Yesterday Bitcoin broke down and exactly Reached our price Target but on today's Video I will talk about the liquidity Because right now once again there is a Bunch of liquidity piling up above us But while this is playing out the Funding rates are extremely high what Basically means that the majority of the Market is actually longing Bitcoin so I Will be discussing this the biggest Support the biggest resistance the Biggest things to be looking at right Now get her with ethereum because Ethereum has been absolutely exploding And I'm going to go more in depth about The price targets we have for that so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap up the like button on today's Update video can we smash it back up at 500 likes that will be absolutely Incredible especially since the last two Days we've been predicting these Patterns very well here and I mean Yesterday I exactly talked about this Pattern right here on my channel and They said if Bitcoin were to be breaking Below it we're going to be breaking down Here and if Bitcoin were to be breaking Bullish we are going to be Breaking Upwards so Bitcoin broke down and Exactly reached our price Target and I Want want to be saying one thing first Of all in these market conditions where Bitcoin is moving super fast always

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These patterns they tend to be working Out so well because yeah the market is Really replying and reacting towards Them and even while we were crushing Back towards the upside we exactly got Rejected by this previous resistance Support Target that right now flipped Into resistance and right now honestly If I'm looking at Bitcoin I want to be Looking at the little bit of a lower Time frame you can clearly see that We're creating a massive downward Sloping resistance line here on the 50 Minutes time frame and so far every Single time we've been retesting it We've been getting rejected but honestly What we can currently see here is that On the 4ly time frame Bitcoin Potentially is right now creating Somewhat of an buo Flex scenario and Honestly we're just going to be waiting To see how it is going to be playing out Here but honestly if we do really break More towards the downside I think that This level right here the $42,000 is Going to be a big big level of support For Bitcoin and of course if we break Towards the upside this is going to be The resistance to be looking at so let Me make the uh Red Box a little bit more Clear that this is going to be the Resistance box to look at 44.1 to 44.4 I Think that that is going to be the Majority of the resistance since this is

Of course a previous high in the market Where we got rejected from and if we do Move upwards I do think that could be a Level that really could be providing Some resistance especially also since of Course that 44.5k level is also Historical uh weekly resistance for Bitcoin so looking at that level very Seriously but if I'm looking at the data Behind the charts we can currently see That a lot of liquidity is piling up on The top side sitting around 44.6k a lot Of liquidations are laying there and if Bitcoin pushes up towards approximately 44.6k it could liquidate approximately $600 million us do in positions but There is one thing that I really not Like right now and that is that the US Margin Bitcoin funding rate is extremely Positive on almost every single exchange And this basically means that the Majority of the Traders are actually Trading long right now and it's not only On bitcoin it's almost on every single Altcoin everyone is trading super long Honestly I know what happens if if I see This because historically speaking in The Bull Run you tend to see this and Once the funding is becoming so high at Some point we're going to get a flush Out because 0.3% on average and some Even exchang is even like five or uh 0.05 or 0.06% so honestly if we're also Looking at Bitcoin is going absolutely

Exponential and a small pool back Wouldn't be all too bad here so I'm not Necessarily saying it has to happen Because I do know that it could be so That we're even going to be pushing up Higher since we're going to be chasing Out that liquidity in the market this is Historically a signal where we should be Paying attention towards and I don't Want you guys to be fing in towards Bitcoin right now I mean honestly I have Been already been buying Bitcoin Literally on 156,000 I mean I've been buying a bunch Of Bitcoin on $16,000 on $20,000 even on $25,000 and $30,000 and Even right here as well but right now For me it makes no sense to necessarily Ape into Bitcoin around this level since We are going absolutely exponential and There are a lot of risks in the market Right now due to these high funding Rates so be a little bit more careful Right now but if you want to be trading This move here or if you want to be Trading the next move because Bitcoin is Indeed creating somewhat of a bull flag Pattern right now here if you want to be Trading the next move make sure to go to Buy because if you sign up account using That link below guys you can claim a Depos bonus up to 44 $3,000 and without This link is only 400 so it's a win-win Situation and on top of that you could

Claim a free $1,000 air position on Ethereum and like we know ethereum has Been going absolutely mad while Bitcoin Has been going sideways so if you want To be claiming this all you need to do Here is go to the link description of Today's video sign up and account using The link below deposit $100 in your First s days complete kyc and you could Be claiming this free $1,000 air drop Position and if you can't trade on bit Because of the kyc or whatsoever make Sure sure to check out FX because FX Does allow you to trade without kyc and You could be using it yourself super Easily super convenient I use fix as Well to trade on and honestly it's a Very similar platform to buy bit but you Just don't need to do any kyc and there Also not a lot of restrictions on it Right now Bitcoin has been going Absolutely nuts and actually right now We started to see that ethereum was Really taking out some performance out Of Bitcoin we saw on the ethereum Compared to bitcoin chart that if Compared to bitcoin bounc yesterday in One day alone for an approximately 7% Against Bitcoin what is of course quite Massive so what we do know is basically In these cycles first money moves to Bitcoin then to ethereum then to the Large caps and then it's altcoin season So do I think altcoin season is coming

Going to come right now no not Necessarily I think it could come Anytime soon here since Bitcoin has been So strong towards the upside and I've Been calling this yesterday as well I Called this on my Twitter I said Ethereum is going to be having the next Breakout right here and this is exactly What happened this was the breakout what Happened but the same on bitcoin the Last two days I talked about these Symmetrical triangles this is going to Be the next booth for Bitcoin this is Exactly what happened so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel as well guys But honestly what I'm expecting next for Ethereum is that as long as we're Holding up towards the green box I think We're going to be quite okay here but Ethereum is still trading in a massive Weekly downtrend so is the weekly Downtrend broken right now since we saw 7% bouns no I don't think so but Potentially we could create some more Strength here on the weekly time frame For ethereum we broke the ascending Triangle and honestly the next big Resistance is literally the level that We're about to be approaching this is Going to be the $2600 used dollar level For ethereum and after we clear that Level it's of course going to be 3,500 Use dollar what is here on the top side So these are the levels that I'm going

To be looking at all for ethereum as Massive Resistance and potentially that Could be a level where we could get Rejected from and honestly if ethereum Does see a retest of this horizontal Level right here it would definitely be A gift because that will be a massive Opportunity to be opening up new trades On ethereum then as well on bitcoin this Is the biggest resistance that we're Currently approaching this is the first Time that we're actually starting to see A cool down for Bitcoin after this Exponential rally towards the upside so Interesting to see I talked about this Level as well on the channel That I Thought this is going to be the biggest Level of resistance I literally uh Charted Bitcoin on my stream and this is Of course what I charted and this is Also the level where Bitcoin is getting Rejected from I think the ultimate Resistance for Bitcoin is laying around $47,000 and of course you can see here $47,000 is that previous high in the Market right here and the previous low So could be a very important level to be Paying attention towards but guys this Was it for me in today's update video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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