Bitcoin is getting ready for another Move and once it is going to start Breaking out out of this consolidation Phase we will be seeing the next move Getting initiated whether it's going to Be breaking above resistance or below Support that is where the next move is Going to get started so on today's video I will be exactly discuss my price Targets I will talk about the most Important support and resistance levels The most important stuff in terms of News that is currently going on and many More important charts so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap the Like button back up of 1,000 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That of being said let me jump straight Away in so here on the imminent short Term Bitcoin is creating another Consolidation phase we're currently Seeing a symmetrical triangle getting Created here on the 1 hour time frame And basically for the last what is it Four to 5 days right now after that Massive crash happened towards the Downside Bitcoin has only Consolidated Sideways and we're just waiting for the Next move to get initiated and if we're Looking clearly at the price structure Right now we can see that Bitcoin is Creating lower highs together with Higher lows and due to that I am Expecting a big move is going to be

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Happening anytime soon once we're Breaking outside of this structure so Once Bitcoin clearly creates a lower low Or either a higher high then we will be Seeing that next confirmed move in the Market and of course if we're going to Be looking at the price Target I think We should be measuring it from the Symmetrical triangle start to bottom and You can see that the bullish price Target is is laying somewhere around $45,000 and the bearish Target on the Lower side is laying somewhere around That 40 to$ 39,000 us level and $39,000 is also my buy zone so if Bitcoin has that breakdown it is going To be entering my buy Zone because the Levels where I am interested in buying SL longing Bitcoin is 40.6 to $399,000 Us those are my two important levels Where I think Bitcoin is going to be Finding massive support and just like I Said earlier if we break below that wide Line here on the lower side that big Support level I think the next Target is Going to be 40.6 to 30 9.7k and I Actually called this level already while We were trading here at that top side Sitting around $47,000 so so far I turned bearish Exactly on the top and of course I Turned bullish on this region here on The lower side so we have so far played It out perfectly and it's just moments

Before we're going to be having that Next move because Bitcoin is right now Also creating that Rising wedge pattern And this Rising wedge pattern is Literally about to be breaking out as Well and I mean the price target of this Pattern is also sitting somewhere around $40,000 so everything is lining up and Having the same price Target I mean at The same time while we're seeing this Black rock already accumulated more than 500 million US dollar in Bitcoin so in The long term I am super bullish about The ETF news here in the market but here On the short term it could just provide Some sell pressure since gray skill has More than 700,000 Bitcoins that they can Be selling off right here and since Their fees are pretty high and people Potentially has been speculating on it It could provide some sell pressure so I Will be very closely looking towards This daily trend on bitcoin and if we do Break this daily Trend that is the point Where I would start to get worried but As long as we're not breaking this daily Uptrend here on bitcoin I don't really See a reason to be panicking all so much Right now so here the daily structure is Still looking very good and of course The points we are going to be breaking Below that big support level of the Cical triangle or the big support level On that horizontal chart I just talked

About that is the point where I think The big move is going to get initiated So if you want to be trading this move Here make sure to go to buybit because Buybit allows you to trade with a Deposit bonus where for $40,000 and on Top of that guys if you're r a Sig up an Account to you using that link below you Could claim a free $1,000 trade for only Depositing $100 in your first seven days And literally you can read the Conditions to claim this is literally True you only need to deposit $100 to Claim a free $1,000 position here on buybit and it's Only valid if you sign up account using That link below so make sure to check it Out in the link description of today's Video if you are interested in trading And of course if you can't use buyit due To any reason whatsoever check out FX Where you can trade without kyc and you Can get a 10% cash back on everything You are depositing on the exchange so Bitcoin is basically getting moved by Liquidity in the market and the more Liquidity gets injected the higher the Chances Bitcoin is going to go you can Clearly see it on this recent move Towards the upside we saw also a lot of Liquidity getting injected in the system So once we're once again seeing such a Flush up towards the upside or once We're seeing the the uh liquidity from T

Go sideways we could be also expecting That the price section of Bitcoin is Also going a little bit more sideways so Very important metrics to be looking at Right now here and so far it has been Clearly injecting more money and it's Even sitting above the previous ultim of Bitcoin so things are looking quite good In my opinion and of course on the Bigger persective I said this almost in Also every single video Once Bitcoin Breaks above this wide line right here Then I think the real big bull market is Going to be starting because this $48,000 level this white line right here Is the most important resistance we need To be breaking above of right now for Bitcoin so I'm going to be looking Closely towards this level and so should You be looking closely at this level So Currently on the liquidation heat map Here on bitcoin we can also see that Still there's a massive amount of Liquidity actually piling up on the Lower Side sitting around $42,000 to be Clear and approximately $200 million us Worth of bitcoin long positions are Going to get wiped out if Bitcoin moves Down down to $42,000 us so I'm going to Be looking very closely towards itself On the Lower Side liquidity is piling up Below us again so I won't be a surprise We are actually going to be seeing a Small move towards the downside before

Potentially going higher or before Potentially breaking below that very Important horizontal support level I Talked about in this video and I talked About for a very long while right now so On the bigger perspective because some People are saying oh why are you so Bearish I thought you believed in Bitcoin I'm still a huge believer in Bitcoin I am trying to only benefit from These smaller moves towards the downside To of course accumulate a bigger Position because yes on the long term Guys everything is growing insane Massively quick here so still everything Is looking good everything is still Growing and uh yeah for the long term There's just no reason to be bearish Only here on the imminent short term I'm A little bit bearish but all I'm doing Here is be bearish to catch a bigger Long trade here on bitcoin so this was It for me in today's update video if you Did enjoy don't forget to slap all the Like button and I'll see you guys back On tomorrow's update video peace out

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