Bitcoin is finally breaking outside of Its compression pattern and while this Is happening volume is significantly Picking up again and we've got even more Interesting data that Bitcoin Supply is Running out which is going to catapult Bitcoin up to 100K within weeks so make Sure to watch this video till the end Because I've got some insane price Targets where I will be talking about on Today's update video I will talk about All the most important things you need To pay attention towards right now and Many more important data points so Without any further Ado don't forget to Once again slap that like button back up Of 1,000 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away towards the Content and first of all I want to be Quickly pointing out that yesterday Indeed we created that Bitcoin semi Futures Gap and exactly like I've been Explaining Bitcoin always comes back Towards that semi close price this time Around we were trading a little bit Above it but just two hours after the CME once again open Bitcoin had a Massive Wick towards the downside filled Up that CME future gaps and right now is Already pushing up higher which is very Interesting because if we're looking at The 1 hour time frame at Bitcoin right Now we can clearly see that something

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Very interesting is happening in the Price section of Bitcoin like I've Stated the volume of Bitcoin was Dropping significantly over the course Of the weekend and while that was Happening we started to see that Bitcoin Was creating a price compression now at The end of the compression Bitcoin broke Outside of it and actually we started to See the volume picking up again which Means that we're right now starting to See potential that next lack towards the Ops are getting created for Bitcoin but Still I want to be pointing out here Guys if we're looking at the 1 hour time Frame we officially have just touched a Tiny little higher high on the market But straight away started to see a Rejection I mean honestly yes I'm quite Bullish that we confirmed and Higher One Hourly candle on bitcoin and if we were To be coming back at this level I would Expect this game to be flipping into Support but still Bitcoin is right now Ranging in that $60,000 towards 64k Level and like I explained as well in Previous video videos just like we were In this consolidation region right here We could potentially see that Bitcoin is Going to consolidate a little bit longer In this region but what I also want to Be pointing out is that right now we Could well also be at the beginning of The next leg towards the upside which I

Believe is most likely the case what We're currently seeing let me quickly Explain why because right now we're of Course seeing Bitcoin breaking out of The compression and it's already Starting to be moving towards the upside And flip this previous downward soing Resistance straight away in towards Support and of course what is very Important to understand because it is Today Monday again we're going to see New spot Bitcoin ETF inflows and of Course like I explained in yesterday's Video which this could be the reason why Bitcoin has been pumping up so Significantly towards the upside and This could also be the reason why I Think that Bitcoin is straight away Going to be pumping up towards $100,000 Because there's just no Bitcoin left to Be buying from the OTC desk Black Rock And these other institutions if they Want to be adding towards their SP Bitcoin balance they need to be buying Bitcoin from the open market and that is Causing these massive pumps towards the Offside and since today the SP Bitcoin ETF is going to open up again we are Most likely going to see another pump Later today so I am still expecting this Is the base case scenario and more Signals of this is maybe from cash app Because cash app literally can't offer You Bitcoin right now because they don't

Have any available Supply left and they Can't buy it probably cheap over the Counter which literally means they are Running out of Bitcoin and this is what The supply shock is where I've been Talking about so many times before and I Think this is a thing we're going to be Experiencing in this bull run and after Bitcoin broke outside of this Consolidation face I won't be surprised If we are going to see that next run up Toward $70,000 starting right now and honestly This sounds indeed a little bit crazy People think why would Bitcoin run up to $70,000 straight away in one goal but You have to understand that in boom Markets these things can move very Quickly and if we're once again going to See the data that of course the SP Bitcoin ETFs are going to still grow so Exponentially this week I mean honestly It is going to be a no-brainer that Bitcoin is just going to be pushing up Higher even though the fact that the Funding rates are extremely high but Like I discussed many times before on The channel funding rates being high is Not necessarily a bad thing because that Happens all the time in Bitcoin bull Runs right now if I'm going to be honest If I'm looking at the liquidation Heat Map There's an approximately billion US Dollars in Bitcoin long position is

Going to get wiped out if Bitcoin Reaches $61,000 that would be actually quite an Interesting level to be look looking at Since $61,000 is still just in this region Where we're trading in but then on the Lower side of the region so just like I Said potentially this is a slight little Fake out and potentially we're going to See a similar consolidation phase just Like we had on the market for Bitcoin Over here and that took us on Approximately 11 days so maybe we're Going to get something similar for Bitcoin but in the end of the day if We're going to consolidate a little bit Longer right here it isn't not Necessarily super bad for Bitcoin and it Will only give us an opportunity to Accumulate Bitcoin at a relatively cheap Price compared to where it is going to Be going toward ours so honestly it will Be a great great opportunity and it is Just a matter of time before Bitcoin is Indeed going to create that next leg Towards the upside but currently only The imminent short term I do believe That there are a lot of signals Indicating right now that we are going To be creating another move and most Likely that next move is going to be Towards new Tim high so if you want to Be trading Bitcoin or any other

Cryptocurrency because this is the way How you could make generational wealth And this is how I created my wealth so If you want to be trading Bitcoin or any Other altcoins check out the link Description to decoin where you can or Either copy trade other Traders out There in the market if you're not Experienced or where you could trade Yourself and if you use that link in Description right now of today's video You will get an insane deposit bonus so Make sure to check it out in the link of Description of today's video and then Before I'm going further in towards my Analysis on bitcoin let me quickly talk About workx this is a massive Opportunity I want to be talking about And this is a project I've personally Invested in so make sure to also do your Own research because it's currently only Sitting about $2.5 million usar in Market cap workx is a very very Interesting protocol which basically is A decentralized AI job matching Gateway And and it's linking Real World jobs With crypto and I honestly believe this Project has got quite a lot of potential What is very important and interesting About this project is that they got Endorsed by oom protocol which is a Crypto worth over $640 million US dollar In market cap while workx is only Sitting around 2.5 million which is like

A 300X compared to Ocean protocol which Is quite ins Ane of course and why I'm Also bullish about workx is that they're Also implementing Ai and honestly I am Super bullish on the AI narrative and Maybe I'm also going to make a video About it on altcoin Rover so make sure To check out that channel as well but Looking at the chart at workx it just Recently launched here in December of 2023 it has ever since been in a slight Little downtrend but I have actually Started to be buying my first workx Around this 38 cents level and to be Clarifying I also bought it from the Open market around the 40 cents level so I'm still break even even but this is a Very interesting level that I'm going to Be looking at and once potentially we Break this downtrend I think we're going To be having a massive bounce back Towards the upsite for workx so make Sure to check it out you could also Follow them on Twitter Work workx Official to stay up to date about all The things they are working on because I Am going to be definitely keeping my Eyes wide open on this project in the Upcoming Bitcoin bull RM so going Further in towards the content and Looking about where Bitcoin is currently Standing we do know that the Bitcoin Hing is only 49 days is out right now From off this point and basically I said

A few days ago the big Bitcoin crash is Starting and I've said this several Times before on my Twitter page because What we're right now seeing is that Bitcoin is actually breaking below this Very important level and which and which I've done is inverted the skill and Basically you can see that indeed if I In inverted maybe you start to see oh This looks quite bad and because it's Inverted it maybe gives you a different Way of thinking on the market but Currently Bitcoin is indeed right now Almost about to be breaking its ultim High high and honestly if you're looking At it we already broke above the 60k Barrier if I just turn it around again We can currently see that Bitcoin has Once again closed the candle above $60,000 which have only happened six Times before in history which is very Insane and Bitcoin can start to move Very quickly from off this point because You have to understand that this time Indeed it is different because we have That SP Bitcoin ETF and like I explained Many times before on the channel and Currently we're looking at the 0.786 on the Bitcoin Fibonacci Historically speaking once we have been Breaking Above This level it only takes Us like a couple weeks before reaching Aumn high and if Bitcoin breaks above Timi it historically speaking only takes

Four weeks before reaching its first Extension level which is the 1.618 in The Fibonacci which in this case is Exactly going to be $100,000 for Bitcoin so make sure to get Ready honestly I think it's going to be Happening way sooner than everyone is Expecting $100,000 sounds quite insane But I can tell you it's most like going To be happening way quicker than Everyone is expecting so this was it for Me in today's update video if you did Like it smash up that like button Subscribe to the channel and I see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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