Bitcoin just got exactly rejected from The level I've talked about many times Yesterday and on today's video I will be Discussing what could be happening next Because liquidity is still piling up Below us and I will be discussing what Does this mean for Bitcoin what does This mean for Bitcoin right now what Does this mean for Bitcoin in the coming Week and more importantly why did Bitcoin have this slight retracement the Most important support and many more Important charts that will be telling us Something about where Bitcoin is heading Towards over for the longer time frame So without any further Ado don't forget To slop the like button back above 1,000 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once jumping in towards the content I'm Straight away going to jump in towards This chart I discussed yesterday as well And this is my most important support And resistance chart at the moment so I Talked about this very important level Resistance that most likely this is Going to be a level where Bitcoin is Going to get rejected from once again And that clearly happened yesterday we Saw three tries where Bitcoin was trying To be breaking Above This resistance box But clearly we got rejected every single Time and right now Bitcoin is still

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Hanging around this level and like I Stated in yesterday's video if we were To be seeing a rejection and if Bitcoin Were to be moving down there are a Couple levels of support that we could Be looking at this previous high right Here that currently provided support That I will be currently making this Green dotted line but more importantly I Think that the biggest support for Bitcoin is laying somewhere around this Red box right here why is because this Red BX that I just drew is Major support From previously range right here major Resistance from here major support from Here and most likely this is going to be The region where Bitcoin is likely going To be bouncing from so I will be keeping Keeping my eyes wide open and I will be Making it green will quickly from off This green box right here for Bitcoin I Will also make this line real quickly Green so this green box right here is Going to be an interesting range in my Opinion to be potentially looking at Long position so for the last 7 Days Bitcoin has been trading in an up Uptrend but if I am going to be seeing Signs of the uptrend weakening and Potentially Bitcoin uh looking more Weaker I am potentially going to be Opening up a short position I need to Have a little bit more time to see if It's clearly weakening if Bitcoin righto

Get gets a push-up towards the upside And sees another rejection and Potentially moves down again here Something like this we could still move Up here because we're creating then an Ascending triangle what is a typical Bullish byas pattern right but if we see A push up towards the upside a rejection With a lower low that would be for me The confirmation oh oh maybe right now The trend is weakening and we are going To be going lower so I will be keeping My eyes wide open on that and if I see a Weak Trend emerge or a trend reversal Emerge I will be notifying everyone on The channel so make sure to subscribe Right now here but but right now we're Still trading in an uptrend so there's Nothing to worry about but if we break The upper sloping support line Potentially that is a point where we Should start to be worrying and I think Still there is a potential scenario Where Bitcoin is already going to be Bouncing towards the upside or a Potential scenario where Bitcoin is Already going to be bouncing lower and Potentially from off that point be Bouncing towards the upside but the Reason if Bitcoin goes lower I'm not 100% expecting a push back towards the Upside that there is still a massive Amount of liquidity being built up Around the 39,000 to $40,000 level to be

Exact more than 600 million Us doll to Approximately billion US dollars in Bitcoin long liquidations are laying Around that 39 to $40,000 level and due To that I am still expecting that Bitcoin is most likely going to come Back towards that region and honestly if Bitcoin were to be seeing that massive Move towards the downside back to $39,000 how many of you guys will be Getting fooled honestly I will be once Again approaching this as an opportunity Of course trying to catch a short Position if I do see that the market is Weakening and we're getting a clear Entry structure but as long as that is Not happening I will be just letting the Market come down here and once it comes Down I'm going to be looking at long Positions that region on the lower side Where I think it is suitable to be Opening up long positions on bitcoin so My Str basically is let the market do Its thing and get the least amount of Risk on my entry so that is my strategy How I am a profitable Trader guys I mean You can clearly see it if I'm going to Go back towards all the the recent History I can see here starting November From of this point you can clearly see I Have literally only made profit I've got A 95% win rate and of course the only Loss I took was on chain link what was a Very minor loss here that every trade I

Took on Bitcoin in the last three months World War five trades I have won so this Is very important to understand I am a Very patient Trader and once I open up a Trade I open up trades where I think I Can clearly predict the next move on Bitcoin so and also maybe a reason why Bitcoin has been moving down again is That gray skill is actually once again On top in terms of outflows and gray Skill once again is on top in terms of Volume so people were expecting the gray Skill volumes were dropping off but Actually they're still selling off quite A lot of Bitcoin so this is also very Important to understand that gray skill Is so far not done with selling their Bitcoin and if we're just looking at the Bigger perspective and if we're looking At the liquidation heat map there is Just a very high chance that Bitcoin is Still going to be moving down but just Like I said I'm not going to be opening Up a short position right now I will Only open up a big Bitcoin short Position and really will be calling Let's say it is going to go down here if I see a clear structure getting created On bitcoin what could sell me okay right Now Bitcoin is most likely going to go Down but from now on I am still seeing a Quite a bullish structure on bitcoin if I'm looking at the bigger perspective Things are looking very strong ther is

Still printing more money due to that I'm not necessarily bearish right now on The imate short term and especially not On the long term so you have to Understand that I think this is a Suitable scenario but I'm not placing All my a in that basket that Bitcoin Right now has to go down because I'm Also not right now shorting Bitcoin so If the market goes up I will be Definitely benefiting from it but once I Really will be expecting this to be Happening I will let you know and of Course if it already happens in a flesh Tomorrow I will be prepared to open up Long positions so I'm prepared in both Scenarios and that is the most important Thing to do while you are trading Bitcoins so make sure to have your own Strategy as well to prepare yourself for That next big move on bitcoin so if you Want to be trading Bitcoin yourself make Sure to go to the link description of Today's video because you can currently Get an insane deposit bonus worth $1,000 VI and literally in 16 hours from now on This deposit bonus will be ending and This deposit bonus and right now you Could still claim a free $1,000 trade For only signing up an account using That link below and depositing $100 in Your first s days and be on higher Alert In 16 hours this deposit bonus will be Ending so this is your last chance to be

Claiming this free $1,000 for only Deposing $100 yes you hear it correctly This is a massive deposit bonus that Will be ending in 16 hours and will Never be coming back so make sure to Check it out in the link description of Today's video in order to be claiming This air position going of course Further in towards the content Bitcoin Of course exactly bounced off the $39,000 level created that vshape Recovering what is of course looking Quite bullish but still in my opinion I Mean if I'm looking at the bigger Perspective I think that Bitcoin is Looking super bullish I mean this Structure that we're currently creating Is just looking immensely bullish and if You're looking at the better amount of Getting printed in the market so the use The market cap it is going exponential And usually once there's more liquidity Getting injected in the market Bitcoin Tends to be going higher as well so this Is also a very bullish sign in the Market together with the weekly time Frame on bitcoin creating a massive Hammer candle what is also a very Bullish sign so there are multiple Bullish signs in the market well on the Imminent short term and the liquidation Heat map they're saying some beish signs So just like I said in yesterday's video There's still not a clear Direction

About where Bitcoin is heading towards SO trading right now opening up at this Point in the Market opening up a longer Short position is just absolutely a Self-destruction so that is why I'm not Doing it I want to be seeing a clear Direction on the short term and if I see A clear direction that is the point Where I will be opening up new trades Here but from now on I will be very Careful and of course if Bitcoin comes Down I see every big dip in the market As a major opportunity and that is why I Will be looking at Lo positions if Bitcoin has a massive correction towards The downside so make sure to be paying Attention towards that because in Approximately 85 days yesterday was only 75 but basically in 75 to 80 days we're Going to have the next Bitcoin Hing and Of course like you do know usually after The Bitcoin Hing I mean usually every Single time so far Bitcoin goes an Exponential rally towards the upside so Make sure to prepare accordingly I mean If Bitcoin breaks $48,000 I mean then Officially the boom Market will be Starting so make sure to prepare Yourself right now guys this was it for Me on today's update video I truly hope You did learn something from it again Here I mean we're still waiting for the Next big move to getting getting started Here and for me to be opening up that

Next trade where what I will be once Again showing on the channel because Every single trade I've been opening um With this $552,000 in profit I showed You guys every single step here on the Market so make sure to subscribe to the Channel right now to stay up to date About that and then if I see a new Opportunity where I think the the win Ratio for me is like 90 to 95% I'm going To be sharing it again with my channel So make sure to subscribe right now Smash Up The Bell notification and I'll See you guys on the next video peace out Goodbye

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