BITCOIN IS PUMPING!!! what is happening?

Bitcoin is right now exploding towards The upside and in this video I will be Exactly talking about why this is Happening what is next for Bitcoin what Are the major levels of support and Resistance to be watching right now so I Will be discussing this and many more Important charts so without any further R you don't forget to slap that like Button on today's update video that will Be absolutely incredible with that being Said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent shortterm for Bitcoin and yes guys once looking at Bitcoin on that imminent shortterm we Have seen that bit literally went Exponential towards the upside and right Now it is almost at $28,000 that is literally from off the Point of yesterday approximately 4% Higher and I mean one thing to still Take in account is that actually we've Been creating a c MEAP here somewhere Around 27.1k it is a CM gap of an approximately $100 but apparently we have right now Created one so we still got a CM Gap Trading below us do be on high alert I Mean CM gaps they usually tend to get Filled up but they don't NE necessarily Have to get filled up I mean we still Have a CME Gap around $9,000 and yeah we just created another One on

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$27,000 so let's see how it's going to Be playing out for Bitcoin and I mean Really if I'm looking at Bitcoin I've Been doing my research to try to find About why Bitcoin is exactly moving up Here but the only reason I could have Found that Bitcoin is right now moving Towards the upside is due to the fact That gold has been pumping towards the Upset literally the gold market that's Worth trillions of dollars went up in Approximately 6 % in the past nine days Here and maybe even more importantly Yesterday it went up by an approximately 3 and a half% what is of course Absolutely insane so looking at Bitcoin Right now here we can currently clearly See we are right now still creating this Higher low structure and exactly from The level we've been talking about this Level right here I've been saying it Almost every single video was the level We bounced from and I said if we are Going to be breaking below this level I Will be expecting the $225,000 is going To be the next Target but as long as we Hold up towards it it's going to be all Right and actually we did held the level And that is of course a super good Development for Bitcoin so we're Creating this higher low structure right Now here on the 4ly time frame and Honestly the most important resistance For the imminent short term is going to

Be that 28.1k level for Bitcoin and Really if you're going to be looking at The daily time frame what we're really Going to be looking at to be breaking is Of course 21.8k but after that it's Going to be the 28.6k because 28.6k has Been the range low of this uh Trend Above us and like you can see we got Some massive support from that level and Once we broke below it we had a massive Dump towards the downside and here as Well once we did clearly touch that Level that was exactly the point where Bitcoin saw a massive rejection for the Price action so yes I am really looking Towards this level and if we can break Above that level I will be expecting a Continuation towards the top side of the Region but for now on bitcoin is looking Actually quite stable right here and That is of course a lovely thing to be Seeing on the imminent short term for Bitcoin so I mean at the same time on The daily time frame we're creating this Massive consolidation phase and I mean What we can see is that we're creating a Massive over sloping support line I mean So far every single time we've been Retesting this level we've been Absolutely bouncing from it and yes if Again we will see a retest of this level Uh I will be definitely be a buyer and If we do potentially break break below This level then I would be really

Expecting some very very significant Drop offs in the price section of Bitcoin so I still remain to think that We're creating a massive downward open Resist line you can clearly see it over Here on the 3-day time frame this is Really the level that we need to be Breaking right now for Bitcoin and I Mean honestly we are still trading Between this very important support Level below us and this massive downward Ling resist line and the question Remains when are we going to be breaking Out of this consolidation phase whether It's going to be upwards or downwards There's going to be a lot of volatility Once we're going to be breaking outside Of this region and I mean so far we're Still waiting so if you want to be Trading Bitcoin on the breakout of this Region or on these massive moves that we Create on the market don't forget to go To the link description of today today Video because if you write now sign up Account using that link below deposit $100 within 7 days and complete kyc Level one you will be able to claim a Free $1,000 airw position on bitcoin or On xrp you can claim it in a long or Short position whatever you want and you Could be making a ton of money with Trading Bitcoin and of course you can Get this position for only depositing $100 check it out in the link

Description of today's video so I mean For me I really prepared for if Bitcoin Potential is going to come down towards This 25,000 us dollar region to be Buying more so far unfortunately we have Not seen Bitcoin coming down but if Bitcoin really work to be coming down This will be a level that I will be Definitely interested to be buying Bitcoin so hopefully we are going to be Getting the opportunity anytime soon and Of course if it doesn't Bitcoin is Probably going to be moving upwards and If we really break the downward resist Line that is really going to be the Point where we're going to see some Massive volatility for Bitcoin so so I Will be super excited to be seeing this Level getting broken and of course yes If we break outside of this massive Downward open resist line guys we're Going to get some fireworks we're going To get some very very big moves for Bitcoin and it won't be a very small one I can tell you already so yeah looking As well on the weekly time frame and the Weekly EMA ribbon for Bitcoin we've Exactly baned some of that level what is Of course beautiful to see and yeah Really what I want to be seeing is Breaking Above This 200 weekly moving Average right so because yes guys if I'm Looking at Bitcoin and I'm going to real Quickly take a different chart for it

You can clearly see this 200 weekly Moving average this white line right Here is currently really providing Massive Resistance and this is really The level we need to be breaking above Of of course Bitcoin is right now still Consolidating in a gigantic Consolidation phase and on the bigger Perspective right now I don't see a real Reason to be worrying about Bitcoin why Is because Bitcoin is just consolidating And I am not expecting it's necessarily Going to be breaking below 22,000 doll And also not above $32,000 anytime soon And of course I've said this if we're Breaking towards either direction and Probably it's going to be likely towards The upside since there's just more Upside risk than downside risk I mean if We really break above $32,000 then Really we're breaking the most important Resistance for Bitcoin and we're going To get some very big fireworks probably It's going to still take a while but you Have to understand Hing is only in Approximately 167 days away here current ETA for the Bitcoin Hing is 31 March of 2024 so I'm super excited about it I Mean honestly once the hen comes here It's going to be crazy for for Bitcoin Only in approximately 167 days out here Less than 6 months from now on for right Now Bitcoin is really moving towards the Upside and I said that before guys the

Level break is that 28.1k if we can Confirm the break on The Daily time Frame above that level that would be an Absolutely pleasure and that would also Mean that we're already breaking Above This most critical resistance and Probably at that point we're entering The top side of the range and once that Happens Bitcoin is going to be seeing a Very significant continuation towards The upside so I mean this is the last Thing I want to be saying here guys Because yes in the last period in the Market uh Bitcoin has maybe not be Moving that much here but you have to Understand these large institutions they Are not just speculating on bitcoin to Buy it on the sport Market no they are Lally buying gbtc because gray skill is Of course guaranteed to get the Bitcoin Sport ETF and due to that why wouldn't These large player individuals buy or These large institutions buy Bitcoin Through gray skill because they can Literally buy it with a discount and Then once the ETF comes they can make a Big Arbitrage so um yeah be on high Alert I mean Bitcoin is maybe not moving On the market right now here that much Here since it's been super boring volume Also been super low here but the gray BTC premium is really indicating there's Going there's a lot of buying going on Right now here and that is really what

My what gets myself super excited about The market right now so this is it for Me in today's upd video thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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