BITCOIN IS GOING TO $200,000 [here is why]

Okay hold on don't go away because this Is super important you guys are may all Trading Bitcoin but in this video I'm Going to explain about why Bitcoin is Probably going to go to2 to $300,000 in The coming 12 to 18 months here there Are some very very big things lining all Together up right now in this market That are suggesting that Bitcoin is Going to go to2 or $300,000 in the Coming months ahead of ourselves and I Want to quickly take the time from this Video right now here on a Sunday to Explain what currently is going on here I mean many of you guys are probably Trading Bitcoin and don't really care About it but honestly the reason why Bitcoin of course initially got created Was due to the massive crisis back into 2008 and right now we can see that the US debt is actually Rising by more than A trillion dollars a month that is more Than 6% of the total debt that us Created is literally rising in one month While interest rates are massively High More and more people are getting into Poverty so what is currently happening We're literally witnessing The Vault of The US government and this is massive And this will be massive for Bitcoin as Well and this is of course the reason Why we are currently buying Bitcoin this Is the reason why we're investing into Bitcoin and honestly right now all the

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Things are lining up together for a Gigantic bull cycle on bitcoin because We are about to be having the Bitcoin ETF guys the ETF of Bitcoin is about to Be hitting the market and this is going To be a massive game Cher first of all Let me explain this ETF is going to come Why is because gray skill they won the Lawsuit against the SEC for their Conversion from their fund to a Bitcoin Sport ETF and a judge literally ruled That the SEC has no grounds to reject a Bitcoin sport ETF what is of course Super good for the industry in general So right now we know that on the 10th of January 20 24 the final deadline is Going to be there for Arc investment Bitcoin spot ETF and probably what caddy Wood as well is saying the CEO of Arc Invest probably multiple Bitcoin sport ETFs are going to get accepted on the Same time and once this happened guys We're going to see a massive inflow in The market why the last ETF that Actually got approved in crypto was the Etn Futures ETF and it literally took Only 5 days from acceptance to launch of The ETF and that literally means that The market won't have the ability to Actually price in the shift of the month Because yes due to the Bitcoin sport ETF We're going to see a massive uptick in The month and that could really drive The Bitcoin prices higher and the thing

That many don't understand is that Actually if I'm buying $1 of Bitcoin the Market cap is not moving up by $1 no It's moving up by$ four to5 why is Because the liquidity is quite low right Now in the market usually in massive Bare markets it's closer to buying $1 And It Go goes up by $2 but in Bull Markets it's usually you're buying $1 And the market goes up $4 so this is of Course super important to understand why Is because if we're going to be looking At the forecast of the ex managing Director of Black Rock he is forecasting Is that the Bitcoin spot ETF is going to Drive approximately 300 billion US Dollars in capital in the first year and Considering the fact that gold is up Bitcoin is up stocks are down and more Importantly government bonds are down More than 50% we right now do know that Probably a lot of people are actually Going to be investing into Bitcoin why Is because the Boomers that always said That oh the safe haven to invest in are Bonds government bonds from the US but Those are actually more down than Bitcoin and it's quite funny because the Boomers they diversifies from the stock Market out of it because it was too Risky they went into bonds and right now Buns are down 50% and Bitcoin is up more Than that so what we can currently clear Clearly see is that bonds are not really

The Safe Haven anymore and yes guys but Coming back to the fact of the inflow of Money 300 billion US dollar if we're Going to be calculating it it's probably Going to be bringing in 1.2 trillion US Dollars in market cap that would Literally bring Bitcoin up already Towards 100 to $120,000 use dolls of Course it's also very important how many People are actually going to sell their Bitcoin and what we can currently see is That literally 80% of the total supply Has not moved their Bitcoins in the past 6 months what is of course also massive News here and and guys you also have to Understand Bitcoin increased to $35,000 Why it's because there's clearly Interest in this market so make sure to Pay attention towards this Bitcoin is Not going up without a reason this is Going to be changing a lot here the ETF Is going to change a lot and guys you Have to understand in 170 days the next Bitcoin Hing is going to be here the Hing is going to decrease Supply and the Bitcoin sport ETF that is expected in The beginning of 2024 is going to Increase the month so you have to do the Calculations right now here in increase Demands with decreasing Supply means Explosive prices and it's going to be Guaranteed to be happening but what I Think is most interesting is that Actually if you're looking at the

Onchain statistics there are not a lot Of short-term holders interested in the Price section of Bitcoin and the main People that are actually buying bitco Right now are these long-term holders That have been already in the market for Quite a while so probably once again the Smart people will win and the new bees They will be ending up buying the top But if you're watching this video right Now you do understand that the Opportunity is is gigantic right now This video is no Financial advice but What I'm currently doing here is I am Buying tons and tons of Bitcoins I am Buying so much Bitcoin of course because This is my YouTube channel I will tell You this guys I have currently got 99% Of my completely net worth in Bitcoin The only money I don't have in crypto is Not in a bank no it's in like watches Like this one this was a $50,000 watch Or a car I recently bought a Porsche 9 911 GT3 RS guys I am buying stuff I'm Not holding my money in cash if I'm Willing to spend it I'm spending it but I am holding all my money in crypto so I Am completely exposed and if it really Goes to zero I will lose a ton of money But I am so sure of the fact that Bitcoin is actually going to go up and Once again this is no Financial device It's just my own opinion I'm so Convinced that Bitcoin is going to go up

To $100 $200,000 and it's going to grow Into something gigantic here especially Due to these ETFs here so only 75 days Are left before the ETF is going to get Launched and this is going to be marking The indication of the shift of the month And this is going to drive prices Massively towards the upside so 2024 Looks to be a great year guys and you Have to understand you must see the Potential in Bitcoin right now here and If you don't see it I think it's quite Sad and the most interesting thing here Guys is that actually the balance of Exchanges are still decreasing massively So there's not a lot of Bitcoin Available to be buying on the market Right now here and if you are one of the Ones that is actually right now Interested in Bitcoin you could be Making a ton of money and you could do So by trading Bitcoin you could do so by Holding it whatever you want to be doing Maybe you want to be trading with two Weeks leverage guys whatever you want to Be doing here I mean for myself I've Built up a couple tree expositions and Once the Bull Run is going to start H Starting again guys I think all coins Are going to absolutely explode I don't Think that this is right now the time to Be buying all coins I think the time is Really to be paying attention towards Bitcoin you can clearly see the Bitcoin

Dominance is increasing massively and Historically speaking the Bitcoin Dominance is tends to be decreasing at Times once Bitcoin hits new Alum high so That is the point I'm going to start Investing into allcoins and mainly what I will be doing here guys is I am going To be opening up two to three ex Leverage long positions on altcoins and I'm going to make tons and tons of money From it so if you're interested in Trading you can right and get an insane Deposit bonus if you deposit $100 within Seven days you can get a free $1,000 air Drop position you can find the link Description of today's video but this is The time to be paying attention Attention and guys also did you got Fooled by the ECB here because the ECB Literally stated that Bitcoin was on the Road or in relevance at the exact bare Market bottom so if you fall for these Articles please don't fall for it in the Next bare Market because this is my Second bare Market I'm currently Witnessing and it's about to be my third Bull Run I'm um enjoying here in the Market so I am getting more and more Experience as well guys but the next Bull Run my strategy is to actually be Buying more real life stuff so I'm going To be buying more real estate I'm going To buy more cars I'm going to buy more Watches I'm not going to be necessarily

Getting it into cash but I'm going to Buy stuff with it so that is my strategy Right now here to make even more money In the future but you have to understand That the ECB and all these articles guys Once nobody believes in it that is the Time that you actually want to be Investing and you have to also Understand that currently the Google Interest for Bitcoin it has been Increasing a little bit here but still At Super lows here I mean two weeks ago It was at a 5year low so interest is Super low on bitcoin right now well Prices are not directly reflecting it so Who is buying the smart money is Actually stepping in towards the market Again I am so convinced that Bitcoin is Going to hit a new Eli it's insane and It's probably going to be happening in 2024 so please don't get fooled by these Messages that we are seeing hitting the Market every single time again and also Guys if you want to be timing everything Perfectly it is going to be super hard But one thing that we historically have Seen here is the Bitcoin usually sets New Autumn highs approximately 6 months After the Hing hit the market so I am Expecting that probably at the midpoint Of 2024 um somewhere around July after The summer probably that's the point Where Bitcoin is going to hit new Alum Highs very curious for it but uh yeah I

Just had to make this video because of Course right in the price section uh Bitcoin has been very beautiful going up Here but I think it's important to also Understand why Bitcoin is such a good Asset right now here it's so so good no One can steal it uh it's super Transparent and of course the US Government also said yeah it was used For funding for bars honestly those were Fake articles It's My Life work I have Been putting so much effort into Bitcoin Doing my research on it and once you put In so much effort and you read so much About it also about the monetary system You just get so convinced about the Future with Bitcoin so we are right now Witnessing history get being made with The Bitcoin sport ttf hitting the Markets changing the demand side for Good it will be so accessible to Everyone and more importantly guys the Whole thing only 160 away it's going to Cut the supply once again in half Supply Production is going down demand is Increasing you do the math see you later Guys peace out

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