There is once again a significant amount Of liquidity piling up on the top side Of Bitcoin and on today's update video I Will exactly talk about what this means For the Bitcoin price action on the Imminent short term what is likely going To be happening next to the Bitcoin Price action after we've literally seen Bitcoin to be retesting the resistance Over four times in a row so make sure to Get ready for today's update video Because I personally think we are about To be having a gigantic move so without Any further Ado don't forget to SL the Like button back above 600 likes on Today's video and with that being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Immin a short term so looking at Bitcoin On the E minute short term we are Clearly seeing that Bitcoin is getting Rejected for over four times in a row From this exact resistance level and we Can currently see that once again we're Creeping up towards the upside and of Course like we know the more times You're going to retest a certain level Of resistance the more likely it is that We're going to be eventually breaking Through it so honestly if I'm looking at The Bitcoin price action so the most Likely scenario is that we are actually Going to be breaking above the Resistance here on the topside and if That were to be happening for clarity we

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Are going to be having a massive search Towards the upside because yes I have Been looking at this 4H hourly high Sitting around 44.2k as the main Resistance in this entire Trend after we Broke above the W pattern the next Gigantic resistance for Bitcoin after we Break Above This level is going to be 4600 th000 and that is of course the Exact price Target that we are measuring From the breakout of that W pattern so This price action on the imature term Together with the liquidity once again Piling up above us meaning that a lot of People are actually opening short Positions around this region right here For me it could be very likely to once Again expect we are going to be having Another push towards the upside Bitcoin Follows the liquidity Bitcoin always Moves to the place where the majority of The liquidity is piling up and currently Once again it is piling up somewhere Around 44.6k what is of course most certainly Above our critical resistance we're Currently looking at so honestly if I'm Looking at Bitcoin I am definitely very Bullish on it but still I want to be Pointing out here that of course if we Break below the support right here we Could be heading towards the lows again Here and still in this entire region Maybe you think oh this is not likely

Going to be happening but maybe we could See a breakdown a massive crash back Down to 39.7 G before bouncing back Towards the upside again because that Will ultimately fool out a lot of people So make sure to be prepared for Everything honestly if Bitcoin were to Be coming down towards my target I would Still be interested in opening up new Trading positions so make sure to be Prepared in case Bitcoin comes down here Because yeah if we really break below This box right here of support I think We are actually going to be heading down Again here but I think right now in the IM the short term that is not likely to Be the case since the price action is Looking so strong right here then of Course we've also seen that the Bitcoin Descending triangle had a perfect retest And after that Bitcoin absolutely Crushed it towards the upside and we Have created a beautiful Bitcoin buo Flag that currently is also breaking out I mean the price ciruit of this pattern Is absolutely insane and it won't take It all too serious because the price Target is sitting somewhere around $48,000 and honestly that is quite a High Target for the imminent short term But we have to also take in account that Currently we are just days out before The Bitcoin spot ETF approval is going To be here and this has been my forecast

But maybe I am adjusting my forecast a Little bit that Bitcoin is going to be Seeing a pump a little bit earlier Before then potentially coming down Again here after the ETF gots accepted So this is a little bit my expectation When I think is going to be happening For Bitcoin right now so far it has been Exactly playing out like we have been Predicting and honestly these are two Major events that we're looking out for And honestly and most certainly this is Going to create a lot of volatility in The price action of Bitcoin so if you Want to be trading this while I am Already doing so and unfortunately I did Only got a small position enter you Could do so on buyit right now here if You r a sign up account using the link Below you could claim a deposit bonus up To $40,000 and without this link it's Only 400 so it's definitely a very big Win-win situation and on top of that you Could claim a free $1,000 position and All you need to do here is deposit $100 After you signed up towards the link Description and you could claim this Insane free 1 ,000 trade on buybit and If you can't trade on bybit check out FX It allows you to trade without KC Without VPN and it's very similar Towards bybit and that is why I also Really like it going further in towards The content we can currently see that

Bitcoin of course is still touching Resistance this is actually a very bad Region to be looking at big long Positions because yeah Bitcoin is Literally approaching my biggest Resistance Target of this entire Trend And I mean yes I don't say that we can't Go up here because honestly on the image Short term the Bitcoin price action is Looking very strong here but we are Clearly trading against resistance and a Thing I also real quickly want to be Pointing out here is that Bitcoin is Absolutely getting longed massively Right now here everyone is long on Bitcoin and that is making it for me a Little bit more risky to actually long It and you have to pay a massive premium In order to have your long position open So this is a thing that you have to be Looking at and one thing that is not Getting LED is B&B at the moment because That's quite funny because cappo he said He was shorting B&B and now it is Absolutely flying towards the upside and It's massively negative in funding rate So that is pretty interesting to be Seeing everything is very long but B&B Is getting heavily shorted so I think There could be another short squeeze on B&B while they have already been one so Make sure to pay attention towards this Right now here I mean Bitcoin and Altcoins are getting heavily longed and

That is just a very dangerous scenario And and usually once that happens we Could also get a big crash here so there Are mixed signals in the market right Now here I mean if I look at the charts Right now I think we are looking very Good here if we look at the liquidity Heat map I think we're looking very Strong right here as well and we could Be going higher but looking at the Funding rates and at the critical Resistance I could think like oh this is A little bit more of a dangerous period In the market so make sure to just keep Your eyes wide open on what Bitcoin is Going to be doing if we break resistance We're probably going to get head higher If we really break below the support we Could be seeing another move towards the Downside so make sure to pay attention Towards that I mean on the weekly time Frame I still think we have more room to Go here towards the upside potentially To $46,000 before finding real big Resistance so yeah still more room to go Here for Bitcoin before finding that Massive Resistance at the same time Ethereum compared to bitcoin yesterday Bounced a little bit here but currently Is sitting at critical support and if we Break below this it could be quite Bearish and I mean also one of the Reasons why Bitcoin against ethereum has

Been losing value is potentially see That money from ethereum is been moving Into Solana because the Solana compared To ethereum pair is absolutely Skyrocketing it's going absolutely Exponential it's even about to set a new Autumn High what is of course absolutely Massive to see so Solana is doing an Absolutely incredible job here and Ethereum is just lacking behind a little Bit here so let's see how it's going to Be playing out here but honestly guys All we need to do is be patient right Now here because in just 115 days the Next big Hing is going to be here and Then of course I think we're going to be Getting another Bull Run and then Everyone could be making money that easy Make sure to survive at least for Another 115 days here before the next Cycle starts guys thank you so much for Watching towards this amazing new update Video and hope to see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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