I think Bitcoin is going to hit new Tim Highs in the coming 16 months and you Have to be preparing yourself right now Here so in this exact video I will be Discussing four compelling reasons about Why I am so excited about Bitcoin and Why I am almost going all into to Bitcoin right now so without any further Ado don't forget to slap up that like Button if you do like these higher Quality videos and if you do like these St videos just let me know in the Comment section down below I would Definitely appreciate if you could smash Up the like button but anyways let me Jump straight away in towards the Content so first of all the first Compelling reason why I'm super excited About Bitcoin right now is the long-term Holders compared to the short-term Holders if we're looking at the chart That I'm going to be popping up on the Screen right now here is that clearly a Thing that we can currently see here is That the long-term holders remain to be Resilient and remain to be accumulating While in fact the short-term holders are Losing attention and they're not Accumulating and this is a clear signal That there is not a lot of hype or Newbies entering the market right now Here but due to the due to the fact that Also black rock is currently aping into Bitcoin and all these ETFs are entering

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The markets this is actually an Interesting signal and all these Companies behind the ETF filings what I Call Smart money are literally Accumulating right now here while in Fact the shortterm supply is not paying Attention towards it and if we're also Looking at this chart historically Speaking once the short-term holders are Not interested in buying Bitcoin on the Market it is actually a time where you Want to be accumulating because once the Hype is there and they are buying or Your neighbors are asking you should I Be buying Bitcoin that is usually the Tough signal in the market so honestly It is right now a very compelling reason To be actually looking into Bitcoin and More importantly you have to understand That in these periods where there is low Interest the opportunity is much higher So reason number two why I'm super Excited about Bitcoin right now and why I think it's going to hit new ulum highs Actually in 2024 and why I think it's Already going to be doing very well in 2023 in this last quarter of the year is Black rock and all these ETF findings That we're currently having so first of All many people are saying that ETFs are Not going to be a big game changer but You have to understand first of all an ETF would mean recognition from Wall Street second of all it means that

People don't have to do their own Custody for Bitcoin third of all in the US there are big tax advantages for Holding an ETF instead of just the coin Themselves and yes you can also create Depth against an ETF and you have got All kinds of tax advantages with them as Well so it's super super important to Have an ETF on the market and the ex Director from Black Rock he is Forecasting that is going to get Accepted within the coming three to six Months and it will lead towards A200 Billion US doll inflow in the first year Or so and that will be massive because You have to understand bitcoin's market Cap is currently $500 billion US dollar But you have to understand that Bitcoin Is not completely liquid and due to that $200 billion could maybe even move Bitcoin up more than 100% from the Current points and that would Potentially mean that Bitcoin is going To hit new ultim highs after the Black Rock ETF is going to get accepted so I Am super excited about it and also you Have to understand that many people are Arguing when is it going to be happening We are right now sure that there is a General consensus that is going to be Happening 75% chance in 2023 and an Approximately 95% chance in 2024 but in my opinion it is more likely To happen in 2023 here is why because

They will not allow a diff the black Ro Sport ETF to get accepted and then deny All the other ones because that will be Unfair for all the other ETFs and that Is why probably they're going to launch All the ETFs at the same time and the First Bitcoin spot ETF application was From Arc invest so the final deadline From The Arc invest Bitcoin spot ETF is On the 11th of January so I will be Expecting that before the 11th of January we're going to get this Bitcoin Sport ETF accepted and that would Definitely mean that we're going to see Some very bullish price action before That and considering it's going to be Christmas and New Year before we're Probably going to see the first Bitcoin Sport ETF hitting the market I mean all The Bitcoin sport ETFs hitting the Market in December 2023 most likely and Since it's not pricing in the market we Could see a massive pump towards the Upside due to that exactly and since the Bitcoin and ethereum filing of the spot ETFs are very similar I also would Expect that ethereum is actually going To be moving on significantly as well And since the market cap of ethereum is A little bit lower ethereum could even Potentially outperform Bitcoin on this Next rally towards the upside so if you Want to be trading crypto or anything I Currently have a long position open on

Ethereum with 2 ex leverage with an Approximately 140,000 use dollars and I Am trying to catch this massive swing Trade position to make a ton of money in The next round towards the upside and That is why I'm accumulating it right Now because I believe that we're Currently at the lows before the Fireworks is really going to start and If I can catch cat this position and I Will definitely will I will make a ton Of money so if you're interested in Trading guys you can right and go to the Link description of today's video where You deposit only $100 you can get a free $1,000 airw position on bit so make sure To check it out right now then the third Compelling reason why I think this is a Very good opportunity to actually ACC Accumulate your Bitcoin around this time Is due to the fact that we're right on The final stage before the bull market Is going to happen and it's of course According to this chart but also According to the fact that only 180 days From now on we're going to have the next Bitcoin Hing and that is going to be a Massive offense in the market and that Would definitely cost probably a lot of Price spikes as well in this market so I'm super excited about that I mean yes Only 180 days out before the next Hing Historically speaking if we're looking At Bitcoin usually 6 months after the

Hing hits the market we tend to see Exponential price Rel so let's see how It's going to be this time around here But definitely due to the fact that the Whole thing is so close and at the same Time we can actually see that a lot of Bitcoin on the exchanges are getting Withdrawed so the available liquidity on The market is decreasing rapidly while Also the Hing is going to create an even Bigger supply shock because yeah there's Going to be less produced I am actually Expecting a huge supply shock on the Price of Bitcoin and we will really Start to see this in the next Bull Run As uh of course more people withdraw Their Bitcoin from exchanges and more People buy a Bitcoin there's going to be Less available in the market and that is Going to ultimately create that scarcity Shock that we're waiting for for Bitcoin Of course this Hing and the following Hings I mean in the coming 150 years From now on we're going to be mining the Last 8% of Bitcoin Supply what is going To be absolutely massive and yeah that Is just a reason to get myself very Excited about the market right now here And I mean my last fourth compelling Very reason about Bitcoin and why I'm so Excited about it is just purely the Charts I mean everything is pointing Towards the same direction in what stage Of the cycle we're currently in here of

Course there could be some draw downs And if Bitcoin really comes down in Q4 2023 I actually see this as a very big Gift here since Bitcoin in my opinion is Super undervalued if you compare it to All the other Assets in the world right Now here and of course if somewhat of a Crash will happen globally you have to Understand it will only be a bigger Opportunity for Bitcoin since yes once The stock market crashes some people see It as a negative side here but you have To understand once the stock market Crashes and Bitcoin will probably follow At that time they're going to inject Liquidity and you know what's going to Happen once they inject liquidity is Going to be pumping the market so if Bitcoin were to be following a big Crusher with the S&P 500 I would see it As a gift here not as necessarily a risk In the market of course it will be bad For the short term but in the end of the Day it will be a massive buying Opportunity but the charts are all Pointing towards the same direction if We can be breaking Above This $32,000 Level that you're currently can see on The screen I mean I will be super Excited to see the next phase on the Market I mean $32,000 us has been the Main support from the previous Bull Run And right now is the main resistance From this bare market and if we break

Above this exact level right here we Could be in for a massive treat here so The main resistance to break is $32,000 And if we break it we're going to go big And you have to see it like a cracker The more times you test support the more Likely it's going to break you saw it in The previous Bull Run and the more times We're going to retest it right now as Resistance in this bare Market the more Likely it is going to be that we're Actually going to be breaking above it And we're going to see that continuation Towards the upside so I'm super excited To see this level getting broken and I Expect it's going to be happening Anytime soon and once it happens Probably after the ETFs are going to get Approved or maybe early some because of Some other news we are going to see Massive rallies towards the upside and Due to the fact that money is Devaluating very quickly in this period Of time and the S&P 500 is dropping well In fact Bitcoin is still holding quite Steadily I think we're doing quite an Extraordinary job for Bitcoin so I'm Super excited for the next Bull Run I Think we still got 12 to 18 months to Accumulate for the next massive runup Here and I am exactly doing that here And I'm benefiting from Leverage in the Market while trading on bybit to Maximize my gains in the next Bull so if

You're interested in trading check out The links below here but anyways this Was it for me in today's update video Guys let me know if you do like these Kinds of content then will make more of It in the future but thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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