Bitcoin has been breaking out of the Falling wge pattern and right now is Already pushing towards the upside and On today's update video I will talk About my price targets I will talk about What is going to be next for Bitcoin and Exactly like I yesterday predicted Everyone was stting bearish once again On this dumb towards the downside but I Said it several times on YouTube also on Twitter this is the worst time to be Flipping beish and of course the only Reason how I would be flipping bearish Is if I see a bearish confirmation but So far we have not seen any of these so I will be talking about what are the Bearish confirmations we could be Looking at what are the most important Support and resistance targets where Does the liquidity lays in the market Because yes liquidity is still piling up Above us and I will be once again Discussing exactly what currently is Going on so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap up that like button On today's update video it's going to be A super super important one so without Any further Ado don't forget to slap the Like button and let me jump straight Away in towards the content so looking At Bitcoin going on the even minut short Term we can see we create that falling Wedge pattern and ever since we broke The downward sloping resistance line we

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Straight away crushed back towards the Upside and honestly the price target of This pattern right here is laying Somewhere around 38.4k to 38300 and yeah we are about to be Reaching this Target and honestly Bitcoin broke outside of this battern While it was asleep otherwise I would Have definitely taken a small trade on It but unfortunately I can't always take Every single trade because I also have To sleep of course diving further in Towards the charts we can currently Still remain to be seeing Bitcoin Remains to be forming higher low after Higher low after higher low and yeah the Trend is just not shifting at all and One thing we can actually start to see Right now here is that Bitcoin is going More and more and more and more Exponential and at one point it's going To be breaking I can guarantee you so The highs are getting less exponential But the lows are getting more Exponential so what we're seeing right Now is somewhat of a squeeze of the Bitcoin price action and and we will be Seeing the squeeze happen anytime soon Here and that is the point where we're Going to see that big move getting Created for Bitcoin again so honestly I Think the macro environment is still Bullish because yes the first Bitcoin

Sport ETF is going to hit the Market Within 39 days and if that news hits the Market probably Bitcoin is really going To be pumping towards the offside and That is where everyone is waiting for You're not going to sell out your Bitcoin days before the Bitcoin sport ETF gets accepted because that would not Make sense at all so that is why we're Having redu sell pressure and that is Why every single time we create a low It's getting bought up and every single Time we create a new low it becomes an Higher low because less and less people Are actually interested in selling of Their Bitcoin and literally what we're Doing right now here is clearing this Cell wall here on the top side and it's Going to be a matter of hours or days Before we're going to be breaking Above This level so here on the 4ly time frame You see this level exactly right here This was the level where I opened up my Long position on bitcoin that currently Is in about 10,000 to 12,000 in profit But at the same time that level has been Creating a new upper sling support line Bounced here from the 36.7k and Currently it looks to be they were Creating somewhat of an ascending Triangle again here also on the 4ly time Frame so the resistance to be breaking Right now in the imminent short term is Going to be 38.2 to 38.3k if we confirm

That break above that level a 4 hourly Candle to new highs then potentially we Could start to see that confirmation of The breakout really happening the Bitcoin is literally trading at the Highest right now here and it's going to Be a matter of time before we're going To be breaking out it really looks like It because we can still remain to be Seeing here approximately 1 to2 billion US dollar in liquidity lays above us Around 38.6 to 38.8k and usually what Bitcoin does here Is follow the liquidity in the market so I won't be surprised that Bitcoin is Going to be pushing towards the offside Goes to 38.6k squeeze out the short Positions maybe even hit $39,000 then potentially consolidate and Come back again so this is what I will Be expecting right now here I think $39,000 is going to be a likely Target To be reaching but of course guys you do Know my target of the Asing triangle the Daily time frame it's going to be 39.7k 39.7k is going to be the level to be Looking at why is because 39.7k is of Course this level from the drop off Point right so let me quickly remove all The drawings but this point right here Where the real big drop off started is 39.7k and I really think that that is Going to be a level that's potentially Once again going to be flipping into

Support so I'm going to be looking very Closely towards this level if we're Going to be touching it but do know I've Been talking about 39.7k for quite a While on the channel right now here and Honestly I think that this is the Biggest resistance ahead of ourselves It's not $40,000 no it's going to be 39.7k that is going to be acting as the Majority of the resistance for that next Move towards the offside but you have to Understand of course if the ETF gets Accepted we're probably going to just Crush through it but without the sport ETF getting approved I honestly do think This is going to be a big level of Resistance that Bitcoin is going to be Facing so Guys if you want to be trading Bitcoin Or whatsoever make sure to go to the Link description of today's video Because currently you could claim an Insane deposit bonus up to $40,000 on Buyit and you could claim a free $1,000 Air position and all you need to do here Is sign up the account using that link Below complete kyc deposit $100 in your First seven days and boom you could Claim that free $1,000 and I am making a Ton of money of trading on bitcoin and Soon once Bitcoin is going to be Breaking out and reaching my price tet Of 39.7k I'm going to be opening up some New trades here so make sure to stay up

To date here on the channel and I mean If you can't trade on bybit make sure to Check out fmax FX also just launched Their own token FX token I mean you Could r a trade on FX without kyc Without restrictions so uh if you can't Trade on buybit make sure to check fmx Also a link in description to that Exchange they are also offering some Insane deposit bonuses and you could Claim some free FX tokens if you right Now sign up using that link below here So make sure to check out out on today's Video we can actually currently see here Is that Bitcoin is creating this Downward soing resistance line here that Currently is flipping into support we Boun from it and ever since we've been Pushing towards the upside ever so Slightly and just like the asentic Triangle the symmetrical triangle also Has a price Target sitting around 39.7k So I'm going to look forward towards the Ones we're going to be hitting the Target but honestly uh if I'm looking at Bitcoin on the bigger perspective you Should not lose focus right now here I Mean one thing that we usually tend to See here is that once the Bitcoin Hing Really happens we see a slight little Dump here so what I'm going to be trying To do here is try to maximally benefit From that upcoming dump we're going to Be having probably before the Hing is

Going to be there the Hing is going to Be there approximately in April so maybe In March SL February we could see an Average of slightly dip for Bitcoin but Honestly that will be probably the far Greatest buying opportunity that we will Ever have in the market so uh looking Forward towards it but currently I still Think that we're in the bare Market ref Face we're not yet half the whole thing But after the whole thing has been there That is the point the real boom Market Is going to be starting to be happening So looking forward towards it I'm Getting very excited right now here Because it's coming closer and closer The next Bull Run is not so far away Anymore from of this point onwards you Have to understand about what part of The cycle we're currently in here I Think that once the whole thing is going To be there we're going to see an a a Slightly dip here just like we saw in 2016 just like we saw in 2012 and just Like we saw in 2021 but why wouldn't it Happen again in 2024 right so uh looking Forward towards this happening and uh Yes if you of course subscribe to the Channel I'm going to keep you guys up to Date about what part of the cycle we're Currently in here but one thing for sure That is actually very interesting is That we've seen more than seven weekly Candles in the green for Bitcoin and

Honestly the last time we've done it was In the beginning of the previous Bull Run so this is actually quite a bullish Signal that currently is flashing I mean It could be different this time around That the time is going to be different Due to the fact that we're going to get A Bitcoin sport ETF but honestly the Sport ETF really has to get accepted Before what is it 2024 March or may Because otherwise the boom Market has Already started if we break $47,000 us I Will call Bitcoin a boom Market I won't Call it yet so far I mean we've seen a Very strong move towards the upside but I don't call this a bull market move yet But if we break 47,000 new dollar I will Start to call it I mean ethereum as well Ethereum is actually lagging behind Bitcoin quite significantly I mean on The Daily time frame it's about to be Forming a new high but on the weekly Time frame you can clearly see well Bitcoin has been setting clear and Significant new uh yearly highs uh Ethereum has not done it yet so far it's Still not even formed a new yearly high And that is actually interesting to be Seeing but if ethereum breaks above the $2100 level I honestly think it's going To be flying we're creating this Beautiful ascending triangle and the Point that we're going to be breaking Out of this pattern is going to be a

Point where ethereum is probably also Going to go quite exponential so Ethereum is still getting ready for Bigger move here I mean if you look also The ethereum compared to bitcoin Comparison it's currently hanging on Life support and it's trading in a small Little downtrend but so um yeah I will Guide you guys through the next Bull Run As well it's going to be my third bull Run right now so I'm trying to be Maximizing my gains for sure so this was It for me in today's update video thank You so much for watching 38.3k is the Level to break 38.7k is where all the Liquidity lays so uh yeah make sure to Keep your eyes buy it open on the charts Today but anyways thank you so much for Watching and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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