BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO FOOL EVERYONE!! [99% is not seeing this]

Bitcoin history is repeating right now Here and in this exact video I will be Discussing this I will talk about the Aggressive dump we got on the downside And why this exactly happens and what is Likely going to be facing is next the Bitcoin Supply shock what is going to be Happening next with the market because This week will be super important for Bitcoin because the first decision on The Bitcoin sport ETS will be made later This week so make sure to watch this Video till the end it's going to be a Super important one can we once again Smash Up the likes back about 400 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That is being said let me jump straight Away into our surprise section of Bitcoin on the imminent short term Looking at Bitcoin on the imminent short Term we can clearly see Bitcoin is Creating somewhat of a resistance here On the top side and every single time we Do touch that lower side of support we Tend to be bouncing from off that level So basically Bitcoin is range trading And it's sitting between 25.5 K and 26.8k and so far it seems to be that we Are just bouncing and continuing within This trend right now here as well if I'm Looking at Bitcoin on the 4 hourly time Frame we can currently see we're Creating the Bear Flag pattern and if we Really break below this support I

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Personally am going to start to be Working on bitcoin but I've said this Several times before on the channel I Personally think that still before Bitcoin is going to have a bigger Movement towards the downside is going To be filling up this Gap here on the Lower side and if it were to be doing so Bitcoin has to dump down to 25 000 and Then potentially start to recover so and Due to the fact that there's a lot of Liquidity sitting and laying around Twenty five thousand dollars since on a Lot of exchanges we had these big wakes Towards the downside I personally still Think it's likely to grab the liquidity Around twenty five thousand dollars Before then once again continuing Towards the upside but that would be as Well make up a very beautiful bullies Divergence on the four hourly and on the 12 hour and the daily time frame so that Is at least what I'm expecting on the Internet short term if Bitcoin does Really decide to be banned from this Level I would definitely take it but Looking at Bitcoin right now here we can Currently clearly see and this is the Major level of support it's sitting Around twenty five thousand dollars to 24.8k so if Bitcoin really comes down Here towards this level I will be most Certainly be a very big buyer if Bitcoin Already breaks below 25 000 then we're

Probably going to go much lower here but Be aware there's a lot of fun in the Market right now here there are a lot of People that are currently panicking but While this is happening you have to Understand these bigger companies they Are trying to accumulate as much Bitcoin As possible first of all yesterday we Sold up more than 36 000 Bitcoin we're Taking off exchanges and that means that More and more Bitcoin is going out of Circulation to be buying and that will Be making Bitcoin only more and more Scarce and Beyond high alert in Approximately 240 days the Bitcoin Halving will also take place what would Make Bitcoin even more scarce than it is Already currently you can already see The trends shift here from the previous Cycle here where a lot of Bitcoin went To exchanges to this cycle where a lot Of Bitcoin is going off exchanges so People are right now really starting to Be accumulating really starting to hold Their Bitcoin on cold storage and that Is making Bitcoin a better longer term Investment because yes if your Bitcoin Is held on Cold Storage it's gone to be Sold and that is why I'm getting very Bullish on this chart right here then Also quickly again to be saying it this Week the first decision of the Bitcoin Spot ETF is going to be made it's of Course the first deadline for the eye

Share so the BlackRock spot ETF for Bitwise Van Ike Wisdom Tree investigo And wise original Bitcoin trust so yeah We're going to get approximately six Filings that the SEC has to say Something about probably what is going To be happening is that they're just Going to delay towards the second Deadline and where we are already Expecting the spot ddfs are going to get Approved it's the beginning of 2024 and In the beginning of 2024 we're going to Have the final deadline so that is Really the time where we're expecting The Bitcoin sport ETF is going to get Approved so you just have to wait a Little bit longer here maybe it's Already going to get approved a little Bit earlier but we're expecting early 2024 so maybe if it's going to get Postponed it's once again going to show A little bit of weakness in the price Section of Bitcoin but be aware uh Everything's really lining up for 2024 And really as well currently we can see The Bitcoin Domino's beginning and what We can see here on the most recent days Here is that people have been shifting Back to all coins again here because Yeah the Bitcoin small ttfs is not Getting improved anyway the be on high Alert once the Bitcoin sport ETF is Going to get approved it's going to be a Bitcoin that's going to be moving and

Altcoins that are going to be left Behind so that is what I'm currently Going to be aiming for that's generally What I'm expecting so the Bitcoin Dominance is probably going to continue Its Trend towards the upside so don't be Fooled buy the Bitcoin dominance sitting On 50 right now here and some people are Saying oh it is breaking the trend line Well in my opinion here we are still Clearly in an upper sloping support line And also we're clearly retesting the Most important resistance that currently Is slipping into support so please this Is in my opinion personally not the time To be jumping into all coins but once The time is there to jump into all coins You will be the first one to know once I Will be doing that so further on in the Video if you want to be trading or Buying Bitcoin or all coins or trading All coins you can write and go to buy Bit because bodybit is currently Allowing you to be buying and selling Bitcoin with leverage and if you Actually want to claim a free 1 000 US Dollars you could be doing so and the Only thing you have to do here is go to The link description of today's video Deposit 100 to watch your account within Seven days and you can claim a free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or XP long or Short position what could make you Literally tons and tons of money because

Yes if the Bitcoin Market pumps and You've got that long position you could Make literally tens of thousands of Dollars with only a 100 initial deposit So make sure to go to the link Description if you want to be claiming This insane deposit bonus third arm on The three day time frame we can clearly See Bitcoin it is really still sitting Around support I think 24 to 25 000 is a Really interesting region to be Accumulating Bitcoin at the same time We're creating in Hidden bullish The Virgins on the three-day time frame and Also on bitcoin if we're really going to Be looking back about what really Happens on this Market because yes Bitcoin dumps significantly towards the Downside but if you're going to be Analyzing on-chain data you can clearly See that Bitcoin has not been seeing a Lot of selling on the on-chain data and Really what happened was a huge Deleveraging event on the derivatives Market so we saw more than 40 of the Total open interest so the total amount Of people that are having long and Shorts opened close their eye closed out On their positions and did really move The market and I've been saying this in Previous videos as well here the lower The open interest in the market the less Risk you have on buying Bitcoin and Right now we're seeing it we're even

Seeing a lower load than the previous Low here in the market so that is Actually very interesting open interest Is currently at a low not since since March 2023 and this is also indicating There's just not a lot of interest in Bitcoin right now here but it also is Indicating that it is a good opportunity To be starting to accumulate your swing Trade positions if you are interested in Swing trading Bitcoin and the narrative From breakgoin can shift very quickly Because everyone is Rhino super bearish In just a matter of days once maybe some Positive news breaks the market Everything is going to refresh first and Bitcoin is going to be trading back Around thirty thousand dollars so things Could change very quickly on bitcoin and If we're looking at Bitcoin we're Currently still seeing that funding Rates are extremely negative here but Means that there are more short Positions active than Longs and that is Actually making it very interesting in My opinion and the market also really Got released a little bit here after Binance coin uh recovered a little bit Here I still think where there is smoke There is fire so B on high alert with Binance if you hold all your Bitcoin or Crypto and binance please consider to Start to sign up an account on Bible at Least here to diversify your positions

But yeah at the same time all this is Happening we can currently actually see That Bitcoin is retesting the 200 weekly Email ribbon but while all these things Are happening we can actually see that Bitcoin is retesting the 200 week EMA And yeah this is a perfect retest we saw Previously Iran did this acted as a Resistance here it acted as support here It also acted as support so far at least There and here as well acted as support So I personally think this is a very Important level and if you look back at History of Bitcoin the previous bear Market we were trading below it we got Rejected by it but the moment we broke Above it we straight away saw of course Another beautiful movement towards the Upside and back in towards 2015 we've Also seen multiple retests of this level And what is very interesting right now Here is that you can see that double Bottom getting created on the 200 week EMA and currently we're doing the exact Same here we're retesting for the second Time on the 200-week EMA here so this is A very interesting structure very Comparable to 2015 here and it's getting Myself pretty excited and just like 2015 After we retested again here we had a Small ready and out of nowhere Bitcoin Moved up very quickly and then in 2016 In Mar oh sorry in 2016 in June Approximately over here the Bitcoin

Whole thing happens and Bitcoin went Even up in a more exponential bull Market so I won't be surprised to see Something similar the Bitcoin whole Thing is only 240 days out from now on And we're once again having a double Retest on a 200 week EMA so make sure to Pay attention towards this level but Anyways this was it for me in today's Update video I hope you liked it and I Truly hope you did like it and I hope to See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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