Another Bitcoin breakdown is happening Right now when in this exact video I Won't be talking about what is about to Be happening next I will talk about to See me get Bitcoin is currently creating I will talk about this important Rejection I have already been talking About for the past three days and much More important stuff on today's update Video I will talk about this daily Support and what will happen to bitcoin If we break below it but more Importantly on how we can exactly trade Either the breakdown or either do Re-test on the lower side so don't Forget to watch this video till the end I will give a brief update on altcoins And of course on bitcoin so don't forget To slop up that like button can we once Again smash it back above 700 that will Be absolutely incredible and we'll let And let's jump straight away in towards The content so what we can clearly see On the imminent short term is that Bitcoin was basically of course creating This previous support right here that Was right now flipping to resistance and This level I exactly said it while we Were trading here here on the Lower Side Bitcoin will probably pump back towards The upside and the 27.8 to 9k is going To be the level that's going to provide Resistance so like you can see we Retested this exact level and after we

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Retested it we created somewhat of a Double top and we're coming down right Now to be very clear this could Potentially be the beginning of the next Leg towards the downside so make sure to Get ready right now because currently of Course we can see Bitcoin is about to be Breaking below the airport sloping Support line but what is very important To look at is this horizontal level Right here currently we are still Running into our horizontal support Because you can clearly see previous Resistance flipping into support right Here and if we confirm the break below This level I personally think Bitcoin is Going to head lower and I'm going to be Talking about my price Targets in a Second from now on but it is going to be Very important to be looking at this Horizontal level right here and if Bitcoin confirms the break below 27.3 K I'm expecting a third further Continuation towards the downside Currently we can clearly see the Bitcoin Created to see me get below us around 27.2 K so let's see if we're going to Come down to fill up the CME Gap and to Be very clear there is also still a c Mega below us all the way down to twenty Thousand dollars but personally I don't Really think it's going to be that Likely that we're actually going to fill Up that CME Gap but please do be aware

There is still see me Gap significantly Trading below us of course I've been Talking about the most important support Slash resistance that was of course Around this middle range right here also The majority of the volume in this range Was traded around this level and you can Clearly see this was a big big level of Support and currently it's acting as Resistance so I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin really is going to create that Next leg towards the downside from off This point onwards I've said it for Quite a while I still think Bitcoin is Going to head lower only we do to have a Rebound we got the rebounds and right Now actually I'm expecting we could be Starting to head lower actually right Now as well we are creating somewhat of A Bear Flag here so so yeah if we really Break the upper solving support on the Four hourly time frame it's only going To be a bigger confirmation that Bitcoin Is actually heading lower and just like I said in the beginning of the video if We break below the green box of support That is where I would really say this is The continuation towards the downside Where is the next big support for Bitcoin so the next big support I'm Going to be looking at is 26.6 K but of Course the ultimate Target I am looking For if we break below 27 000 is going to Be

24.8k to 25.2 K why is because that Level that I just mentioned is this Major level of previous resistance that I will be longing and I can tell you Already I will be opening up my biggest Bitcoin long trade on this level so make Sure to subscribe to the channel right Now to stay up to date because currently I closed out on all my short positions I Was looking to get a new entry on my Shorting trades currently unfortunately I've not got entered but currently I'm Still bearish but what I am doing is Waiting for the market to retrace and Then I will be opening up a gigantic Bitcoin long position worth one to two Million US dollars so make sure to get Ready for that one it would be by far The biggest trade I've ever opened so Make sure to subscribe to the channel Right now to exactly stay up to date About my next trade because this one Will be absolutely insane and it will be Important to be watching also if you're Interested in trading yourself don't Forget to check out the links in the Description you can currently sign up But account using the link in Description to claim the deposit bonus Up to thirty thousand dollars and Without this link is only four thousand Dollars so it's definitely a win-win Scenario furthermore you can see clearly On The Daily time frame first what I

Want to be seeing here is that confirm Daily break below this support right Here if we do see the confirmed daily Break below the support I am really Expecting the continuation to be Happening quite quickly so that is what I'm currently aiming for that is what I'm currently looking for and if you're Looking at the bigger picture it makes So much sense to see the continuation or The retest of the 24.6k level why 20 4.6k is this major previous level of Resistance you can also see it was the Neckline in the inverse and the Shoulders where Bitcoin first created That bottom created that lower low and Then created to the higher low what is Of course making the perfect inverse on The shoulder so far we have not seen the Retest so if we will be able to trade This exact retest right here it's going To be absolutely amazing so that is what I will be looking at I will be looking To trade to retest and that is why when We start to dollar cost average in Towards my Bitcoin loan positions from Of approximately 25 000 so yeah ready Subscribe to the channel if you want to Be staying up to date about the trade Because yeah once we let's say have a Flash crash towards the downside or Something happen I will either jump live To show my trade here on the channel or It will either make an emergency video

So you guys exactly know what I'm doing Next with my trade currently looking at The weekly time frame we can actually See that the Bitcoin bull market support Band is actually coming in also around Twenty five thousand dollars and like we Do know from the previous wool market This bull market support band is really An important level to be looking at in The yeah bull market stages or in the Bear Market recovery stage if we really Fall below it that is of course going to Be a sign of worry that's currently the Big support of this level is also Exactly coming in at this previous high On the weekly time frame so also if You're looking where the weekly candle Closes it's coming in around 24.4 K to 24.3 K so really where I expect a big Big bans to be happening from off is of Course that low 24s so yes of course While will we already start to dollar Cost averaging towards a straight front Of 25 000 the ultimate level where I Expect really depends is going to be Happening from is the low 24s so make Sure to pay attention towards that one As well but it is exactly also coming in On the weekly support band and if you're Also looking at the email ribbon it also Is coming very closely towards the Weekly email ribbon so those things are Actually looking quite nice for Bitcoin Right now then real quickly talking

About all coins we can currently see That the Bitcoin dominance is actually Right now going quite sideways and what We're really waiting for is either a Break out towards the upside or that Reject action from of the big big level Of resistance so we could start to see In confirmation about what all coins are Really going to do next from here on so Far we have to wait either it's going to Be altcoin season if we see that Rejection or either it's going to be Bitcoin season if we see that potential Breakout towards the upside so we have To be a little bit more patient right Now currently I don't think it's a bad Time to be buying all coins at all but Of course if we do break bullish we Could head higher and then of course I'm Expecting 52 to 53 is going to get Reached for the Bitcoin dominance Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It if you did learn anything from it Don't forget to share this video with Your friends make sure to keep your eyes Wide open on this green box right here On the internet shorter this is the most Important level to be looking at if we Break below the horizontal support I'm Expecting the dump is going to really Start for Bitcoin and we could start to See that movement getting initiated Towards the 24 000 so that was it for me

In today's update video thanks so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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