Yesterday Bitcoin saw a gigantic fake Out on the lower side and right now it Is still trading in this exact Bitcoin Ascending triangle I've talked about for Numerous days right now here and on Today's update video I'm going to talk About the liquidity that got grabbed in The market yesterday more than1 billion US dollar of Bitcoin liquidity got Grabbed and after that Bitcoin saw Another rejection from the top side of Resistance so I will be talking about This the Bitcoin ETF flows that are Significantly lower than last week and Many more board in chart so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap that Like button back above 800 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said Le me jumps straight way In towards the content so looking at Bitcoin right now we're creating that Ascending triangle and like I said on Yesterday's video as long as we're not Breaking below this upward stoping Support line I don't believe that this Is the point where we should definitely Worry about the market but right now Once we do see either a breakout above Resistance on the top side or a break Below that opening support line that is The point where I will be expecting Bitcoin is going to be having another Gigantic flush either towards the Downside or towards the upside and like

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I said yesterday as well if we do see a Breakout towards the downside I want to Be seeing also a confirmed candle close Below the upward sloping support line But also actually a confirmed candle Close be below the range low here Because right now indeed Bitcoin is Getting rejected from the top side Numerous times but we have also clearly Seen that the Lower Side has been Clearly providing support for Bitcoin as Well so as long as we're not breaking Below that level right there I don't Necessarily see this as a region to Really Panic about the market right now Here but of course once we confirm the Break below this support level then we Could be heading lower and yes this is The first whe consolidation phase after Bitcoin has seen a significant run Towards the upside so yeah if Bitcoin Were to be correcting where are my Targets I think that honestly the Biggest level of support is going to be Laying around that $47,000 level and and that is also where I think that Bitcoin is most likely Going to be seeing band from if we were To be breaking lower I mean yesterday as Well I talked about the liquidity that Was piling up in the market we saw that More than a billion US dollars in Bitcoin short positions were piling up On the top side and yeah yesterday we

Exactly took out the liquidity and Straight away moved lower and this is What I talk about Bitcoin always follows The liquidity in the market and like I Said yesterday we're most likely going To grab that liquidity out of the market That is exactly what happened and now We're once again cons ating sideways and Waiting for the next move to be Happening and talking about Consolidating sideways this is the first Time ever that Bitcoin is actually Consolidating sideways after N9 days of Straight rallying towards the upside This is the first real breeder that We're getting in this market and usually We tend to get these breeders in the Market we create a new consolidation Phase and then either move down again Here or upward so that is why I want to Be looking closely at this ending Triangle right now on bitcoin because if We do break outside of it it could Potentially cost it is most likely going To be the next Trend Direction Where Bitcoin is heading towards so yesterday The spot Bitcoin ETF inflow was about 135 million US dollars of a positive net Flow this is indeed significantly lower Like we saw last week so I'm going to be Waiting what the data is going to be Today so I will share that tomorrow Morning because that is the first moment The data is available but if there once

Again isn't significant less amount of Inflow on the Bitcoin spot ETF it will Potentially mean that we're going to see Somewhat of a trend reversal that there Is a little bit of a slow slow down of Interest from institutions and that Potentially could be reflecting the Price chart of Bitcoin as well because If there's going to be less buying Pressure potentially that could Mark the Point where Bitcoin indeed is going to Be seeing a small little correction Towards the downside so that is what we Will be looking at closely I'm going to Keep my eyes wide open I will be keeping You guys informed on tomorrow's update Video so right now Bitcoin indeed is Currently getting retested and right now Indeed on the weekly time frame Bitcoin Is actually right now retesting this Very important level right here so yeah This is actually quite an important Level that we're currently looking at And once we confirm the break Above This Level then really the next resistance is Going to be $60,000 and that is Literally super close towards ultim high So looking very closely towards this Level if you want to be trading Bitcoin On this ascending triangle or any other Pattern make sure to check out decoin Where you can trade yourself and I am Also going to be doing some copy trading On decoin once I do see a clear

Opportunity on it so if you're Interested in trading Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies go to the link Description of today's video and check Out decoin where you can be trading Bitcoin cryptocurrencies further on we Can see that currently the usdt market Cap is still significantly increasing And like I said numerous times before The Bitcoin price action moves in the Same order as the US market cap why is Because tar is liquidity in the market And as more liquidity is getting Injected into towards the market most Likely as well the price action of Bitcoin is going to be going up Afterwards so clearly we have seen a Significant uptrend in usdt Market Gap So clearly a significant increase in Liquidity in the market and if we see Another let's say big mint from T we are Most likely going to also once again see A new push towards the upside for Bitcoin so that is very interesting also That Bitcoin is right now has closed its Highest weekly candle in 115 weeks and More importantly right now if we're Looking about where we're currently Standing in the cycle we're still preing And due to the fact that it is still Preing I am not necessarily expecting We're going to set new ultim highs Because that will be highly unusual but If it were to be happening things are

Definitely going to be different this Cycle so we should be anticipating that Then as well but most likely if history Is an indication we're going to be Having somewhat of a rejection and then After the Hing the big boring starts Here so let's see how that is going to Be playing out I won't be surprised if We do see a rejection and honestly it Wouldn't be bad at all for the market But if we were to be pushing up towards New aoiz before Hing it is definitely Something new that we have not seen so Far so that would definitely change Things up significantly so ethereum is Also still bouncing towards the upside Compared to bitcoin it actually hit $3,000 yesterday what is actually quite Massive and currently history looks to Still be repeating for ethereum so this Was it for me in today's update video it Was a short one if you did learn Something from it make sure to subscribe To the Channel smash up the like button And I'll see you guys back tomorrow on Another update video peace out goodbye

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