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Bitcoin is right now retesting the most Important resistance in this entire Trend so don't get shapped right now Because on today's video I will be Explaining the importance of this level In this cycle but also in previous cycle So I will be discussing this many more Important charts many more important Data we need to discuss right now and Much more so without any further Ado Don't forget to SL the like button back Above 800 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the C Content so first of all I will try to Keep it as short as possible on today's Update video because not a lot of has Been happening since yesterday so we'll Be going through the content quite Quickly so here we can see that on the Imminent short term Bitcoin created a CM Gap and currently the Gap is still Existent because Bitcoin has not closed It over the course of the weekend but Currently has closed the price a little Bit above so in order for Bitcoin to Close this CME Gap it has to be pushing Back all the way down to 71.1k that is of course an approximately $1,000 lower than it is currently Trading but in the imminent short term We are indeed seeing that we're creating A bar Divergence on that 1 hour time Frame over here but then we create

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Another higher high here just earlier Today while it was still asleep and we Created another lower high on the RSI so Indeed Bitcoin is indeed creating some Bearish diverences but I want to be Pointing out the main reason why last Week Bitcoin moved towards the upside I Explained this already in my previous Videos is due to the fact that there was So much buying from the market from all These sport Bitcoin ETF issuers so they Were all buying tons and tons of Bitcoin And if this were to be happening once Again today we will most likely see him Push towards the upside and the Technical analysis where we're currently Looking at so we need to be seeing what The behavior is going to be this week Because maybe this week it's going to be A little bit different what I'm not Expecting so I still remain to be Expecting the market is going to be Strong but right now while this is Happening there are some different Developments in the market like Bitcoin Is currently retesting this very Important resistance level where Previously around got rejected from and This is not just such a level because if I am zooming out I can see that this is Of course the 0.618 Fibonacci from the Fibonacci setup from the alltime high Towards the alltime not alltime low but The bare Market low of this cycle and

You can see the 0.618 got us rejected One time before but more importantly in Previous Cycles the 0.618 was always the Level that provided that mid cycle Rejection for Bitcoin just like it did Right here it pushed all all the way Back towards the upside midcycle Rejection and then boom once we really Broke above that level that was the Point the boom Market is going to get Started so I want to be pointing out two Scenarios potentially scenario one Bitcoin gets rejected moves down a Little bit here and yeah we're going to See some more consolidation around this Region or potential scenario too since There's such a large amount of inflows On that Bitcoin ETF right now we're Going to be breaking above that 0.618 And we're going to confirm the start of The next Bull Run because every single Time also in the cycle before that once We broke above that 0.618 that was the Confirmation the Bitcoin Bull Run was Really starting so once again I will be Approaching this level the 48.5k as a Pivotal point in the next Bitcoin Bull Run once we confirm the breakout above 48.5k that is going to be the Confirmation that Bitcoin is indeed Breaking towards the next bull market Region so this is important to be paying Attention towards on the imminent short Term we can see that there is some

Slight liquidity being built up on the Lower side but clearly like you can see Here on the weekly time frame is that Yeah there is indeed more liquidity Being built up on the lower side but Still I don't really approach this as a Lot of liquidity so I'm not necessarily Attracted enough that Bitcoin is Necessarily be going to going to be Going down because yeah people are a Little bit scared because yeah if today There's going to be a lot of inflow on The ETF once again we could easily break Above This resistance and like I said Earlier in the video once we break Above This resistance it will be really giving Us the confirmation that the next Bitcoin Bull Run is going to get started I want to of course see a weekly candle Close Above This level but this is going To be a pivotal point in the market Right now here where we all should be Paying attention to so make sure to keep Your eyes wide open on this level Honestly this is a super important level Of resistance where I won't be surprised Where Bitcoin is going to be seeing a Massive rejection from but once we do Break above it that is the point where We are expecting that next Bull Run to Be starting so if you want to be trading This make sure to go to decoin in the Link description below here guys I am Still waiting for my next trade a trade

To open up here just like I said I mean This is a point where let's say if there Were no ETFs I would have shorted Bitcoin but due to the fact that there Are ETFs in the market I am not 100% Convinced we are going to get that Rejection so if you want to be joining My next rate make sure to copy follow me On copy trading that will be only Possible if you sign up using that link Below and in the meantime you could Check out some other guys that are doing Massive profits here on decoin because Decoin is a my opinion the best copy Trading platform out there so if you Want to be learning how to copy trade or Trade yourself you can trade without kyc Without VPN on decoin right now so go to The link description of today's video if You want to have an extra deposit bonus So on the weekly time frame Bitcoin has Been creating many more of these Hammer Candles and every single time once we Create that big candle off the hammer Candle right we tend to see some Sideways consolidation for Bitcoin so Will that happen once again potentially That is going to be happening once again Here because the last two times we Created an hambur candle we saw weeks of Sideways consolidation and weeks of Boring price action for Bitcoin and Potentially history is going to be Rhyming once again so we can see here

Also on the weekly time frame that Currently we are indeed trading against The most important level of resistance So I will be keeping my eyes wide open On this level and honestly Bitcoin is in A very pivotal point in the market where We potentially could be starting to be Breaking towards new Autumn highs or see Another pivotal rejection I mean we need To be pushing up higher on the weekly Time frame otherwise we are going to be Confirming a bearish Divergence to be Very clear on the weekly time frame Right now Bitcoin is grading in higher High lower high on the RSI but it is not Confirmed yet because of Rish Divergence Is only confirmed once you confirm one Red candle here on the top side so that Is so far not confirmed yet but we are Potentially creating a bearish Divergence on the weekly time frame it Is not confirmed once again some people Say oh you're said a bearish Divergence On the weekly no it's not confirmed yet So please wait a little bit for that Before it's going to get confirmed Because if it does confirm I will let You know here on the channel but these Divergences you should definitely take Very serious because we created a Divergence here on the top side for the Last time for on the weekly time frame For Bitcoin let me check where elsewhere We created not one right there um boom

We created a bullish Divergence here on The lower side so we don't create a lot Of divergences on the weekly time frame But once we do create them they are Usually quite significant and you should Definitely pay attention towards them so I'm not necessarily but I'm saying that We are indeed trading against critical Resistance and this is a point where you Should not open up a long position in my Opinion because we're literally trading Against resistance we're seeing that There's a lot of liquidity being built Up below us so there is definitely a Huge amount of risk R of opening up a New Bitcoin loan position right now in The market right here and what I will be Doing right now here is taking a step Back from the market looking at how the Market is going to be developing right Now here honestly if I'm looking at my Ta perspective I am expecting a Rejection is going to be happening but Of course if there's going to be more And more inflows happening today we Could start to see another lag up so There are two scenarios possible and it Sounds very silly but it is up or down And yes we just need to see how the Market is going to be developing and if The trend continues of these large Inflows because if this large inflow Trend continues then potentially we're Going to see some massive pushes towards

The upside so this is all I know about The market right now I truly hope you Did learn something from it if you did So don't forget to subscribe to the Channel share this video with your Friends and with that being said guys Thank you so much for watching and see You guys back tomorrow on another update Video peace out goodbye

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