel As well where I'm trying to upload Almost every single day where I will Talk about how to make money in altcoins So make sure to subscribe to the channel As well like I explained in this video I Expect that Bitcoin still is going to be Having a larger continuation towards the Upside it's only going to be a matter of Time especially since we're seeing these Large buys coming in from Black Rock Guys I truly hope you did learn Something from it don't get fooled by These people that have been bearish Since 15K because for example crypto Capo is still bearish and saying Bitcoin Is going be dropping down to 20K he is Just going to be losing out on this next Big rally towards the upside I mean as Soon as they are going to be flipping Bullish that is the point the market is Potentially going to be topping out the Bitcoin is not looking to top out

Anytime soon and this is the worst time To be bearish since institutions are Buying massive amounts of Bitcoin so This is it for me in today's update Video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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