Bitcoin is pumping massively over the Course of the weekend but right now We're creating a significant C Me Gap so I will be exactly talk about this I will Talk about the most important charts in Crypto and many more important stuff so Don't forget to slap up that like butt On today's update video can we smash it Back up 400 again that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away Towards the comp because Bitcoin right Now is creating that c Gap and yes like We do know usually a CME Gap once they Tend to get created we tend to trade Around that level nearing the end of the Weekend so since we're right now trading Significantly above the CME Gap and Yesterday even went to 30.4k a massive pump towards the upside Bitcoin is probably likely to come back Towards this price at the end of the Sunday however guys we do know that We've created several C me gaps in the Past as well that have not got filled up Here so it is not necessarily 100% sure That we are actually going to come back Down here I mean one of my friends he Actually waited to be buying Bitcoin for This price and then Bitcoin had this Significant rally up to $440,000 even $60,000 and my friend he started to be Buying somewhere around here so Sometimes it's not necessarily smart to

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Wait for the C Gap to get filled up here But usually nine out of the 10 times C Me gaps they tend to get filled up Straight away on the Sunday otherwise It's likely going to be happening on the Monday so looking at Bitcoin it's still Continuing towards the upside it's still Pumping higher and higher I mean the Chief leue officer from coinbase is also Saying that the SEC is likely to approve The Bitcoin spot ETF in 2023 and also What we currently know here is that Gary Gensler is currently actively working Together with the issuers of the Bitcoins B ETFs to complete their Filings and this is massive news because Before the S was not working together so That could be the reason why the market Is right now moving towards the upside And honestly I say could but I think Very likely is the reason I mean if We're also looking look at gold I mean In general gold and Bitcoin looks to be The safe haven because you can see gold Also climbing towards the upside Massively and Bitcoin is really Following gold right now here or gold is Following Bitcoin either way we're Seeing a very interesting Behavior Across these assets further on we can Currently see that Bitcoin is running in Towards that very critical resistance Like you can see right here we got Rejected by this level a few times

Before and once again I think this is The level to break here $30,000 it's a Psychological level and also a very Important horizontal level of resistance And yeah if we do break above that level We're probably going to see that Continuation happening I mean honestly Bitcoin is already trading in the higher Range after it broke about to 28.6k so Inevitably I do think that Bitcoin is Going to be moving towards the upside And right now the big support below us Is sitting around 28.7 to 28.6k I Honestly think if we would ever get a Retest of that level it would make a Very good buying opportunity at least That's what I'm going to be doing I'm Going to look for some long positions Over there in case Bitcoin is going to Come down but anyways we are currently Trading in the upwards range here and That is what I think is very important And excited I mean yesterday as well we Closed the 3-day candle for Bitcoin a Few hours ago here and now we are Officially breaking outside of this 98 We downtrend or you could also call it The 688 day downtrend we officially Broke above it and honestly the price Target of this level right here is all The way towards the top side somewhere Around 47,000 US dollars what is a Massive price Target in my opinion and Honestly if we're right now looking at

Bitcoin for the imminent short term if I Were to be looking to trade Bitcoin Right now here honestly it's very Interesting because Bitcoin can really Go both race right so we've got to see Me get below us what makes it more Likely that Bitcoin is probably going to Come down here but if we're going to be Looking at the liquidation heat map we Can see that there is a lot of Liquidations laying around 30.4 to 30.5k And there are also a lot of liquidations Around 29.5 to 29.4k so Bitcoin is Either going to come down to 29.4k to Create massive Liquidations in the Market or either to 30.5k so I think It's important to pay attention towards The C Me Gap it's something that is Really telling us a story and most Likely Bitcoin is just going to come Back towards that Meme price of 29.7k at The end of this weekend further on if You really want to be trading Bitcoin or Benefiting from the volatility that Bitcoin currently is creating make sure To go to buy it because guys we've Currently still got an insane deposal Bonus and this deposit bonus will be Ending in 10 days from now on here and You could Ry claim a free $1,000 airol Position and all you need to do here is Sign up that account below here deposit $100 in the first coming 7 Days complete Kyc and then you can literally claim

This massive air drop position what is Super huge so make sure to be very quick Right now further on we can currently See that Bitcoin basically on the bigger Perspective is still trading in this Region it can actually start to see that Bitcoin is creating somewhat of a w Pattern right I discussed this yesterday As well Bitcoin is creating somewhat of A double bottom and if we right now can Break about of this high is going to be Super bullish but if we see another Rejection from this high we're literally Creating a triple top and that will be Maybe mean one of the most bearish uh Consolidation phases that we have been Creating in a very long time here so it Really depends what is bitcoin going to Be doing and if we really confirm that Break above that high right there that Is going to be the confirmation that Bitcoin is going to be even look for Higher highs from off that point onward So at the same time on the weekly time Frame Bitcoin is creating a massive Crossover here on the McD the weekly MCD Is about to cross bullish historically Speaking this is a super good indication I mean last time around it was not Really indicating that much here here it Was indicating a start of a bigger Momentum shift towards the upside here As well bigger momentum shift towards The upside here as well sorry here as

Well bigger momentum shift on the upside So this signal right here could be a Very good indication that Bitcoin Potentially is even going to go higher From of now on so you can currently see We're still creating that massive W Pattern if Bitcoin breaks above the Region High here sitting around 30.7k on That Weekly time frame that is going to Be the confirmed breakout where we're Going to be looking for and I can tell You already that breakout is going to be Massive on the weekly time frame as well We are about to be confirming the break Of the massive downward soing resistance Line and if we confirm the break Above This level as well guys this is going to Be massive Bitcoin is breaking outside Of this massive downward sloping Resistance line that has been providing Resistance for 98 weeks here and now We're breaking above it what is of Course absolutely huge at the same time Bitcoin dominance remains to be Increasing and I've been saying this for Quite a well here I don't think that This is the time to be buying altcoins The time to be buying altcoins is Usually once Bitcoin breaks its almi Because if you're overlaying the Bitcoin Chart on top of the Bitcoin dominance Chart you can literally see here this is The point where the Bitcoin Dominus is Starting to drop exponentially this was

Also literally the point that Bitcoin Broke its alltime high this was the Point where Bitcoin broke it's um yeah This was the point where Bitcoin broke Its alltime high this was the point Where Bitcoin dropped exponentially so Why wouldn't it happen again here I mean Every single time during the bare Market That was the period where the Bitcoin Dominance increased the most so that is What I will be expecting again here of Course there are probably going to be Periods where the Bitcoin dominance is Going to be dropping a little bit here But in the bigger perspective it is more Likely to see the bigger dominance Remains to be rising and remains to be Training in an uptrend Until It Breaks Its atime high here so I mean there are Some coins that are absolutely crushing It right now here I mean to be very Honest link has been trading for the Same price or for over 500 36 days here While Bitcoin is of course already Trading higher than that price but link Is currently pushing towards the upside Breaking breaking this almost 2year Downtrend what is of course absolutely Massive continuing towards the upside Right now here right now $955 so there is a small little risk Here on the link because currently we Can see that there are not a lot of Short positions opened and actually more

Long positions and if we're looking at The liquidation heat map looking up link Here we can also actually see that there Is more liquidations laying for link Below us than above us what means that Probably a long squeeze would be more Likely than actually a short squeeze so That is what I'm going to be looking for I mean everyone is currently longing Link so there could be some signs of Worry right here I mean it's maybe that People are a little bit too over excited About it and personally I don't really Think it's necessarily going to go much Much more higher from here on I do Understand that link is a very good Asset to be holding for the next Bull Run I am currently also holding link Myself so I am not a bare on link but I'm just a realist and it's could be Potentially still come down before Continuing higher so that was it for me In today's update video thank you so Much for watching and see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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