Bitcoin Is Over $38,000! – 271

Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s o a For a Discount we have Bitcoin over 39,000 there's an article talking about This this is the first time since May of 2022 that we've seen these prices Overall crypto market capitalization is At its highest level since May of 2022 With nearly $400 billion US added since The start of October and that's also Always known as October I would presume That per the usual we have the kind of Push through of only up through the end Of the year that is pretty typical for Bitcoin in general unless we are in that Off year that terrible year that happens Every four years where the bare Market Is stop starting and we start to see a Bunch of red in the charts that being Said the rest of the years of course Like I stated you typically see this go Up from October through January and then You are good to go Bitcoin Rose to

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38,800 for the first time since May of 2022 during European morning hours on Friday Contin continuing its strong Multi-month uptrend booed by Expectations of institutional demand the Asset added nearly 3% in the past 24 Hours mirroring an uptick in global Stock markets futures of us indices S&P 500 and DOW Jones jumped 17% higher in Pre-market trading while European index Stock 600 added. 52% since Friday's open The price jumps come as Euphoria around At around a planned spot exchange traded Fund ETF for short in the US heats up And onchain behavior suggests a Significant amount of the asset has been Moved to Cold Storage indicating demand And a lack of imminent sell pressure Strength in Bitcoin also helped a bump In overall capitalization which crossed The $1.5 trillion mark on Thursday and Has added $400 billion since the start Of October strong narratives in Artificial intelligence layer one Blockchains and gaming have aided growth In large cap tokens with prices of Salana soul and avalanche's avac more Than doubling in the past 2 months Meanwhile some Market Watchers said Bitcoin could see muted growth as December progresses now I do have to Call this out gaming and crypto is Something that I have not been a fan of In in in general right because I don't

Like the idea of an already flooded Market Of Microtransactions and these uh what are They called again the the battle passes These seasonal things that make me Continue to pay for a game over and over And with kids if any of y'all have kids The fortnite battle passes and all that BS it's like how much money do I really Have to spend on gaming I'm old school I Want to buy my one copy and I want to Have all of the content in it from day One and I want the ability to earn all Of that to be given to me for the hard Work I put into that individual game That being said there are projects that Are looking a lot better in my humble Opinion that I didn't think would be Able to be successful in the past neoa Is what I'm referring to here now and I Started messing again messing around Again with neoa the integration into Fortnite is super interesting meaning That like you can earn in fortnite while Just playing the normal game I think the Integration into twitch is exceptionally Interesting and provided they don't run Into any legality issues which it seems Like they are not surprisingly because I Thought they were going to run into a Lot provided they don't I think that it Might be a pretty bullish one to take a Look at and it's proof of work it does

Have its Master node side of things Usually I'm not a fan of hybrid coins Especially because I've been burned on So many of them that I'm very careful Around them but we might have I might Might have been a little too harsh on The oaka so I'm going to go ahead and Let you guys know that after I've done Some more research on it and we've seen Them kind of develop More thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At Sun ofate where you can get A free month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of I'll see you next Tuesday

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