BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO BREAKOUT!! [but don’t get fooled now]

Historical Bitcoin volatility is Currently at the low only seen five Times before in Bitcoin history and While this is happening only in a short Term Bitcoin is creating a new Consolidation phase that is about to be Breaking out and in this exact video I Will talk about the imminent short term On bitcoin I will give a brief update on My trade here and many more important Charts I will be discussing that are Said to be breaking out anytime soon for Bitcoin so don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's update video can We smash you back about 500 that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Means that let me jump straight away in Towards the content once looking at the Image short term for Bitcoin we do know That Bitcoin has seen a significant Bounce towards the upside and ever since We're right now entering this new Consolidation phase right here of course It was weekend and if we're going to be Looking at the CME Gap we can currently See we have not created any Sim Gap Whatsoever so that is definitely a very Positive to take from of last weekend Right now we could be arguing that Bitcoin is creating a new consolidation Phase we could be looking potentially at A bullflex scenario where Bitcoin is Basically trading creating a down Solving trend line from the top side and

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A downward solving support line and Bitcoin is balancing between these Levels and I will be expecting the next Move for Bitcoin is going to be Happening whether we're either going to Be breaking above the top side of Resistance or whether we're either going To be breaking below the Lower Side of Support to see potentially a leg down For Bitcoin but what I think is a better Approach here is this potential Symmetrical triangle you can clearly see Bitcoin is trading in lower high Structure together with a higher low Structure and that means that currently The Bitcoin price section is Consolidating and squeezing in towards An apex I am expecting Bitcoin is going To be seeing a huge breakout anytime Soon as soon as we do start to be Breaking out of this pattern right here Of course if you are going to be Removing the pattern and just purely Going to be looking at the consolidation Phase we're currently trading in you can Currently see there's a big level of Support below us around 26 000 US Dollars why because previously around That level provided support here it Provides provided resistance and if We're going to be looking at the top Side we can see that the main resistance Target is clearly trading above us Around 26.7 K because if you look

Closely at this Redbox right here you Can clearly see it got us rejected right Here in the past as well here it found Support and once we broke below it we Saw a significant dump towards the Downside and here as well it found Support so this is a super important Level to be paying attention towards and I will be taking this level super Seriously and as soon as Bitcoin Confirms a break Above This level that Will be me giving me a confirmation that Bitcoin is breaking bullish and that Probably higher Highs are going to get Followed furthermore we can see that on The 408 time frame there's still a Gigantic downtrend that we need to be Breaking so I will be still very patient That as soon as Bitcoin breaks above This downtrend it's going to be super Bullish for Bitcoin and probably from Off that point onwards we're going to See a bigger continuation towards the Upside and as long as Bitcoin is not Breaking above this downtrend right here I will be not expecting we're going to See any bullish momentum on whatsoever But as soon as we do break out outside Of it I'm expecting more bullish Momentum is going to get followed you Can see also on the falling wedge Pattern here on the 12 hour time frame Where Bitcoin of course every single Time got supported from on the Lower

Side you can see that Bitcoin basically Bends from off this level for more than Five times in a row already and the Downward sloping resist line was also Providing significant resistance for Also an approximately three to four Times in a row here so the resistance Got broken Bitcoin breaks bullish and Right now if I'm going to be looking at The price target of this following range Right here it's going to be a little bit Higher than we're currently trading at Because the price target for this Pattern right here is somewhere around 28 000 US dollars so yeah there's still Some more bullish momentum to go for Bitcoin and basically if I'm looking at This pattern and this structure it does Make a lot of sense to see an even Bigger relief for Bitcoin be aware and I Still will be saying this I mean right Now in fact Bitcoin is still trading in A downtrend and also if you all remove All the drawings you can clearly see Bitcoin is creating lower highs and what We need to see here is a break of this Trend here and as soon as Bitcoin breaks The trend so this down resolving trend Online that is the point where I could Really start to see a potential reversal And that is the point where you could Start to see a potential uptrend getting Created because yes for the past 90 days Here basically this entire downtrend

Here Bitcoin has been trading in a Bearish trend here it will only shift Around here as soon as Bitcoin does Break the downtrend giving an update on My trade currently still in more than 9 000 US dollars in profit and I'm Currently in a long position worth 226 000 US Dollars looking to still add more Margin but only if the price goes down Here so if I do add more margin I will Let you know straight away here and if You're interested in swing trading don't Forget to check out the Link's Description because if you sign up an Account using the link description you Can write new claim some insane deposit Bonuses and you can actually trade Without any fees on bitget for only the First two weeks here so if you're Interested in opening up a swing Freight It's definitely worth to sign up at a Guy using the link description because If you sign up without the link in Description you don't get the deposit Bonus and you don't get the extra Benefits so it's definitely a win-win Scenario furthermore looking at the Price section of Bitcoin we can see the Big coin is still creating the bull flag And basically like I've been saying for Quite a while here I am expecting There's going to be a bigger breakout Happening this week and why am I saying So is because if I am looking at Bitcoin

Here you can see that Bitcoin is coming Very closely towards the airport slowing Support line and the end of this Potential falling which pattern and to Be exact we are expecting to reach the Apex in an approximately seven to eight Days here so yes Bitcoin could still Trade in this pattern for the coming Week here but probably at the beginning Of next week we are for sure going to be Experiencing a breakout of this pattern And it could already be happening this Week as well but like we do know from These consolidation patterns they Usually tend to be breaking up before Reaching the Apex and that's why I'm Expecting within eight days we're Probably going to see a big breakout of This pattern and of course that will be Considered extremely bullish we are Currently seeing as well this Earth Personal support line for Bitcoin and Basically every single time we retested It we Bounce from it so if we will see Another retest around 25.5 K I won't be Surprised to see another big bands from Of this level here of course there's Also big support range trading below us Here it's rating around 25 to 24 000 and I'm expecting to see a major major Bounce from of this region so let's see Where Bitcoin is going to be heading Towards but as soon as it comes back in Towards this region right here I'm going

To once again add more marching towards My trades here looking further on Towards the price section of Bitcoin we Can currently see here is that Bitcoin Is actually right now in a bullish Trend Here and why is because you can clearly See the moving average right here in the Moving average right here well we got Rejected we basically moved down for a Very long period of time and Bitcoin Basically found the bottom and as soon As it broke above the trend line here You can see it found I flipped it into Support and after that we've only set Higher highs what I will say here is That sometimes you just have to zoom out Here to see the bigger Trend here of Course the entire year of 2022 was a Bearish trend here and yeah there were Some small reliefs towards the upside But in general it was a bearish trend Here and so far 2023 has been a bullish Year here with some minor downtrends and In these downtrends you should be taking The opportunity and I mean and maybe the Trend is going to reverse and turn out To be bearish again but as long as the Trend looks to be bullish you should be Approaching it like a bullish strength Here and should treat it as well as a Bullish Trend so Bitcoin is currently Still in a bullish Trend and let's see If it's going to continue or whether We're going to flip around here because

That is going to be super important to Be paying attention towards but another Thing that is super important right now To be looking at is the historical Volatility for Bitcoin because the Historical volatility for Bitcoin right Now is literally at a lowest point only Seen five times before in the entire History of Bitcoin you can see currently That the bullish events is extremely Squeezed up here you can see here on the Lower line the bullet should bends with Here what is indicating how narrow Double edge events actually is here it Is literally at these levels not seen Since such a significant long time of Course we've seen Bitcoin volatility be So low here at the end of 2022 but after That we've never seen it being so low Again and that is why you should be Paying attention towards this chart Right now here Bitcoin volatility is low And always always once the volatility is Low it always spikes up here at least Towards that halfway region here and What we had last time around here in the Beginning of 2023 right so yeah this is Just the thing I wanted to say and you Really need to be paying attention to us Right now of course Bitcoin is still Creating the cop and handle pattern There's nothing much to say about it but We're still consolidating in this Consolidation range and on the weekly

Time frame Bitcoin is creating that Beautiful falling watch pattern Re-testing the inverse on his shoulders And basically bouncing from of the Neckline so things are really shaping up Here things are looking good I think Bitcoin has never been looking more Beautiful than today here and basically This entire past few weeks here Bitcoin Is creating and moving up in that Consolidation phase beautifully and it Is just giving us a huge opportunity for Me it's very clear because I've been Trading the market so many times before And of course maybe something weird Happens maybe there's going to be a Company or an exchange that falls over If that happens Bitcoin is probably Going to dump here but if there are no Crazy outside Catalyst Bitcoin is Probably having to be experiencing an Extremely big breakout from of this Level and at least pushes back up to 31 000 US dollars what is going to be an Approximately move towards the upside Off and about let me say this correctly 18 here I'm predicting an 18 move right Here and I think it's going to be Happening within two weeks so get ready For this year that is the reason the Exact reason why I am currently trading Bitcoin I have been opening up a long Position on bitcoin I've been bearish on Bitcoin on 31k and I've been turning

Bullish on bitcoin ever since we hit the Lows around twenty five thousand dollars So that is exactly what I need to say Here that was it for me on today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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