BITCOIN IS CRASHING!!! [what’s next?]

Bitcoin is crashing while the FED Decides to not increase the interest Rate for the first time in 10 Consecutive hikes but the main reason Why Bitcoin is coming down right now is That the FED is saying that more hike Will be coming in the future and that Was one of the reasons why Bitcoin took A significant hit towards the downside So I will be discussing this and the Most important charts for crypto right Now but we'll give an update on my trade I will give an update on many important Charts we need to be paying attention Towards right now so don't forget to Watch this video till the end it's going To be a very important update because Bitcoin is riding a trading at super Important levels we're trading at super Important support and if Bitcoin is Going to fall below this super crazy Important support we are in big problems So don't forget to slap up that like Button on today's update video can we Smash a backup of 500 and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content so what we can see Here on the image short term is that Basically after Bitcoin has brought Talking this very important support line We have seen a significant dump towards The downside getting created and like You can see I was saying this already Yesterday we were coming very close

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Towards a breakout and at the point Bitcoin broke below the support we saw a Significant dump to our downside and Actually the price target has already by Far been reached because my price tag Was only somewhere around 25 000 while We're right now trading on 24.9 K so That's even 300 lower on the four early Time frame you can also see the Bitcoin Price section was consolidating in this Range right here and basically after we Broke the support we continue to weigh Down here and what we can currently Clearly see here is that the four early Time frame for Bitcoin is clearly Trading in a downtrend and I said this Yesterday in the update video as well Bitcoin is clearly still trading in the Downtrend and I wouldn't be surprised if We are going to confirm these lower lows In the market because yes that is what Happens in the downtrend Bitcoin usually Continues the trend and it's super hard To predict that Bitcoin is going to turn Its Trend right right now I have been Opening up a long position and have said This several times before but I am Prepared for Bitcoin to go lower I am Expecting Bitcoin can still come down to 23 even 24 000 and I will be adding more Margin around this level so I have been Exactly doing that currently I am in a Trade worth an approximately 213 000 US Dollars and I'm planning to add

More margin in the future but it will Come back about this trade in a minute From now on because giving an update on Bitcoin if we were to find somewhere in This range abounds I'm expecting it's Going to be happening somewhere around Here why is because this is exactly the Level the Bitcoin Bounce from so this Trendline does make a lot of sense for Me to expect the bands for Bitcoin Furthermore if I'm looking at the trend Of course I'm still saying it we're Still in a downtrend and I mean for me Right now I'm still looking at Bitcoin It's a bearish trend the level to be Breaking is that resistance from the top Side maybe we will be creating a four Hourly falling wet share could be a Possible scenario and that would mean Right now that we are at crucial support I have literally added more margin just A moment ago here around this level for Your information I've been buying more Bitcoin around 24.8k I've been buying For ethereum as well running 24.8k I do Think that this is a very good Interesting level to be starting to Accumulate more tokens at so if I'm Looking at my trade here I'm going to Add more margin as Bitcoin comes down to 24 lows here so I'm going to start at Significantly more margin as soon as Bitcoin comes down below for twenty four Thousand dollars as Bitcoin is trading

In this range I'm going to add more Margin I'm right now 230 000 long on Bitcoin and I'm planning to be making This a million US dollar position here And I'm prepared for Bitcoin to go down All the way down to 23 000 US Dollars my Current liquidation price is around Twenty thousand dollars and as I add More margin all the way down I could Bring it down to eighteen seventeen Thousand dollars so I'm definitely not Worried about this right here I'm very Convinced I've got a good entry here and If you're interested in following me on All my swing trades don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because I will Give you guys every single day a new Update on my trade what I will be doing Is I've been saying it for quite well I Started to be opening up my trades from Twenty five thousand dollars and I'm Going to add more margin As Time Continues because I think that right now It's a good time to be accumulating if You're interested in trading don't Forget to go to the links description Because you can write a claim additional Deposit bonuses by signing up an account Using the link in description you can Get 20 discount on all trading fees for Approximately four weeks here you can Also get a free fifteen dollars and you Can get a deposit bonus up to fifty Thousand dollars but this is only valid

If you sign up on account on bit get Using the link description and big cat Also allows you to trade without kyc and Without VPN so that's definitely very Beautiful to see so right now we've been Looking of course at that falling wedge Here on a bigger time frame for Bitcoin And it looks to me that we're currently Breaking below it it could maybe be so The Bitcoin is still going to reverse I'm going to be pumping back towards the Upside and yeah that will be quite Unfortunate to see if that is going to Be happening if I am looking at the Daily time frame today's daily candle is Going to be super super important Because Bitcoin is trading at a super Critical daily uptrend here and if Bitcoin breaks this daily uptrend it's Definitely going to be bearish and Bitcoin is definitely going to go in a More bearish momentum swing here of Course if you're looking at Bitcoin on The Daily time frame you can clearly see Something right now and that is that we Are retesting this very important level Of resistance you can clearly see it Right here as well so previously around Bitcoin found support around this level Right here like you can clearly see this Level right here is where Bitcoin found Support it was of course the low of the Ludac rash it was of course the high Right here it was the high right here

And this is the level that I'm expecting To provide support for Bitcoin so we are Literally trading around this level I've Been talking about ever since Bitcoin Here 31 000 of course it's a big Opportunity of course Bitcoin can go Lower and the question really remains if Bitcoin is going to hold on towards the Support line if we do break below it There's definitely a possibility that Bitcoin could see some more pain here You can see it also on this chart on The Daily time frame Bitcoin is right now Retesting this entire range right here Maybe we could still draw a falling much Better for Bitcoin I mean if you're Looking closely you could maybe still See a falling language in this pattern That there is a possible scenario that We're going to actually break it and That will be quite unfortunate so the Best scenario would just be if Bitcoin Is going to see a small little bands Here the bull flag right now is also Trading at critical support like you can See the diversalmic support line uh they Basically provided support all the way Down here is right now once again Getting retested hopefully we can hold On towards this level if we do Bounce From it it's going to be bullish of Course the bullflex is not even closed By breaking out here but right now we're Just setting all the downward solving

Support line that you and me should be Paying attention towards right now here Furthermore we can see that falling Wedge better right here visualize with That airport sloping support line Bitcoin is right now at the super super Crucial support level and basically if We do break below this level there could Be more downside for Bitcoin and the Downside I'm going to talk about is Probably all the way down to 23 000 US Dollars and I think 23.8k so that's an Approximately thousand dollars loss Again for Bitcoin but will be also Another five percent drop towards the Downside why that level is because base Basically if you're looking at the Posterior you can see that this level Was the level that here provided Significant resistance here provided Some support hair resistance hair Support so this is a very important Level to be looking at if we do break Below this trend line right here I'm Expecting 23.8k to be the next level to Be looking at for Bitcoin and at the Same time I mean on the two day time Frame volatility yeah Bitcoin is moving Down a little bit here but it's Volatility really picking up right now No not really yet so far and you can Still see the volatility is literally at Its lowest point of 2023 and volatility Is the right now literally at its lower

Sport so let's say we wouldn't count 2023 as literally at this lowest point In 1000 days so volatility is extremely Low for Bitcoin is it it's literally as Low as the beginning of this year in January and of course at the end of last Year where basically Bitcoin was almost Doing nothing and once again we're Seeing extreme low volatility so usually After a period of low volatility we tend To see bigger and more exponential moves So get ready for that for sure Furthermore we can see that we're still Creating the cup and handle pattern so Make sure to pay attention towards this Pattern because once it does decide to Break it could be a super bullish price Target but right now we're still trading At support so while Bitcoin is indeed Coming down and trading below 25 000 We're trading at super important levels Of support you can see it here on the Four hourly time frame you can see it Here on a daily time frame you can see It here you can see it on this chart you Can see it all on these charts here on Bitcoin so Bitcoin is running trading It's super critical support and Basically if we're looking at the weekly Time frame we're right now seeing the Perfect retest for the weekly inverse on The shoulder so yes Bitcoin is indeed Coming down but it is also approaching Super important support so do not lose

That in your mind right now I've been Bearish on bitcoin on Thirty one Thousand dollars I've been bearish on Bitcoin the entire wave down here and This is the point where I'm going to Start flipping a bullish a little bit Here I'm opening up my long positions Right here because I personally do think That this is a good Zone to be Accumulating your Bitcoins ad so that is Exactly what I will be doing right now Here you can see also if I'm going to Look at the daily candle close High here It is trading around 24.8k what we just Retested what is also very interesting In my opinion and I wouldn't be Surprised if we are going to see a small Bounce from here on like I've just said If we do break below this level it's Going to be definitely bearish for Bitcoin so that was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did Enjoyed if you did enjoy don't forget to Slap on the like button I'll see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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