BITCOIN: I’M BUYING!! [here is why]

Bitcoin is right now bouncing from of The legendary support line well we are Also creating this super important Falling wedge pattern that is literally About to be breaking out in the coming Week for Bitcoin so in this video I will Talk about the price targets of this Pattern I will give a brief update about What we're currently spotting on bitcoin And much more important stuff I will Also give a very important update on my Trade so don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video can We smash it once again backup of 500 That will be absolutely incredible and With that is being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content if We are going to be looking at the one Hour time frame we can clearly see that This red box right here is a super Important range for Bitcoin why is Because previously around it provided Support here as well we found support Once we broke below it you can once Again see after that it flipped in Towards resistance you can see here once We broke below it we initiated a very Big dump towards the downside and once We were training below it we saw a Significant rejection and right now we Are total HD training against this level So Bitcoin is writing and trading at a Key important level of resistance on the One hour time frame and I will be

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Keeping my eyes wide open on this red Box and as soon as we do break above it The next price Target could be quite Significantly towards the upside because The next Target for me if we do break Above the red box of resistance is going To be 27.3 K and that is from of this Point onwards already in approximately Three percent move towards the upside What is quite significant especially if You're trading this Market with leverage Furthermore we can see that on the four Hourly time frame if you're just purely Going to be looking at the chart you can Clearly see right now Bitcoin is trading In the downtrend right Bitcoin is Creating lower lows Bitcoin is creating Lower highs and basically what you can Clearly see straight away from off that High to the lower side that the four Hourly time frame is creating a Significant downtrend you can see it Right here visualized the four early Time frame every single time once it Touches level it gets rejected and we Need to be seeing a break Above This Level to confirm a continuation towards The upside and then is really what I'm Waiting for to see right now here I want To see Bitcoin break above 26.8k and of Course as time continues this level is Going to come a little bit lower since It's a downward solving resistance line And basically as soon as we do break

This level the trend could start to Reverse also we can clearly see that on The lower side we're creating a very Interesting downward solving support Line the Bitcoin price action every Single time once it retested this level Right here tends to be bouncing from it And basically if we will ever once again See Bitcoin come back towards this level It would allow us a very good Opportunity to be accumulating some more Bitcoin and just as the top side of Resistance right so there are two Important levels to be looking at the Resistance on the top side and the Support on the lower side and basically If we're looking at this consolidation Phase we can clearly see Bitcoin is Trading in a downtrend and in order to Flip bullish so I mean I am already a Little bit bullish on bitcoin but in Order to be flipping bullish purely on The chart and expecting to see newer Holidays getting created we need to see The break of this trend because because As soon as we do break this trend the Downtrend we could see significant Upside happening for Bitcoin at the same Time we can currently see that Bitcoin Bansom of this legendary support line Basically ever since Bitcoin came down Right here we have seen a significant Uptrend getting initiated and every Single time so far we retested this

Level Bitcoin bounced significantly from It and personally I wouldn't be Surprised if we are going to see another Retest and if we're going to see another Balance and push back towards the upside As well on the daily time frame you can Clearly see if you're zooming in Bitcoin Is creating lower lows Bitcoin is Creating lower highs so we're training In a bearish trend here but it's going To be important to be looking at this Trend line right here you can clearly See it this daily trend line basically Provided resistance all the way down Here for Bitcoin and as soon as we do Break this trend it's going to be super Bullish for Bitcoin so if I'm looking at This consolidation phase right here for Bitcoin I'm expecting that this pattern Is going to be breaking out within the Coming 10 days and usually Bitcoin tends To be breaking up before reaching the Apex so expect to see a massive breakout For Bitcoin within the coming 10 to 11 Days sir it probably is going to be Happening a little bit sooner so I am Currently gearing up and if I'm looking At this I can currently clearly see that Volatility is about to be picking up Again because yes the volatility has Been quite significantly low here and We're just waiting to see the next Volatile move here right on bitcoin is Also trading in a weekend and in the

Weekend you create seeing me gaps and What is very nice to know here is that Bitcoin is currently only trading Approximately 50 above it see me Gap so There's no risk of a significant Capp Creation over the course of this weekend That is also very important to be Knowing furthermore we can see my trade More than 0.3 Bitcoin in profit what is An approximately nine to ten thousand US Dollars what is of course an absolutely Amazing trade I showed this trade here On the Channel Once I entered it I shoot Every single step of my trade so if you Want to be staying up to date about all My trades first of all don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and second of All if you are interest in trading don't Forget to set up an account using the Link inscription because if you want to Be starting with trading yourself as Well you can write in a standard account On bit guide and bitget allows you to Trade without kosc without VPN and you Can claim a 50 000 US Dollars deposit Bonus a free 20 discount for your first Four weeks on trading on the exchange But be aware these bonuses are only Valid if you sign up an account using The link in the description so with that Being said let me also continue further On with the analysis because looking at The daily time frame we can currently Also see that Bitcoin is clearly clearly

Retesting this super important region Right here and basically once we are Going to retest this region I think it's A very good opportunity I've been saying It for quite a while I've been saying it Once we were trading on it and right now I will still continue to say it if Bitcoin comes down lower I'm still going To be buying because I think that Between twenty four thousand dollars and Twenty six thousand dollars Bitcoin is In an extremely good buying opportunity And an extreme good buying range here I've been saying this for quite a while Right now here also I've been literally Turned bearish on bitcoin on thirty Thousand dollars and I flipped bullish On bitcoin from off twenty five thousand Dollars so so I've literally flipped Bullish on the exact low and I flipped Bearish on the exact High to pay Attention towards this Market I think we Are going to be seeing a massive massive Move anytime soon here we're creating a Beautiful consolidation phase Bitcoin is Creating a daily bull flag and as soon As we do break the trendline on the top Side it's going to be absolutely uh Amazing and we're probably going to see Super much volatility and looking at the Daily time frame we are also creating a Falling wedge pattern right now here and Just like I said with that previous Pattern here Bitcoin is said to be

Breaking out within the coming 10 to 11 Days here so expect to see more Volatility heading in towards the next Week and especially the week after Probably so get ready for that here Bitcoin is still trading sideways but We're coming towards on closing stage Right now where probably we're going to Be experiencing the breakout anytime Soon what is absolutely lovely to see And of course we're still creating a cup And handle pattern for Bitcoin this Pattern is also about to be breaking out And it's sets to be breaking out out Literally anytime soon here you can see It got rejected all the way down here And once again right now we're extremely Close by potentially having a breakout Once this pattern breaks out here I Still think there's another range of Resistance and that is going to be the 32 000 US dollars as soon as we do break Above that level it's going to be game On for Bitcoin and Bitcoin is probably Going to see much more continuations Towards the upside and on the weekly Time frame we're also having a perfect Retest of that inverse on his shoulders While Bitcoin is Rhino creating that Squeeze pattern here on the weekly time Frame what is suggesting and indicating That Bitcoin is about to be turning Volatile again here so get ready for That the Bitcoin price action is

Perfectly lining up with our thoughts The Bitcoin price action is perfectly Suggesting and predicting the next week And the day a week after are probably Going to be extremely volatile weeks Here it has been consolidating for quite A while right now this is the time to be Paying attention BlackRock is filing for A spot ETF this Market is changing very Quickly and we could just be on the Start of the next lag up here so I am Currently a buyer I mean I will remain To be a buyer for coming year slash two Years because this is the bear market And the bear Market is the time to Accumulate more tokens and right now the Price is still relatively cheap here and Yeah you will definitely benefit from it In the future if you at least have that Long-term perspective so that was it for Me in today's update video thanks so Much for watching towards amazing new Update video I hope to see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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